New from Lancer: 7.62 NATO Magazines


Lancer and Magpul are the only two magazine manufacturers that I’ll trust to run in my guns. Magpul makes things that work, and Lancer makes things that work and look pretty at the same time. But while Magpul introduced their 7.62 NATO SR-25 magazines a long time ago, Lancer has only just gotten around to that. No word yet on pricing or what they look like, but here’s the press release . . .

Allentown, PA – January 7, 2014 – Lancer Systems LP, a leading advanced weapons and components manufacturer, today announced the launch of the new L7AWM, an advanced hybrid magazine that combines the strength of steel with the toughness of polymer to form a lightweight, reliable 7.62x51mm magazine.

The Lancer L7AWM incorporates a unique, dual steel design that wraps completely around the magazine to maximize stiffness and feeding reliability while minimizing wear and dimpling to the front of the magazine that can result from high volume firing. The magazine body is made from impact resistant polymer and, like the L5AWM, is available with either a translucent or opaque body.

The magazine also contains a switchable drain located on the floor plate lock. This feature, in conjunction with drain channels in the floor plate, allows users to configure the L7 between water-borne and extreme dust conditions.

The magazine is designed to work in multiple weapon systems, including the SR25, SIG716, DPMS 308 and LM308. It is currently available in 5,10 and 20-round capacities with higher capacity versions planned for late 2014.

“We’ve found that innovation doesn’t just happen; it takes knowledge, technology and passion,” said Scott Vilardi, business area manager, Advanced Weapons & Components, Lancer. “Our engineers, technicians and scientists are the best in the industry, allowing us to continue to raise the bar as is evident in the design of the L7AWM. The L7AWM represents state-of-the-art design in weapon component technology.”


  1. avatar Andy says:

    For those of you who care, Lancer is based in PA and it’s very active in sponsoring the local shooting leagues around it’s Lehigh Valley HQ.

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Sadly, these probably won’t work in the rock river .308.

    1. Not just probably; they won’t. Rock River uses a unique to them magazine retention mechanism which latches the magazine in the rear center of the small side and not not on the left side as the standard AR design does.

      1. avatar Hoth says:

        The Rock River LAR-8 doesn’t use unique magazines. They use stanadard FAL magazines.

  3. avatar Taylor Tx says:

    I almost wish I had a .308 AR until I look at ammo prices, which is ironically enough why Im looking at an AK for my next purchase. I plan on getting a lancer mag or two just to mess around with this weekend and shame the Promags in my safe, so you can say your advertising is working and push for the personal sponsorship 🙂

    1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      I’ve seen some decent prices if you watch Cabelas and can get to Wal-mart before the gougers. I bought a few boxes of herters for 8 dollars last month. At wal mart 7.62×51 was 17 per box. I am sure you can find a bulk dealer online with good prices too.

      1. avatar Jeff says:

        yeah, I was gonna say – the steel-case .308 is pretty cheap.

        say there Mr. Leghorn, given your earlier comments on steel-cased ammo being warranty voiding, I guess we shouldn’t expect to see a review of some Wolf .308 through your fancy-pants SCAR?

    2. avatar TheSleeperHasAwaken says:

      You won’t go wrong with an AK purcahse in 7.62×39. Solid, reliable rifle with an abundance of cheap ammo and mags readily available.

  4. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Cool, more magazine choices for 308! I hope the price is close to Magpul. Even if they are a few bucks more I will probably buy one to try it.

  5. avatar silverwarloc says:

    Where’s the mag for the SCAR 17?

    1. avatar S.dogood says:

      uhh molon labe industries ????

      1. avatar silverwarloc says:

        I bought their mags…giving me lots of loading problems. This is the second set they provided. In fact, they gave me an extra one because of the problems I encountered. So, now, I have three mags that have the same problem. I even bought their speed loader. That last round just does not want to load.

    2. avatar Excedrine says:

      There are already polymer magazines for that. Check out Molon Labe Industries.

      They even have 25-rounders, as well as 5, 10, 15, and 20 rounders.

      You’re welcome.

      1. avatar silverwarloc says:

        I bought the one with 25 rounds…that’s the one that I’m really having problems with.

  6. avatar Louis says:

    OK, OK, now where are my M-1A magazines?

    1. avatar cigardog says:


  7. I’ve moved away from plastic mags for my ARs, for the most part, and am using USGI steel mags most of the time now. In the end, I just prefer to trust that metal feed lips will last longer and out perform plastic.

    1. avatar tcba_joe says:

      The lancers use metal feed lips

    2. avatar int19h says:

      It is a strange belief that’s largely unsupported by evidence. If you’ve seen any mag torture tests, the all-metal mags tend to catastrophically fail earlier than plastic ones. Plastic ones get scratches, cracks etc quicker, but they keep functioning despite them.

      Ultimately, the nice thing about plastic is that it doesn’t bend, but springs back into shape (well, or cracks – but it takes more force to crack a modern plastic mag than it does to bend an aluminum mag).

    3. avatar H.R. says:

      I’m not sure that there aren’t any steel USGI AR magazines anywhere, but most are aluminum. They are cheap right now – about $7 each for D&H when they’re on sale from Palmetto State. They also seem to work in any AR, even those with tight mag wells.

      The most durable looking magazines I’ve seen are Israeli steel ones from Mako Defense. They’re heavy, but they come standard with anti tilt followers and seem like they’d last forever. Steel… Enough said.

      Between Lancers and PMAG’s, I like the steel lips of the Lancers and the look of the translucent AWM, but the PMAG feels a little more solid to me. Pmags have also stood up to some pretty tough tests and can handle abuse that’d toast a USGI.

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