New 10/22 Takedown Stock From Tapco – Suppressor Not Included

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

We spotted the Ruger 10/.22 Takedown at the SHOT show two years ago, and Bill Ruger’s stepchild has certainly thrived since then. While the scarce little rimfire is certainly not lacking in awesomeness, there’s something to be said for an adjustable-length buttstock. Especially on a rifle that’s so ideally suited to younger, smaller shooters. Don’t worry: Tapco is all over it . . .

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAGYour fore-end rail mileage may vary, but never accuse Tapco of skimping on the Picatinny. MSRP for the tactical takedown stock is $119-ish. And that’s a direct quote.


    1. avatar CA.Ben says:

      I have the same reaction. Doesn’t do much for me.

      1. avatar mrvco says:


        I don’t shoot 22L…R typically, but I much prefer a “tactfully cool” 10/22.

  1. avatar KingSarc48265 says:

    This may be helpful. The length of pull on mine is a touch too short. But then again I think I’ll wait to find a stock made from wood. Wood always looks better on a rifle.

  2. avatar Andy says:

    Not sure why they went with the larger SAW style grip, considering how the 10-22 caters to smaller shooters as well as adults. AR grip probably would have been a better choice.

    1. avatar Jeff says:

      I believe that’s the only grip Tapco makes for all of their stocks – SKS, AK, AR, 10/22, etc. – all pretty much the same mold.

  3. avatar mike says:

    I refuse to tacticool a simple, respected, iconic rifle.

    1. avatar CA.Ben says:

      This. If I upgrade the stock on my 795, it’s going to be with some very pretty wood.

  4. avatar Gun_Chris says:

    Unfortunately the tapco stock is too heavy for young shooters. Now if only Black Hawk would make an Axiom stock for the take down.

    1. avatar themonk says:

      2nd that!

  5. avatar Dick says:

    I cut up a Tapco to put on my 10/22 so that I had a pull that worked for my long arms, but I could collapse and still put the gun in the Takedown pack. Love it. Others have wanted the same. Now others can get it without hacking.

  6. avatar Roy says:

    They’ve made a bigger, heavier, bulkier, uglier stock. Oh boy! Sign me up!

  7. avatar MD Matt says:

    Can’t see the picture, does this thing have a pistol grip?
    Ga, why won’t hogue make one of there’s for this baby?
    I have a build in the works now and all it needs is a quality stock replacement for Ruger’s Kmart special.
    I really wish I could just get a simple stock without everything being “tactical.”
    Maybe tactical solutions will make one of their laminate designsfor this.

  8. avatar Jay In Florida says:

    Not so meh for me and my 20+ year old 10-22.
    I have Volquartzens latest circa 1994 Chevy Challenge stock with a free floating bull barrel topped off with a 4×9.scope.
    I will put any ones 22lr in a single hole at 100 yards…….
    Unfortunately for me.
    Not a darned place worth a crap to shoot it down here in my part of Florida.
    Except a 25 yard indoor closet.
    So its all alone……. its sat for the last 13 years in its case…………….sigh.

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