New and Improved Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) from Ohio Ordnance Works


There’s no denying that the BAR is a dead sexy design. And if not sexy, then at least iconic. The guys at Ohio Ordnance Works realized this and have re-engineered John Browning’s iconic design for the modern age. The new design knocks a whole bunch of weight off the gun, increases the cooling capability, and makes it more accurate. They say that it’s 1 MoA all the way to 1,000 yards, but we’ll need to test that out for ourselves.


They’ve also re-engineered the magazines to have a 30 round capacity instead of 20, which is nice. The whole package will retail for $3,600 sometime in Q2 of 2014.


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    That is really, really bad ass looking, but the fact that I can never own it in full auto makes it completely, utterly useless and pointless to me. I can think of 3600 better things to do with $3600 than buy that thing.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Are there 3,600 G-strings that have already been earmarked in the budget for 2014?

      1. avatar MiketheHopsFarmer says:

        Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. I don’t have the free time to be able to tuck in 3600 $1 bills in the coming year!

      2. avatar Matt in FL says:

        It’s filed under “overhead.” That’s all you need to know.

    2. avatar Gene says:

      Buy 550 rounds of. 22 lr?

      1. avatar Kyle says:


      2. avatar John F says:

        $3,600, devided by .05 cents per round (Wall Mart price)= 72,000,, 22 cal rounds

        1. avatar Michael says:

          Walmart has 22lr? All I ever see if an empty shelf.

    3. avatar Drew says:

      Slidefire stock? The ar specific one probably wouldn’t work but it looks like one could be designed for it.

    4. avatar ben says:

      Lol Matt in Fl.-your profile picture is my daughter. Thats freaking weird.

        1. avatar Matt in FL says:

          Yep. We spoke via email. Curious, that.

        2. avatar ben says:

          Yep true story. If I can figure out how to add an avatar ill make it a different one from that day, not as good of a photo but shes got a suppressed p22

        3. avatar Matt in FL says:

          If you want this one, you can have it, since she’s yours. I wouldn’t want you to have a subpar picture of your own daughter. You’ve got my email.

    5. avatar Denver says:

      this is not a modern full auto M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle. this is a modernized version of the Browning BAR hunting rifle, though the profile is similar they do not share the same parts, if you’d like to get a modernized version of the Browning BAR but dont want to pay $3600 try looking at the FN Herstal FNAR it also has a detachable magazine and a rail system for only $1500 factory new a friend of mine says that “its as durable as an AK47″(an original browning BAR) though i really doubt that because of the tighter tolerances, but i have no doubt that the maintenance intervals will be similar to the AK

      1. avatar GSL45 says:

        You know not of which you write. This is a modernization of the original 1918 BAR, not a revision of the current Browning BAR rifle. Look at the side profiles, in particular, the operating handle on the left side. The Browning BAR has a handle on the right extending outwards from the ejection port.

      2. avatar Gabe C says:

        You could also get the BAR Hog Stalker for $1500 as well. That is a sick gun, and almost as tactical as the 3600$ one

  2. avatar jwm says:

    Are they taking originol BAR’s and doing this? Or are these built from scratch? Also, will the new 30 round mags work in a GI issue BAR?

    1. avatar Rusty Owen says:

      Ohio Ordnance makes reproductions, so I’d bet they’re all from scratch.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Probably explains a lot of the price. Making a BAR reciever must entail a lot of hand fitting.

    2. avatar Cliff H says:

      And the next important question: is it still 30.06 and/or will there be a 7.62 version?

    3. avatar Mike says:

      Yes. 30 rd. mags are compatible with any full auto bar or oow’s semi auto a3 as well

    4. avatar Will says:

      There have been 500 rifles in service already in the sandbox since 2009 so they have been battle-tested a lil bit.

  3. avatar Toasty says:

    So since it’s semi auto only, it’s basically a really really heavy M1A? Still looks awesome and if i could afford it i’d buy it. Don’t get me wrong, i like the tacticool version pictured, but they need to make a “Classic” version though that looks just like the original.

    1. avatar Rusty Owen says:

      They do. They have for a long time.

      1. avatar DrewR55 says:

        I didn’t know about this, thank you. I cannot even begin to express how awesome this is without resorting to gibberish punctuated by the occasional foul word. Must. Have. BAR!

    2. avatar Guy says:

      In the sense that it’s a medium power semi-auto rifle, yeah- they’re similar. In the sense that there’s no comparison between the way the garand design and browning design function or feel, they’re different beasts. It’s like saying an AK is basically a heavy AR.

    3. avatar Denver says:

      you’re thinking about the browning M1918 Automatic Rifle this is the Browning automatic (hunting) rifle. and to my understanding the browning BAR was designed in the 1960s and produced in the early 1970s in belgium

      1. avatar 2hotel9 says:

        Well, dense. you got a line of sh*t and you keep slinging it.

        1. avatar 2hotel9 says:

          Yep, keep slinging. I’ll take facts and my years of hands on training and direct personal knowledge before anything you “googled”. Carry on, I think there is a spot on the back wall you missed.

        2. avatar Sledgecrowbar says:

          Denver, this is not the modern Browning BAR at all. Please scroll up to the top of the page and Google Ohio Ordnance Works which is IN THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE. They bought the rights to manufacture new M1918-pattern rifles, of which this is a modification.

  4. avatar Frank says:

    Is it in .308?

    1. avatar CA.Ben says:

      The original was a .30-06, and I’d imagine that this is too.

  5. avatar C says:

    i could do without that goofy shit on the receiver.

    1. avatar RobGR says:

      Agreed. Trying too hard and doing it wrong imo. Thing is fuggly.

  6. avatar Noishkel says:

    Maybe I’ve read too much Larry Correia… but I wouldn’t mind seeing Sullivan’s bullpup BAR made manifest.

    1. avatar Jeff-in-AL says:

      You and me both. Love those books.

    2. avatar Rob1285 says:

      I really need to get around to reding the Grimnoir books…I’ve read all the Monster Hunter and Dead Six books three or four times now.

  7. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    The Hughes amendment needs to go away so we can get these in full auto. Although buying ammo to feed it would suck. The CMP is cracking down on how many cans of ammo you can buy in a year now too.

  8. avatar Dustin Eward says:

    Cool, but overpriced. REALLY overpriced. I got some Izzy 1919a4 kits from them, still haven’t built…

  9. avatar Robert Seddon says:

    Get an old Garrand and haul it all over Montanna hillsides for a week or so, and you will know exactly why you should get one of these. That and saving the end of your load thumb every time you get low on ammo ..
    Robert Seddon

  10. avatar Tile floor says:

    Blasphemy. Utter blasphemy. What’s next, rails on an M1? I don’t understand the need to slap rails and the word tactical on every new product coming out.

    1. avatar Drew says:

      Even if you dislike the rails you must appreciate the functional improvements made besides.

    2. avatar Friendly Neighborhood Gunsmith says:

      I hate to break this to you, but…

      1. avatar bontai Joe says:

        I’ve been told I’m an old fart because I still believe $40 is a LOT of money. But the $185 for that M1 rail is something I could see spending. I’ve wanted to mount a scope on my M1 for over 20 years, but the mounts I found available looked like they would never hold zero, or required lots of modifying of my rifle. My Garand isn’t anything special. I got it from the DCM back in the 1980s and it’s a hodge podge of mixed parts that happens to shoot 2″ 8 shot groups at 100 yards with open sights (back when my eyes were really good). Thanks for the link to that, most appreciated.

    3. avatar Brandon says:

      Two words: Advanced Optics

  11. avatar 2Wheels says:

    It’s an ugly blasphemous abomination.

    And I want it.

  12. avatar Charlie says:

    Ohio Ordnance has made 80% BAR receivers for years, but you would need a degree in machine shop to finish one. About 1984 I was about to pull the trigger anyway, but the parts kits dried up. Then there was a bunch of FN model D stuff on the market, but the parts don’t interchange with the BAR.

    I always wanted a BAR. I think it has something to do with Little John in the TV series Combat.


    1. avatar jwm says:

      Kirby was the BAR man.

      1. avatar Charlie says:

        It was Kirby.


    2. avatar KCK says:

      Lt Hanley- Carbine
      Sgt Saunders -Thompson
      Kirbey- BAR
      Caje, Little John- Garands
      Doc- Syringe, Morphene type
      That way they all got to shoot something

      Anyway, these two Germans walked into a BAR..

    3. avatar rick marlar says:

      that would be Kirby not Little John

  13. avatar Coe says:

    Nothing wrong with the rifle, but I prefer the original design. I’ll buy the mags if they’re interchangeable though.

  14. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Very cool.

  15. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Too cool!

    I love the 30-06, yeah I know the .308 is effectively the same thing, but I don’t care, I like the 30-06.

  16. avatar ChuckN says:

    For $3600 I’d rather save up a few hundred more and get
    an original model. Still, I’d be okay with one of these.

  17. avatar PGT says:

    the current BAR and FNAR are the same gun. This looked at first to be a hotrodded version of the original. $2k is a big premium to pay for tactitard rails and coyote tan cerakote if you’re going for that look.

    1. avatar John in AK says:

      Thank you for the new word: ‘Tactitard.’ Can I use it?

  18. avatar Gun_Chris says:

    That makes the FNAR look affordable.

  19. avatar Patriot says:

    My wallet just cried. That. is. awesome.

    1. avatar Tominator says:

      Heel to! I could FEEL my credit card company high 5iving each other!

      I’m in LOVE!

      BTW, I have very many rounds down range using a WWII BAR…

  20. avatar SGT Dan's Cat says:

    C, that stuff on the receiver is the patterning left after they’ve CNC-machined away every possible ounce off the receiver in an effort to lighten it.

    Basically it’s a 30-shot M1A in .30’06. With correct ammo, it will make most anything shy of an MRAP its bitch. If you can’t shoot holes in it with this, get a Barrett.

    Yeah, I like the original, but I can’t get lights, lasers, and optics on the conventional M1918A3 semiauto repro. Gimme a light and a Trijicon RMR on here and a lot of people’s cover just got downgraded to concealment.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Thanks for the perspective. It’s a little more attractive to me now. Not a lot, but a little.

    2. avatar C says:

      I assumed as much. I still don’t like it.

      1. avatar SGT Dan's Cat says:

        Oh, as a style thing I prefer the original too. My collection has a lot more ’03 Springfields and Garands in it than it does ARs. But OOW can only sell so many classic-style BARs to WWII reenactors, and the supply of WWII GI BAR parts is not infinite.

        I see them selling a few of these to departments that feel the need to stop cars the hard way.

  21. avatar JR LORENCZ says:

    Butt ugly, as is the rest of it. JMB made a clean, iconic gun.


    More like BARF

  22. avatar Bruce L. says:

    BAR was a great gun to have in a group, especially if someone else was carrying it and the ammo.

  23. avatar James R says:

    Too tacti-cool for me…

  24. avatar Matt says:

    I don’t think some of the commenters know much about laws and firearms and components. If it was fully auto an ordinary citizen couldn’t buy one as per the NFA laws. The rifle doesn’t have a slide fire stock you can see the trigger assembly doesn’t have it around it. I don’t mean to be rude but I hope people aren’t as ignorant when they do own a weapon in regards to some of the posts. I’d buy one of these

    1. avatar Drew says:

      About the slide fire stock. I wasn’t suggesting that it had one, as would seem obvious by my comment about An AR stock not working and a new design being needed.

  25. avatar tdiinva says:

    I was just saying that if you go up against 10 bad guys nothing short of a BAR is going help. I see someone provided a solution to my problem.

  26. avatar Taylor Tx says:

    I was going to comment but all I can think about now is the Delsym Video ad that just starting playing and ended insome snoopy piano music wtf.

    EDIT: Oh yea, this is still so much better looking than the damn Jesse James BAR. I wonder how difficult the magazine is to change etc, otherwise seems pretty sweet. ALWAYS wanted to play with a SOCOM II or other M1A, this is like a love child of sorts.

  27. avatar KeithF says:

    It’s tan, 30.06, 30 round mag, and I unashamedly want one. Still haven’t seen the Desert Tech bullpup price so this may be my ludicrous gun to chase for the year

  28. avatar DisThunder says:

    The only thing that would be cooler is if it was about a $1500 less, and they showed off a re-done Bren to go with it.

  29. avatar Hannibal says:

    Ugh. It just doesn’t have the spirit (or select fire, presumably) of a BAR to me. Just looks like another tacticool plastic gun.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, they can be awesome… but the BAR was something apart. Sorta like comparing a modern gattling gun to a civil war piece.

  30. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    If anyone is interested, here is one of their ‘correct’ BAR’s
    Buy it now price was $4,395.00
    And it sold.

  31. avatar Gyufygy says:

    Wait, is it the BAR machine gun of WWII fame or the predecessor to the FNAR?

    1. avatar Kevin A says:

      This is the WWII BAR.

  32. avatar Sledgecrowbar says:

    Polarizing to be sure. I want to like the addition of rails for their actual usefulness, nobody is hauling a repro BAR out for, say, hog hunting, so I hesitate to cry tacticool. I get the changes, but the baseline is so iconic, it’s hard to get past the initial shock that this is the most badass example of American design philosophy since… can I say the original GT40? I know that’s backwards chronology, but I need something to fit at the end of that thought. Try to picture Henry Ford giving Ferrari both middle fingers a la Homer Simpson in the sandbox, but instead of Ford and Ferrari it’s Browning and Hitler. Too many metaphors?

    It’s like a 1911, baked into an apple pie, cooling on the passenger seat of a Boss 302, driven by Neil Armstrong, who is also eating a hot dog while listening to the Superbowl on the radio. And the pie is actually on Jennifer Lawrence’s lap.

  33. avatar Kevin A says:

    There’s a video somewhere on YouTube of this sonovabitch being fired. It’s… Unreal sounding. I was on the fence until I heard it roar. This gun will be in my safe eventually.

  34. avatar Murray says:

    Why is the BAR so popular? Its a primitive and most definitely obsolete light machine gun designed for walking fire in WW1, featuring a 20 round magazine located in the most awkward place to reload in a fire fight, no detachable barrel and therefore no ability to maintain a high rate of fire when you need it.

    1. avatar Scott P says:

      Nostalgia for its awesomeness.

      1. avatar Murray says:

        ok, good answer lol

    2. avatar Eric says:

      The BAR had weight, a low cyclic rate, and a very heavy barrel going for it when it comes to both accurate automatic fire, and sustaining fire for longer periods. But really, it’s mostly that it’s awesome.

      1. avatar 2hotel9 says:

        BAR is not obsolete. Just heavy. This new iteration has a lot of promise, trying to convince one of my “rich” gun collector friends to get on the list for one so I can find out first hand how well it operates.

  35. avatar Billy says:

    That one looks better than the bastardized monstrosity that Sons of Guns crapped together for that Jesse James guy.
    Still, some guns shouldn’t be changed from stock.

  36. avatar Michael B. says:

    DO WANT.

  37. avatar The Last Marine out says:

    COOL and is it 3006 and will it still use surplus BAR magazines…? Someone please test it and report back …

  38. avatar S_J says:

    Okay so it’s JMB’s baby in mall ninja form. It’s ugly, it’s blasphemous, it’s expensive.

    And I fucking want it. Want it so hard. Especially if it can handle modern .30-06 loads. This makes the M1A I’ve been lusting for look like a lightweight.

  39. avatar 2hotel9 says:

    Loves me some BAR! Have had 3 different OOW repros in my hands as well as couple of original full-autos and a Monitor. This new iteration is fugly. We like fugly. Not to wild about all the surface striations on the main body, do like the non-reflective finish.

    The magazine rework is an idea that I really like, interchangeability is always a good thing.

    Price tag? Wow. It will probably drop a bit if they do well, not much though. These are a collector sort of item, so they will stay relatively high.

  40. avatar Winghunter says:

    Who has seen the prices of the best rifles on the market right now? LWRC REPR in .308: $3,500 and up.

    Yeah, I’ll take a 30-.06 with gas-piston action and stock recoil buffer (Same weight as the REPR) for $3,600 – You bet I will.

  41. avatar John Jordan says:

    Prior to 9/11 and all the trigger time lessons that followed, friends and I learned in the target rich urban sniping environment in and around Sarajevo during the 1992/95 siege, the value of a good mid range semi-auto .30 cal. weapon. At the time we made due with M-1A type WPNS but found they did not hold their accuracy in sustained fire. Urban warfare produces many fleeting targets and is often not one shot one kill stalk the mutt for days stuff. Lots of hurry up and get metal in the meat shots often thru stuff which ruled out 5.56. While todays .30 AR based DMR type rifles are an improvement over the M1/M14 type of semi autos due to their rails and ability to accept optics-lasers yata yata yata. They are still “rifles” that a sustained target rich environment could cause problems for when the five day fight enters its 12th day and there is no end to the mutts who need killing. When asked at a lecture in 1996 at the USMCs War Fighting Lab at Quantico what I thought would be a good choice if I had my choice, I answered a modified version of the old BAR in semi-auto built to take optics. Since the BARs roots were in sustained auto fire, I believed then “and still do” that if properly modified it could provide accurate sustained fire all day-week-month long. Fact is if I again found myself having to run-hump-climb stairs and shoot mutts thru stuff for a living, I would like an Ohio Ordnance new BAR in 30:06 or even .300 Win Mag.

    1. avatar 2hotel9 says:

      As our younger brothers have been learning since late 2001, masonry and cement construction is the norm in the mid-east and a lot of Asia, and when you are trying to drop targets in that type environs you need a bullet with some ass. And a weapon that can take a beating, both from sustained fire and movement. And smashing the occasional noggin, cause they ain’t always out there at 100m.

      A solidly built .30 with the capability to accept modern optics/digital/laser targeting systems is just not something US DoD seems to want to accept, no matter how badly troops need it. They have upped the numbers of specialty sniping rifles in .30, Garrand derivatives, several models of Winchester rifles and AR platform pieces shoehorned up to .30 or one of the hotter hunting calibers.

      DoD keeps putting out fantastical requirements for new weapons, and even when somebody brings them one in .30 that meets and exceeds their wish list they still reject it, cuz it ain’t 5.56.

      I would like to see someone take one of these new BARs and really torture test it. Beat the living sh*t out of it, fire the living sh*t out of it, rinse and repeat ad infinitum. If it can hack it then I would be for a major campaign to get it accepted for US Army and USMC issue. Due to the utter failure of our political apparatus we are going to be fighting in these region for a LONG time, and it is high time we up our ground game.

      Thus endeth the sermon!

    2. avatar 2hotel9 says:

      And don’t forget steel core AP rds. They make cover turn into inadequate concealment in a hurry.

      1. avatar John Jordan says:

        Reference comments by 2hotel9, I concur in all respects Sir. In Balkans we used AP often since putting 20 fast rounds in and around a window some mutt shot at civilians from was enough to run him off instantly, even if it did not kill him. Stopping firing on civilians right away “not running up ones body count” was the point. Twenty .30 Cal. AP bouncing around his perch would kill, injure or incline most mutts to call it a day. With civilian lives at stake waiting around for the classic “one shot one kill” stuff was not an option.

        1. avatar 2hotel9 says:

          And never forget all those masonry/brick chunks flying around like angry, blood drawing hornets. Tend to encourage a hasty relocation, which always adds to the chance you or your flankers can put some rds in their ass.

          I am a big proponent of aimed fire from all riflemen and saws, but lots of people don’t get that aimed fire is not always at a person if your intention is to force them into moving from cover or stopping their fire at other targets.

          Spray&pray is rarely effective in such situations. Or any others, for the most part. Putting 10rds into the wall 12 inches below the window sill Haji is firing from also don’t do much unless you got something that will tear through it. Another point that is lost on a lot of people, thanks to movies and TV.

  42. avatar Combaticron says:

    It’s either NEW or it’s IMPROVED. It can’t be both.

  43. avatar matt says:

    I need one of these

  44. avatar Brandon says:

    Shut up and Take My $$$$!!!!! 🙂

  45. avatar Bill Ewing says:

    It’s a BAR jacka. Who cares and who has a permit for a full auto? The fact that’s it’s a 306 cal. and with a nice super scope, you don’t have to pull it away from your eye to crank in another round with a bolt. While your chasing that elusive target. Price is a bit much. Big cal. big $?

  46. avatar CB says:

    This belongs here, because guns. (turn sound down)

    Looks fun, sounds fun, but how does it shoot? The things cost an obscene amount for it to be a dangerous noisemaker. Though that describes most of my purchases.

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