Lehigh Defense Grabs TTAG’s Readers Choice Award


Taking the title for best new ammo for 2013 as voted by you, the people of the gun, was Lehigh Defense and their intimidating 220 gr. .45 Long Colt rounds for the Taurus Judge and Smith Governor. Lehigh’s Rich Brauer was only too happy to accept a little something for his office wall. if you want to see what impressed the readership (and terrifies bad doods) so much, make the jump . . .





Edit: As tested by ShootingTheBull410 here:


  1. avatar CA.Ben says:

    Go to Lehigh’s website (linked in text), and there’s a big pop up about their TTAG award. Your turn, Mossberg!

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      That’s pretty awesome!

  2. avatar Cliff H says:

    Still waiting to find out if anybody makes an AR or other carbine type rifle that will fire this round.

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      That almost certainly won’t happen. It’s longer than normal .45 colt so only works in the Judge or Governor .410 shotgun revolvers (or Circuit Judge ‘rifle’) since their chambers are much longer than normal .45 Colt in order to fit the .410 shell.

      Also, it would be rare to have a rimmed cartridge in a semi-auto so the chances of seeing even normal .45 LC in an AR-15 or semi-auto carbine would be rare. Plenty of lever action carbines and such that chamber .45 LC, but they won’t chamber this round.

      I’d say the Circuit Judge is as close as you could get to a carbine that’ll shoot this ammo.

    2. avatar NickS says:

      The Circuit Judge by Taurus/Rossi is a revolver based carbine that this ammo would probably work in. That’s the closest to a proper rifle as you’re likely to find, though, as the cartridge has too many issues to overcome for a semi-auto AR type rifle. It would probably be possible to make a lever gun that would work with Lehigh’s design, but it would almost certainly be a one-off. Just wouldn’t be practical to mass produce rifles that only work with a specific variant of an existing caliber that is also only produced by a single company.

    3. avatar Marcus Aurelius says:

      When I was shopping for AR uppers I tripped over a 410 upper at a local store.

      1. avatar Bob says:

        Oh yeah, forgot about those .410 AR uppers! I suppose if they made a rifled barrel version & the pressures and such are okay then this round world work. Maybe somebody can torture test one of the existing smooth bore .410 uppers with one of these Lehigh loads haha

    4. avatar Elliotte says:

      Looking at their website, they have this round in Nick’s favorite AR caliber, 300 BLK

  3. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Holy God; I sure wish they made a comparable round for my Tokarev.

    That is fu¢king awesome.

  4. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Good for Lehigh, they had my vote and I know from before they read TTAG. I will be buying some of these rounds this weekend, I will have to recheck but the 300 black was out of stock last time I looked at the website.

  5. avatar Taylor Tx says:

    dem petals. Seriously.

  6. avatar g says:

    Beast round. Yowza.

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