New Striker-Fired P320: SIG/Sauer Nails It


The P320 has been kept under wraps for a long time, but I finally got my hands on SIG/Sauer’s new striker-fired pistol today. We’ll never know for sure until we get to shoot one, but I’m thinking SIG/Sauer has a winner on their hands here. Why? . . .

It keeps the three-caliber modularity and excellent grip ergonomics of the P250, but it replaces the unloved DAO fire control system with a modern striker-fired action.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

Here’s the rear view. It looks just like a P250, but where’s the hammer? Gone. The striker mechanism has a smooth (yes, smooth) and short trigger pull, with a very short and very tactile reset point. For most shooters this will translate into quicker split times and greatly improved practical accuracy.


SIG’s cleverness doesn’t end here, however. P320 slide assemblies and fire control groups are completely new but the grip frames, barrels, magazines and accessories are all interchangeable from the P250.

The 320 has an MSRP of $719, with actual street prices to be predictably lower. I desperately want to test one of these, which will be really simple since I’ve already got a half-dozen magazines and a spare grip frame for it.


  1. avatar TheBear says:

    Looks cool. Do want.

    1. avatar DJ says:

      They had me at “interchangeable with the P250”.

      I wonder how they’ll deal with P250 owners that just want to buy a slide and fire control group? The fire control group would need to go thru an FFL – but hopefully there is an option to buy it that way.

      1. Interchangeability from SIG, a single stack .380 from Glock…
        Has anyone called down for a weather report from Hell? I think it may be a bit colder than usual.

        1. avatar JT says:

          Don’t forget a compact 9mm carry gun from Remington.

        2. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

          Several public shootings and Shannon Watts is eerily silent. . . . . . time to play the power ball, have a stiff drink, and bang the old lady. . . . the world is ending

        3. avatar Steven says:

          I lol’d at Dirks comment! But honestly, with full interchangeability between the p250, the fact that it is striker fired, and it is competitively priced, I am happy to see us sig fans now have a better polymer competitor. I only hope the rest of the sig fanboys come to fall for this like I am right now…

  2. avatar Moonshine says:

    We note, with some disappointment, that SiG is still married to the high bore axis pattern.

    1. avatar Michael B. says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty annoying.

      1. avatar Dogman says:

        I never thought about “high” or “low” bore axis until I read about it somewhere on the Internet. Seems to me to be an issue created only for such discussions. People are malleable and can adjust. I just shoot guns and never paid attention to such trivia.

        1. avatar Steve Kendell says:


    2. avatar David says:

      You mean a bore that points naturally?

      1. avatar RightYouAreKen says:

        No, he means a bore that seems 6″ above your hands 🙂

        1. avatar nemsis says:

          This ^^^^


        2. avatar Aaron says:

          Is that what she tells you is six inches?

      2. avatar BillC says:

        That’s called a grip angle, ARTARD.

      3. avatar Totenglocke says:

        A low bore naturally points (because it’s closer to your index finger). A high bore like this does not naturally point because it’s inches above where your natural “point and hit” instincts are.

    3. avatar jollyroger says:

      I hear this as a common complaint but its never felt much different to me than firing a Glock or Beretta M9. For some reason I shoot much better with NY P250 than I ever did qualing with an M9

    4. avatar Darth Mikey says:

      I think mileage varies on the high bore axis thing. As for me, I find a high bore axis actually reduces my felt recoil as a matter of leverage. Muzzle flip is definitely increased with high-bore (SIG, XDm), but I don’t get as much straight back into the web of my (arthritic) thumb. Low bore is fine on a heavy piece like a Beretta, but on a light Glock or an M&P, I get it all right in the web in one little spot, and it starts to irritate my old broken hands pretty quick. And the high-bores do point a little better for me (as do “medium” bore heights like a 1911 or CZ). But that’s just me.

    5. avatar rybred says:

      yeah that’s one of those things that i think they REALLY messed up on. I’m sure the bore axis remains the same because of the grip compatibility. But in my book was the grip compatibility really that important? Magazine compatibility is really nice because you can have a sizable investment in those but it was my understanding that they grip modules only costed $30, why set the entire ergo’s of the “new, game-changing” pistol around that one nearly useless bit of compatibility?!?

  3. avatar Tim U says:

    Sounds like what the 250 should have been.

    Sigs are out of my price range, but this is the one I’d be wanting if I could afford it

    1. avatar David says:

      Check out the SIG P250, and SP2022, both excellent firearms!

      1. avatar B.Malloy says:

        Love my sp2022.

        1. avatar OHgunner says:

          SP2022 is my EDC. Love it and it’s never choked on any ammo. I will, however, look at replacing it with this next iteration of the plastic fantastic from Sig should it prove as reliable!

    2. avatar DJ says:

      My wife and I both have P250s in 9mm as our EDC. I’ve put thousands of rounds through mine with zero issues. She’s probably over a thousand with hers – also no issues. They work for us.

      BTW – if anyone is interested Bud’s has the full size P250 9mm on sale with 2 mags for $399.

      1. avatar BillC says:

        My wife will be. She doesn’t mind the higher bore/sight issue like I do. Not bad mouthing SIGs or praising Glocks, but I prefer the lower bore on the Glock and I don’t notice “weird” grip angle.

      2. That’s regular price if you live near an Academy store…but I don’t know if it is one mag or two.

  4. I wonder if they will discontinue the P250 now? I have been hearing that rumor for about two years now.

  5. avatar g says:

    I’m a SIG fan, so I’m intrigued… even if I didn’t like the P250.

  6. avatar Hal says:

    Does anyone else think this pistol looks suspiciously like a CZ?

  7. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:

    Unloved DAO? That’s a feature, not a flaw. That’s precisely why we bought a P250 in .45, which is her EDC. Try as we might, neither of us can get over the fact that my striker fired G26 and her LC9 are each sitting there with a striker and hammer, respectively, under partial tension.

    Yes, I understand that there are multiple internal safety mechanisms preventing the striker and hammer from moving forward toward the primer. No, I don’t know for a fact whether that partial tension is even sufficient, should every safety fail, to ignite the primer and discharge a round anyway.

    Still, it would sit there with that potential energy staring straight at that cartridge in a way that a true DAO does not. So we don’t carry either of those firearms with a round chambered, as she does the P250.

      1. avatar tyler says:

        I had a friend that just got into guns tell me the other day that he never leaves a round in the chamber on his kimber because its dangerous. I told him he should do some research, get some firearms training ,and leave the gun home till you smarten up.

    1. avatar Lark says:

      The gun is only as dangerous as the person holding it. They DO NOT go bang by themselves.

  8. avatar JSIII says:

    Not a fan of Striker Fired guns..I am a SIG fan…but I am not a fan of BRAND new SIG designs because they have a realy poor track record on new designs…they work after a year or two but first batch seems to be a mess….so torn…damn

  9. avatar JT says:

    Hopefully these won’t have all the issues the P250 has had that caused it to be rejected by several large law enforcement organizations after it was tested due to reliability problems.

  10. avatar JLR84 says:

    Did Sig ever get around to the modular conversion kits for the P250? I thought they ended up being vapor-ware, a nice idea that never materialized.

  11. avatar J E says:

    As a Sig fan – this doesn’t check off any boxes. Sorry Sig. I’ll take mine in Da/Sa, a lower bore axis and a more sculpted grip.

    The R51 is more interesting.

    1. avatar John Lofland says:

      Do a search for ” Problems with R-51 “. It looks like the shot show and ones given to some writers may have been hand fitted. Hearing plenty of complaints on the production guns. Mostly people complaining about trigger reset, loose back sights and some stiff recoil with plain jane ammo. I was reading because I was so interested in one myself. It is a sharp looking gun. Looks like I will wait as Remmington lets paying customers work out the bugs. I wound not mind some extra weight if it came with a steel reciever. Remember, there is always payment due on short and light in the firearms field.

  12. avatar Rokurota says:

    The modularity of the P250, the beveled slide of the CZ P09, the trigger of a Glock.

    When they introduce a subcompact frame and upper, I’ll bite for sure!

    (and come on, guys — “high bore axis?” have you actually shot a SIG?)

  13. avatar IkeVT says:

    I just purchased a SP2022, and given how well people are speaking of the P320, I imagine it’ll be my next handgun in the future.

    Sig domination.

  14. avatar Jon R. says:

    You had me right up until the price. I thought it would be around $450, like the sp2022 or individual p250. Is that two some pricing like the p250 had, or individual?

  15. avatar Crunkleross says:

    Low bore axis=muzzle rise has less leverage on your grip, High bore axis=your grip has more leverage on the muzzle rise. Naahhh

    1. avatar Lark says:

      The effect it has your grip either way is negligable. Plenty of pro shooters do just fine with their sigs

  16. avatar Dave J says:

    The groups that I shoot with my P226 as compared to those with my brother’s G19 tell me that I must be a high bore axis kinda guy. I look forward to handling one of these 320s. Multical platforms make sense to me in these days of limited ammo. Would be nice to see them come out with a .22LR upper and mags for it.

  17. avatar tyler says:

    I would love to see this in a g26 size.

  18. avatar Chris says:

    I called and spoke with a Sig rep yesterday and they said the P250 mags and P320 are NOT interchangeable. However, these are the same people that said you can’t use a compact slide and barrel on a subcompact grip….which is what I carry…

    He also told me there are no plans to discontinue the P250. Geeze, talk about a mind blow.

    1. avatar Harold Burnett says:

      U can use p250 mag in p320 cause I just bought one and it works fine

  19. I guess I must be a “SIGot”, a SIG bigot, because I like every SIG I own. I guess I should find the whole “bore axis” argument significant, but I don’t. I have never found a real world issue with it. I do find that a pistol’s trigger is extremely significant, or SIGnificant. I good crisp trigger that allows me to stay on target is the most important issue in accuracy, to me. Sights are number two. I have never considered bore axis an issue in pistol shooting. I am very impressed indeed with the fit and finish of my SIGs. They are very well designed and built. Yes, they are expensive, but I buy pistols to keep them and shoot them, so the investment is worth it to me. I own Rugers, Glocks, Smiths, Detonics, Randalls, Rock Islands, and on and on. I like them all. To me, my pistols shoot exactly where I point them.

  20. avatar caligula says:

    I had a P250 two-sum and thought the entire concept was brilliant, and I really loved the ergonomics. However, I never got used to that trigger, and had a problem with my night sights burning out on one of them. After the third sight replacement, I traded it (them). I have to admit I’m intrigued by the P320. I hope this pistol isn’t plagued with problems similar to the first generation of P250’s.

  21. avatar jwalk says:

    I own a P250 9mm full size. I called Sig today and they said there is no plan to have an option to purchase just the P320 fire control group and slide. I suggested that I would purchase one if available and they didn’t seem to care. Considering a grip frame is just about $40 I guess I see their point — just buy the whole package. A local GS owner told me he heard at Shot Show 2014 that the P250 is to be discontinued. Not good news for P250 owners.

  22. avatar Stephen Castner says:

    Never understood badmouthing the p250. I have a Pelican full of grip and barrels in 9mm, .40.and .45, FS down to SC. The badmouthing was a media thing that some folks thought was cool.

    DAO is fine, if that is what you fire. If you swing down to SA, then it’s confusing. If you fire DA/SA, you will be hopelessly confused. DAO also is the safest with a round on the chamber. (If you have tho rank the slide, I’m sorry.)

    The p290 is a fine pocket pistol, DAO.

    I look forward to buying a complete p320 carry in .40 cal. It will be a fine piece of work.

  23. avatar scarshooter says:

    Bore axis height got everything to do with recoil management which got everything to do with the shooters ability to fire multi shots in good cadence.

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