TTAG @ SHOT Show, Podcast #1

I wanted to give you guys a better look into how things are going at SHOT Show this year, so I’m forcing the other writers to sit down every day and talk about what they saw and what they liked, and we’re putting it up as a podcast. The instructions for getting it automatically are right here. Anyway, if you have anything you want us to see or discuss, let me know and I’ll bring it up tonight. This morning’s episode discusses the Media Day at the Range event where we shot a ton of guns using other people’s ammo.


  1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    If there is anything new in a .357/38SPL rifle presented at the show, I’d like to hear some mention made of it. As it is, I’m leaning toward a Ruger 77/357, but I’m still casting about for other ideas.

  2. avatar mdc says:

    Will CZ bring forth a 10mm near future? Thanks

  3. avatar DrewR55 says:

    I’d like to see more about the Wolf PSU scope.

    1. avatar DrewR55 says:

      Also, would you ask the Mepro guys about their 4x optic?

  4. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    Force? Please don’t throw me into that briar patch….

  5. avatar coevorden says:

    Any new of IWI’s Galil ACE would be much appreciated.

  6. avatar Pascal says:

    Just out of curiosity, do they not allow video from the SHOT Show? It is not a criticism of this blog or any other. Just wondering since you can get a Panasonic GH3, Canon EOS or other video ready DLSR and you can do video clips that can be hosted on YouTube. I am sure there is a lot of copyright mumbo jumbo involved, but just curious since it is not very easy to do but see very little of it being done.

    1. avatar MattG says:

      According to the SHOT show website,
      “NO photography – STRICTLY ENFORCED! Photography or video recording at the show is prohibited except by those with valid media badges or other authorized individuals”
      You would think they would give RF & co media credentials, seeing as how they are media, but maybe they don’t count blogs, even though TTAG has more readers than any of the print magazines.

      1. avatar Elliotte says:

        Or just maybe video files can take a while to upload, especially when there’s so many people taxing the network there. Perhaps tonight we’ll see some videos go up. They got videos out at the Range Day, I’m sure we’ll see some.

  7. avatar Rich Grise says:

    ” Anyway, if you have anything you want us to see or discuss, let me know and I’ll bring it up tonight.”

    I’m interested in hearing about Women of the Gun. Are their numbers increasing? What is their opinion of themselves? What’s their take on politics? What does the ordinary household woman think of the idea of women with guns posing for pictures? That sort of thing. Not only because I’m a dirty middle-aged horndog, but I really believe that it’s time for women to take their inherent rightful power back. I want to see the healing of the “women are chattel property” imprint before I die.

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