New from HK: MR556SD and MR762SD


Featuring OSS Silencer’s new cans, the MR556SD and MR762SD will be shipping from the factory suppressed and ready to go. Except you can’t buy one, because they’re LEO/MIL only. I suppose you could buy the relevant “civilian” versions of the guns and the cans and make one yourself… but why?


  1. avatar JSIII says:

    H&K Because you suck…and we hate you….

    I really want one of those too bad I live in a state where cans are illegal

    Same goes for that SIG MPX that was shown last year…I really wish they had a civie version

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      Dammit… I wanted to make the HK joke this time.

    2. avatar Sam F says:

      > H&K Because you suck…and we hate you….

      Shut up with this already.

      1. avatar JSIII says:

        Seriously…they save the good stuff for LE only.
        If H&K Wanted to make a quick buck they would import or state side build MP5A5’s with 16″ barrels and an add on comp…would sell like friggen hotcakes.

        1. avatar Jeff in Tacoma says:

          Or MP5K pistols, I would take one of those over an UZI pistol any day.

        2. avatar JSIII says:

          There are SO many movie scenes I could re-enact with DUAL MP5K looking pistols…

        3. avatar FoRealz? says:

          Couple hurdles with that.

          To get approval to export the “good stuff” they have to get a permission slip from the German government. Which usually isn’t inclined.

          Then you have to deal with our import restrictions which is why you wind with gheyed up things like the SL8 and USC.

          Then there is the issue of the multigenerational families of German arms manufacturing employees and unions who are loathe to see production of their bread and butter weapons move to the US. Again, the good stuff that keeps them employed by filling military and police contracts. Like the MP5, MP7, UMP, 416, G36, etc.

          I think like most businesses, H&K would like to get their products into as many hands as possible, hence the furtive efforts to get a “real” G36 (civvie version) over to us, and further mutations of the 556, but they aren’t exporting tennis rackets, and the various guvs involved all have their say.

          So why don’t they just make the stuff here? Think about the cost to move production lines here. Then factor in who are you going to have building them. I don’t think a lot of the German employees would gleefully come over and teach Americans how to do their job so that productions lines could be moved and leave them less of a future, or be willing to uproot their families and move here. Maybe, but doubtful. In any event expensive.

          Then what about quality. Sig comes to mind. Diamond plate USPs anyone? Lol.

        4. avatar Hal says:

          FN did it. Commercially successful. Just sayin.

          HK: Hates Kustomers

        5. avatar Oddux says:

          FN is Belgian.
          HK is German.

          Completely different export restrictions.

    3. avatar Oddux says:

      Between Germany’s laws and ours, the regulations on import and exports and the difficulties in navigating them (Germany has a law denying the export of “weapons of war” to civilian populations, what makes a so called weapon of war is solely up to the discretion of bureaucrats. German bureaucrats), and the NFA making the target market rather small for suppressed weapons even at non-HK prices, I’m pretty sure its not worth the regulatory cost to bring this to market.

      1. avatar JSIII says:

        Why not do what IWI, Glock, Sig and now Taurus are doing an open up a state side factory?

        Its risky but the reward could be huge.

        1. avatar Sam F says:


    4. avatar JoshtheViking says:

      Wasn’t SIG making a civilian version of the MPX that was semi auto and had a really long muzzle break that could be turned into an integral silencer. Think it was the MPXc.

      1. avatar JSIII says:

        You are right, last time I checked the website said LE/MIL only but now SIG does indeed advertise for a Civie version. I have never seen one in the wild though

      2. avatar Dan says:

        The ATF nixed that “muzzle break” silencer.

    5. avatar AZRon says:

      Speaking of sheep…or parrots………

  2. avatar tcba_joe says:

    Thats interesting, because the pamphlet circling the internet said “Available for civilian sales”

  3. avatar John F says:

    You can’t buy one because the Govt. does not want you to have Guns equal to what they have to come after you..
    When the check the Registration address of where you have your gun.

    1. avatar Taco says:

      +1 for hitting the nail on the head.

  4. avatar PhoenixNFA says:

    anyone else see something wrong with those rails?

    the KEYMOD is backwards!!!

    not the first time HK has got it wrong.

    1. avatar MarcusAurelius says:

      There was something off putting about that picture, but I could not put my finger on it.

    2. avatar Gyufygy says:

      What is the keymod? Keep seeing people talking about it.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        The KeyMod is the rail you see on those rifles, with the “hole and slot” interface. It’s designed as an alternative to the MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail interface system. The system is designed so that a nut drops through that hole and slides into the slot, and then a locking mechanism drops into the hole behind it to prevent its movement in reverse. What people are talking about is that the traditional way to install it is with the “ball” part facing toward the butt of the rifle, and HK is doing it differently.

  5. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    I’ve got to be brutally honest: What I’m seeing represented out of the SHOT show this year is utterly underwhelming.

    One black rifle after another. Whooooopie. The Remington R51 turns out to be vaporware-ish. S&W has a custom revolver with a lack of finish. A mini-me Glock. More and more black plastic everywhere. And that Sako rifle with the $17K price tag – what an absurd and obvious way to bilk the taxpayers.

    The Korth is a very nice piece, but the variant you examined has a stupid wanker rail on it, ruining the classic lines of a revolver. Putting a wanker rail on a revolver is in the same league of aesthetic crime as putting a wanker rail on a lever gun.

    The bright side is you’re making me glad I decided to not attend. It’d just be more depressing in person.

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      Honestly, it feels like manufacturers just threw something together to be “new” for the show. They spent all year trying to fill the massive orders they were getting, so R&D wasn’t a priority. But now, flush with cash and in desperate need of something new to sell people, I expect the next year to be extremely fruitful.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        Let’s hope you’re right.

  6. avatar Taco says:

    Can someone explain why police get access to all this stuff like it’s no big deal yet it’s a felony for me without paying taxes for a CONSTITUTIONAL right? Everyone who thinks cops are any different than civilians other than career choice needs only look at the movie shooting the other day…or Chris Dorner in LA…or heck, the cops chasing Dorner who shot up a truck full of innocents because it looked remotely like Dorner’s truck….

  7. avatar Larry says:

    Keymod looks like a Home Depot shelf hanger. No thanks.

  8. avatar The Police says:

    Can someone explain why police get access to all this stuff like it’s no big deal yet it’s a felony for me

    Because you suck. And we hate you.

  9. avatar a.a. says:

    The 416SD is a absolute blast to shoot, and if you are saying the KEYMOD is backwards, that is how they are currently being distributed and used.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Which you can ascertain by examining the hand guard and determining that it could not be mounted n the opposite direction.

  10. avatar Brad says:

    HK is a joke. I’m done with them.

    1. Here is some cream to rub on your butt hurt, dude.

      HK is awesome. I love them even if they hate me.

      : )

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