Nick Leghorn’s Pick of the SHOT Show: NY-Legal 50-Round Magazine


To be honest, I wasnt really impressed with the 50 round magazine from FAB Defense. And I still don’t think it was the awesomest thing at the show — that goes to the Gilboa double barreled AR-15. But the reason I picked this one was because it had the biggest response. Even Gizmodo, the dependably gun-hating cesspool of internet “journalism,” picked up the story and tagged it as “scary.” That one post was read by over 32,000 people, and helped push up our “likes” on Facebook by a few thousand. In fact, it was the most-read story of the week. You can’t argue with statistics — this thing is the tops!


  1. avatar jsallison says:

    Cute range toy, mebbe an intriguing centerpeice on the dinner table or a mysterious tschotchke to place on the mantle.

  2. avatar Jimbo says:

    From a NY law enformcement perspective, this should not be advised to be NY legal. On it’s face it meets all of the requirements of being a large capacity ammunition feeding device. This headline should be removed or altered absent some type of formal opinion for the NYS Police or Attorney General.

    1. avatar Hal J. says:

      Not that we should discount the perfidiousness creativity of NY lawmakers, but how could this possibly be illegal under NY law? If they declare this to be a “high-capacity feeding device”, wouldn’t the same apply to two 10-round magazines bound by duct tape?

      1. avatar KingSarc48265 says:

        Well a rubber band between the bolt handle and the trigger on a .22 rifle is a machine gun according to the ATF. So probably, yeah.

      2. avatar Hannibal says:

        …yes, probably.

    2. avatar Ing says:

      I have chosen to read this comment as highly advanced sarcasm.

      But in case I’m seeing nuance where none exists… Why does TTAG have to give a crap what the NY state attorney general thinks?

    3. I have read the definition in the laws. The word continuous is used in relation to feeding. This does not continuously feed more than 10 rounds.

  3. avatar jsallison says:

    And you just know SOMEone is going to hang 30 rounders on it. Not that that’s a bad thing…

    1. avatar Anon in CT says:

      Just a really frickin heavy thing. 150 rounds of ammo is not light at all.

  4. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    Creativity and innovation (not to mention freedom) sure is a bitch to the anti’s.

  5. avatar Defens says:

    The front edge of all those magazines need some razor sharp projections to make it really nasty looking. And it definitely needs a better name, like Fully Operational Death Star, for Operators.

    1. avatar Ryan says:

      That’s a hilarious reference! I honestly don’t think there could possibly be a better name for that thing. Hahahaa

    2. avatar Admiral Ackbar says:

      It’s a Death Blossom.

      1. avatar Schizuki says:

        Holy crap, a Last Starfighter reference. I salute you, fellow geek.

      2. avatar 505markf says:

        I bow, unworthy for further comment.

  6. avatar IdahoPete says:

    OOOOOH, that is VEWWY SCAWWY! An Eeeevil Hand-Rotating DeathStar of Destruction! And even worse, it makes fun of the NY pol’s un-SAFE Act. Gonna have to amend that sucker to ban “any firearm-related item that scares the NYC chattering classes”.

  7. avatar Hal J. says:

    To be filed under “Credit where it’s due”: when the hoplophobe at the linked article states, “I can’t understand how can this be legal in NY or anywhere else”, it’s an honest admission of his limitations.

  8. avatar Paul W says:

    It’s a magazine AND a bipod! I like.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      A mipod.

      1. avatar Hal J. says:

        A bizene!

        1. avatar MiketheHopsFarmer says:

          Bizene! It gets the red out…..through a sucking chest wound!

        2. avatar Ing says:

          A bagazine? A bigazine? A podazine?

          So many tantalizing possibilities…

  9. avatar James R says:

    I still don’t understand, how is this any different or more convenient than the side-by-side magazine stacks that exist? This just seems bulkier and harder to change.

    1. avatar Hal J. says:

      It’s not different in principle, it’s not more convenient, it is bulkier, and it is harder to change.

      It’s also an extended middle finger to NY lawmakers, and as such worthy of praise.

      1. avatar Schizuki says:


    2. Not enough room to couple 10 rd mags side by side. And photos of mags coupled side-by-side do not inflict damage so effectively to antis’ cardiovascular health.

  10. avatar Jim R says:

    As far as I can tell there are only two blogs more leftist than Gawker–HuffPo and Mother Jones. The big difference is that Gawker has more hipsters.

  11. avatar Roscoe says:

    That looks like a stick figure with an AR head.

  12. avatar Hkfan says:

    Lol at this being legal in its current form. Plus, an opinion letter from the AG is needed.

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      Have you read the law? Great, now look up feeding device….what is the definition? Exactly, there is none it can be interpreted in many ways. This, may not be illegal because it is not feeding all the ammo all at once it is simply holding it. What is the difference of this versus duct tape or elastic bands?

      And LOL! about getting the AG to give an opinion. Either the opinion will be false to support the law, or it will be wrong because he is not the judge. Anything he says is meaningless. All he can say is if you use this you will be arrested, that is not the same as being legal or not, just that you will be arrested and we will let a judge/jury figure it out.

      IMHO, as the law is written, it is legal because you are using one magazine at a time and there is nothing in the law that says the current magazine cannot be attached to something else that also holds magazines. Unless it is specifically spelled out in the law, it is legal.

      1. avatar BillF says:

        Have you read the law? Great, now look up feeding device….what is the definition? Exactly, there is none it can be interpreted in many ways.

        Actually there is a description. The NYS penal code reads: “Large capacity ammunition feeding device” means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device, manufactured after September thirteenth, nineteen hundred ninety-four, that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than ten rounds of ammunition; provided, however, that such term does not include an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition. – See more at:

        I’m not interpreting it either way, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to test it in NYS court. If the separate mags were detachable from the hub it might be SAFER. I’m sure Cuomo’s folks are working on another change to the SAFE act this very moment.

  13. avatar 505markf says:

    I loudly applaud ingenuity in the face of ridiculous limitation. Damn, but gun folk are awesome.

  14. avatar PeterK says:

    That gilboa thing. the more I think about it the more I wants it. :p

    The star mag is hilarious. Strangely compelling for some reason.

  15. avatar Renegade Dave says:

    I missed this update initially. Yeah, this is my favorite thing you guys have covered too, now that I know about it. In your face lefties.

    It’s the same reason the IRS will never be able to fulfill the spirit of the tax code, because it’s written by humans, and smarter humans don’t work for the IRS.

  16. avatar PNG says:

    Glad it gave those manbabies at Giz the vapors. Gawker Media is one of the most insufferable “journalism” outlets on the web, especially and Gizmodo. I do like Jalopnik (the car blog) and io9 (the science and SF&F blog) because they stick to what they know without pushing into politics much. io9’s chief editor is transgendered and is more man than the nancyboys who write and comment at Gawker and Gizmodo, combined.

  17. avatar ShaunL. says:

    I think it should be called the F.Y.N.Y. Maybe they could introduce the F.Y.CA next year.

  18. avatar RobGR says:

    Best mag bipod I’ve ever seen…..

    But I do appreciate the ingenuity, stupid laws create stupid devices… oh wait, and then there’s Japan.

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