SHOT Show: New Scopes from Schmidt & Bender

Seeing a row full of Schmidt & Bender PM II scopes lined up with typical German military precision almost brought a tear to my eye. Be still my beating heart.  Sigh. Well, its been a busy year for S&B:  nine new scope offerings are being shown at SHOT this year. Included in this release are two new long range “compact” scopes from the PM II series of scopes: the 3-20 x 50 PM II Ultra Short and the 5-20 x 50 PM II Ultra Short. The smaller of the two, the 5-20, is just under 30cm long (11.7 inches)  and weighs only 870 grams (30 ounces) . . .

The 3-20 x 50 PM II Ultra Short is a bit longer and heavier, but is truly an engineering marvel with just under 7x of power range:

Other new scopes include 3 Gun  scopes including an updated versions of the 1- 8 x 24, and slightly more affordable 1.1-8 x 24’s and 1.5 x 8 x 26.

A 3-37 x 56 PM II high Power digital scope which provides digital readouts for aimpoint correction and communication capability with ballistic computers, is also available.

Pricing is . . .oh, hell, does it really matter? Take your best guess and multiply by 2x.


  1. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    That row of scopes is worth more than my house.

  2. avatar Jay Williams says:

    Not meaning to be a prick, but the correct nomenclature is: a hyphen between the numbers of the magnification range and an “x” between the magnification and the objective size.


    — 10×40
    — 3-9×40
    — 3-37×56

    1. avatar K says:

      I saw 1x8x24 and immediately wondered if I was reading TTAG or The Truth About Carpentry.

    2. avatar Brad says:

      One of those would be an excellent compliment for my 7.62 x 51 x 20 rifle. Grande!

  3. avatar Sean says:

    Look at all those cool scopes Id have to take second mortgage to afford.

  4. avatar lolinski says:

    Can one get custom BDC reticles for these?

    And are they FFP?

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    There’s nothing better than a good Schmidt.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Except a really good Bender.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Except the really good bender is followed by the bad Schmidts the next day.

        1. avatar Dave says:

          Thank you Ralph.
          I couldn’t resist, and you once again satisfied my Tourette’s

        2. avatar John says:

          Schmidts and giggles…

  6. avatar Southern Cross says:

    And almost no-one makes a decent fixed power scope. I’ve been looking for a decent quality fixed 4×32 or 4×40 for a 8mm Mauser. Bigger magnification or variable over 4x will result in being in a different class for the competition.

    1. avatar lolinski says:

      Check out Zrak optics, I believe P-A- Distributing sells those in the US.

      Decent-good glass and BDC reticle which I believe is calibrated for 8mm Mauser.

      They also sell the mounts.

      Hope this doesn’t count as advertising, just trying to help someone out.

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