New From Switchview/MGM: Eagle Eye Universal Scope Throw Lever


And this isn’t it. Switchview already makes extended throw levers for variable-magnification scopes. Variable scopes like my Leupold VX-R Patrol are awesome tools for shooting anywhere from CQB to 500 yards, but their magnification adjustment rings are often stiff and slow to turn. Switchview’s throw levers fit their designated scopes like machined aluminum gloves, but the wide variety of rung styles and sizes out there means that each lever has to be individually designed for each make and model of scope. Smaller volume combines with higher design costs, and aluminum throw levers like these run about $60 . . .

Switchview is about to change all of that with their Eagle Eye universal speedlever. It will be made of polymer instead of aluminum, with an adjustable length strap similar to a plastic zip-tie. There weren’t any samples available for us to play with here at the show, but Switchview will be shipping them within the next month for less than $20 each including shipping.

We’ll get our hands on some of them quick and let you know how they work.

Manufacturer’s link here.


  1. avatar Sergio says:

    Reminds me of the coasters for rod and reel some use as scope levers.

  2. avatar Kyle says:

    Pre order special gets you out the door at 20.95, still a hell of a deal.

  3. avatar mrvco says:

    Or you could just make your own with a zip-tie, a chopstick and some helicopter tape.

  4. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    Fantastic! Got Leupolds on most of my rifles. Have to check the models. Thanks for sharing.

  5. avatar David says:

    Oh, it’s a miniature oil filter wrench!

    1. avatar BillC says:

      Torque is torque.

  6. avatar DAN III says:

    One buys an optic costing more than the rifle it sits on and you won’t spend 60 bucks for an aluminum Switchview ?

    My guess for the reason there were no samples at SHOT is because the new “cost-saving” levers were still on the boat from Red China. Bet ?

  7. avatar Snort Yournail says:

    Wait, so all I really need is a zip tie?

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