New from ALG Defense: Lightweight AR-15 Forend, Muzzle Brake


ALG Defense is the slightly downmarket brand of Geissele gear, designed by the same guys and manufactured the same way, but with a slightly lower level of polish. This year they’re adding two new products to their line. First up is this extremely lightweight handguard that has detachable rail sections and comes with the proprietary barrel nut and mounting spanners. The handguard runs $135 for the 10-incher, $140 for 12″ and $145 for the 14″ . . .


Also new from ALG is a single chamber muzzle brake that will retail for $35. It looks pretty solid, so for those looking to start competitively shooting on a shoestring budget, these would be a good way to go.


  1. avatar David says:

    I wonder if those new forends are going to have a key hole mods as well? can’t wait to the try some of the new stuff out I’m a big fan of ALG!! keep up the good work Amy.

  2. Any stats on the weight? especially vs other common options?

    1. avatar Mario in NH says:

      10″ with no rails: 7.68 oz
      12″ with no rails: 8.69 oz

      Those are with their barrel nut, so that’s pretty good.

  3. avatar Whatever says:

    Proprietary, I run when I hear that word.

    1. Normally I’m right with you on that but in the end, if you get the spanners (as suggested), it seems manageable to me. A lot of the free-float alternatives use proprietary nuts and if you change hand guards from one vendor to another, it’s pretty typical to change the nut as well (or go back to a standard nut if that’s the case).

      I’ve got a mix of free floaters that use the stock nut (like the Apex machine; love the smaller size, not packed with rails for an easy grip and the offset mounting) and a few that use some sort of proprietary nut (I’m thinking about a couple of YHMs which I think use a special nut that can be dealt with using some of the standard wrenches but I know I bought the specific spanner to tighten the locking ring).

      If I change, I’m fine with changing the hand guard and the nut together.

      In regards to this ALG setup, I don’t see anything that would pull me from the Apex hand guards unless the price is really aggressive (the Apex hand guard are very nice but a little pricey); even then, my experience tends towards things that worked well so if I buy something more than once, it’s because I really liked it and need to weigh that against the risk of something that might just seem cool but not pay off

  4. avatar Mario in NH says:

    I was wondering what those boxy triggers were before I realized they’re demonstrator models.

  5. avatar Terry Warlock says:

    psst….guys, you’re missing another new cool piece from ALG – the QD swing swivel shown in that pic is ALG’s new iteration of the design, looks really promising because of how flat and compact it is. Around $30 iirc.

  6. avatar Hannibal says:

    So that what a Shoulder Thing That Goes Up retails for.

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