New from Armalite: AR-31 Rifle

It looks like everything is still all smiles and rainbows at Armalite after being rolled in with McMillan and Surgeon to form one massive rifle manufacturing company. This year’s new offering is the AR-31, a scaled down version of their AR-50 rifle that uses the same detachable magazines that work in their semi-auto AR-10 rifles. It feels great and works great, except for the trigger. It still feels square and slightly sharp, just like on the AR-30 rifle introduced last year, and the AR-50 before that. I’ve made my displeasure known, because but for that issue it looks like a good rifle . . .

Side note: there are only two firearms that I dreaded the day they needed to go back to the manufacturer after the testing was complete. The first was an Armalite AR-50, and the second was a McMillan CS-5 rifle. Since both companies are now working together, I expect great things.


  1. avatar PhoenixNFA says:

    my friend has an AR-50…awesome rifle. slapped many a steel with it.

  2. avatar Colby says:

    Command+R, Command+R, Command+R, Command+R,….All night long.


  3. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Got one word…AR-180…

  4. avatar jwm says:

    What caliber is it?

    1. avatar Tile floor says:

      .308 if I’m not mistaken

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        I thought it would have been “nice” if Nick had bothered to include this slightly relevant bit of info, but on Media Day, I guess we can’t expect very much in the way of detail.

  5. avatar JoshinGA says:

    Seems everyone and their brother is making a bolt action .308 with detachable mags, and tacticool styling…

    1. avatar BillC says:

      What’s wrong with that? Would you rather have just one?

  6. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I know how you feel Nick.
    McMillan makes a darn fine rifle. The trigger on mine is the finest I’ve ever touched.
    If you get to meet Kelly, he is a true gentleman.

  7. avatar Carlos U. says:

    Now if they would only jum into the bullpup trend and re-release a new and improved bullpup.

  8. avatar Jim says:

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t this rifle have the same really high over bore scope mount position as the Masterpiece? The one that everyone was complaining about the other day? I am no apologist for the Masterpiece (I am sure it sucks) but I am just curious.

    1. avatar rawmade says:

      Look at any high end “tactical” rifle. They are all designed like that, because their comb on the stock can be raised so high it makes for better prone shooting.

    2. avatar Matt in FL says:

      I think that Masterpiece has at least 1/2″ if not 3/4″ more height-over-bore than this one does. Lots of long-range rifles have it, but the Masterpiece seemed to go above and beyond.

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