Still Not Ready For Retail: Arsenal “Strike One”

It looks cool as hell, and if Larry Vickers knows anything about guns (and the former Delta Force legend certainly does) it shoots like hell too. Ultra-low bore height? Check. Negligible recoil and muzzle rise? Check. Fixed-barrel accuracy? Check. Ready to call your FFL and order one? Belay that order, sailor . . .

We still don’t really know anything concrete about the Arsenal ‘First Strike’ pistol, because Arsenal still hasn’t started importing them for retail sale. The gun might very well be awesome, but this waiting game is just tiresome.

While Arsenal claims that the design has been approved for importation (which they said last year, too) they still have no importers or distributors actually signed up to bring the thing Stateside and into our warm and waiting gun safes. This means we’re probably looking at another year of Strike One vaporware.

Image courtesy IMDB

It’s not as good as Supercop (and it lacks the steadying influence of Michelle Yeoh) but you could always amuse yourself watching First Strike while you wait for the Strike One.


  1. avatar William Burke says:

    This seems like a not-ready-for-prime-time SHOT show. They should have scheduled it for fall.

    1. avatar Michael G Marriam says:

      Was thinking the same thing. Seems like a lot of guns nobody gets to shoot.

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Bummer. I saw the episode where he toured the factory, and had a hankering for one.
    Are they next to kel tec?
    Maybe a bad influence?

  3. avatar sean says:

    Perhaps Kel-Tec could import them. That way, they could actually put something on store shelves.

    1. avatar BDub says:

      Lol! *spit-take

  4. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    Armor of God II, Operation Condor is the best Jackie Chan flick. Everybody knows that.

  5. avatar Guy_Buttersnaps says:

    Looks like the bastard love child of a Glock and a Steyr.

    1. avatar MastaDon says:

      The same guy(Wilhelm Bubits) was the senior design engineer for the Glock 17, Steyr M9 and Caracal Pistol projects at various times in his career.

      I wonder if the Russians hired him as well or if they just “borrowed” the basic look and external ergo-geometry of his designs without giving him a nod.

  6. avatar Max says:

    And looks to be “available” in silver and red….

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      Don’t get me started on the Pimp-Tastic colorized versions of this thing. They look absolutely hideous, and they do absolutely nothing to convince me that Arsenal will ever, ever actually import them in numbers. It’s time for Arsenal to show or GTFO.

  7. avatar Michael B. says:

    A Russian Glock.

    Do want.

  8. avatar Tokamak says:

    It looks like a very good design and it’s actually something “new” in the firearm world. The locking mechanism is like nothing before it. (at least that I am aware of) I’m willing to be patient for a little longer. There is a very good chance it will be worth the wait.

  9. avatar mrvco says:

    If they can get that double-barreled 1911 monstrosity in, then I wonder why they can’t get the Strike One into the US. I doubt I’d replace my G17 with it, but I’d definitely like to shoot one and give it a chance.

  10. avatar disthunder says:

    I like what I’ve seen, but I really thought we would be on a shelf this year, not pushed back AGAIN.

  11. avatar ItsPossumTime says:

    Not ready, again? Wouldn’t that be ‘Strike Two’?

    1. avatar Kyle says:

      Yes yes it would be strike 2. lol

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    I like Jackie Chan even though “Drunken Master” might be a good title for his biography.

  13. I saw the show on TAC TV devoted to this handgun and was quite intrigued. The super low bore axis really was impressive to see in action.

  14. avatar El Mac says:

    Another Glunk clone…Yawn….

    1. Actually…it is not, for a change. It has some truly unique engineering features.

  15. avatar borekfk says:

    Police Story 1 is so much better than First Strike.

  16. avatar BugsInMyTeeth says:

    Mmm, Michelle Yeoh…

    Um, whoops. Did I just say that out loud?


  17. avatar Eric says:

    Your information is outdated. EAA is ready to import and by end of show, more distributors will be ready. ATF says approval will come this month.

    1. avatar rawmade says:

      Figured he was told it at the booth, but guess others heard the same as you

  18. avatar Ed says:

    Don’t care baut this I want a GSH-18 pistol imported that be a lot cool. And if you bring up badly made Asian movies forget the gun I woud prefer just Michelle Yeoh 🙂

  19. avatar Minivan says:

    They’re waiting on the ATF, not an importer. Confirmed at the booth yesterday.

    1. avatar jimmyjames says:

      Arent we all?

    2. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      This is the exact opposite of what I was told. They need to get their stories straight.

      1. avatar Adam says:

        Towards the end of the video they talk about it. They say at the end of the month it should be ATF approved. I can’t remember but they said somewhere it should be on shelves in February.

  20. avatar Joe A. says:

    I was told 90 more days and guns should be in country. They are already being sold in Canada (the Canada rep was laughing that they beat the USA to the punch on something for once). The *only* thing these guns have in common with Glock is employment of plastic frame material and the 9mm cartridge. This is a whole different generation of self loading pistol. Retail should be about $800 for polymer and aluminum frame will be about $3000 (yes, many fun colors, but black is optional in Al too). If the Strizh is good enough for the Russian military, the Strike One is good enough for me. Guns shown at SHOT were mostly “Gen 0”, and a one “Gen 0.5”. The 1st Gen guns will have a separate dovetail rear site and a small triangular protrusion on the web area…and possibly the front slide serrations moved back a bit. I will be a “early adopter”… cheers to Streshinskiy, Bandini and Tangfoglio for stepping outside the box on this one.

    1. avatar David says:

      I believe this handgun has a billet aluminum frame.

      1. avatar Joe A. says:

        The $3000 aluminum lower option I believe is machined billet like you said… they subtly suggested there was some crazy machining needed to make it…and I believe them. I don’t think they will sell many aluminum frame models…but it did feel much nicer to hold than the polymer ones, but I’d be really afraid to scratch/ding the anodized finish! I’ll be getting a polymer one 😉

  21. avatar Tony mussatto says:

    Tony’s Custom creations in Oklahoma City is Arsenal’s largest U.S. Dealer. You can even order them now with a deposit.

  22. avatar Tony mussatto says:

    There phone number is 405-642-5183

  23. avatar Targetshooter says:

    Tony’s Custom Creations is the place! I have bought two double barrel 1911’s and pre-ordered 5 Strike One’s. They were the first to get Arsenal’s products. They are the largest dealer and they treated me great. They put customer service back in the gun industry. Very refreshing. Tony gave me his cell phone to call him personally. Their shop is 405-642-5183. Can’t wait to shoot the strike one!

  24. avatar NJCOP says:

    I’ll skip this one cowboys. John Wayne wouldn’t shoot any Soviet crap nor would Chuck Heston. Why would anyone want to buy a crudely made piece of junk from a country that despises us when you can buy American or from an allie that produces good quality firearms? I don’t get it.

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