TTAG Readers Choice Award Goes To Mossberg FLEX


TTAG Managing Editor Dan Zimmerman is shown here presenting Mossberg’s Linda Powell with TTAG’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Shotgun Of 2013. Their new FLEX system lets you swap out just about everything on a Mossberg 500 shotgun (save the magazine tube) instantly, without tools. In a year where not much else changed in the world of shotguns, the FLEX system is gathering steam to change just about everything. Well done, Mossberg; keep it up.


  1. avatar M J Johnson says:

    Love the Flex. Want another one.

  2. avatar Steve Truffer says:

    Just wish they’d use the 590 barrel/mag setup across the board. make barrel/ capacity swaps so much easier.

  3. avatar Your Friendly Neighborhood Anon says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t help but giggle at how caught off guard that lady in the background on the right is. I’m a bad person.

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