Girl Scouts and Guns Go Viral in Ft. Worth

The above photo showing members of Come and Take It – Ft. Worth and some local cookie purveyors is getting heavy play on the internets — and causing panties to twist. Kathy Perkins (second from left), head of Moms With Guns Demand Action and a Come and Take It member, told me how the photo came […]

OMG! It’s A Man! With a Rifle On His Back! OMG!

Michael Keoughan was exercising his right to bear arms in Texas last Wednesday. He’s part of a Texas group of Second Amendment supporters who demonstrate that the RKBA means something. They do that by legally carrying rifles slung across their back. When asked, they happily explain that they’re educating Texans about their rights under the state […]

Restaurant Carry (with Permit) Coming to South Carolina

It appears that people with concealed weapon permits in South Carolina will now have an easier time finding a place to have dinner. South Carolina is just a signature away from joining the vast majority of states that don’t prevent people with carry permits from bringing their personal defensive firearms into restaurants that serve alcohol.  […]

“Gun Nut” Eugene Volokh Partners with Washington Post

The well-known and brilliant UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, has partnered with the Washington Post to place the Volokh Conspiracy, a well-argued and -written blog that I have often cited, under the Washington Post auspices. For Second Amendment supporters who may be unfamiliar with the good professor, here’s a quick bio from wikipedia . . .

Illegal “No Weapons” Signs in Alabama Rest Stops

It appears that some bureaucrat in the Yellowhammer State has decided to post the state’s rest stops with signs that are toxic to the Second Amendment, not to mention Alabama law. The signs say “No weapons beyond this point.” According to Skidmark at, rest stops aren’t on the state’s list of prohibited places for possessing […]

Open Carriers Rally in Beaumont, TX

Texans continue to march in support of Second Amendment rights. After Derek Poe was arrested for disorderly conduct while carrying a rifle slung over his back with the muzzle down to a gun shop in the Parkdale mall a month ago, supporters organized an open carry march in Beaumont . . .

Virginia Lawmakers Pass Concealed Weapons and Suppressor Reform, Resist Police Pressure

Virginia lawmakers chose to reform the state’s gun laws in spite of pressure by police agencies to keep restrictive measures in place. HB878 reforms an antique law that gives local police a veto over obtaining federal permits for suppressors, short barrelled rifles and shotguns, full-auto firearms and “destructive devices.” Because of a controversial vote in […]

Texas Mall That Banned Guns Over Open Carry Losing Tenants

Parkdale mall in Beaumont, Texas banned guns from their establishment after one of their renters open carried a rifle slung over his back to his firearms business in the mall, and someone complained. Police arrested him for “disorderly conduct”. The mall said that they have always been anti-gun, but they never bothered to post the […]

Arizona Poll: 2A Rules the Day

A recent poll from the Seattle Times ran through the blogosphere with decidedly positive results for Second Amendment activists. In spite of splitting 2A supporters with two answers, the total came at 79% in favor of a strict reading of the Second Amendment (no infringements) and 18 percent in favor of the status quo. Only […]