Colorado Mag-Limit Repeal Has Majority Senate Support, No Chance Of Passage

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Last year, Colorado’s knee-jerk reaction to the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings limited the state’s new magazines to a maximum capacity of fifteen rounds. This foolishness has saved exactly zero lives, but it has succeeded in costing the state several hundred highly skilled, high-wage jobs. A new bill aims to repeal that stupidity, and it has the support of a (bipartisan, thank you very much) majority of the Colorado Senate. But it has no chance of becoming law and restoring the constitutional rights of Colorado shooters . . .


Colorado HB1151 would strike down last year’s Bloomberg-funded publicity stunt, and it is currently sponsored by 18 of Colorado’s 35 state senators. It’s supported by the entire GOP caucus (duh) and a single Democrat, Lois Tochtrop of Thornton.

This bipartisan majority would be sufficient to pass the bill into law, but for the state House of Representatives. The House bill has 27 of 28 GOP representatives sponsoring it, but no Democrats. And then there’s Governor Lickenpooper, who would surely veto any bill that dares to erase his ‘signature’ legislation. At least, as long as he’s still in office: polling indicates he’s in serious trouble right now.

I shouldn’t say that HB1151 has ‘no’ chance of passage, because the sole GOP holdout, Rep. Cheri Gerou of Evergreen, will face intense pressure to switch her vote. Gerou and two House Democrats actually voted against the magazine-limit bill last summer, and there is some hope that they’ll regain their sanity and vote to repeal it.


  1. avatar cubby123 says:

    Get rid of that new dumbass democrat and it will pass!

    1. avatar Bob Wall says:

      Which one…? 🙂

      From Western Colorado.

      1. avatar cubby123 says:

        The retread of the old bad tire just replced.

        1. avatar MichaelD says:

          Oh, yeah. I’ll be voting against Rachel in Nov. She can come back here to Arvada and manage the composting efforts, or light rail, or something.

    2. avatar Accur81 says:

      It would be nice to get rid of all Democrats. Let Republicans and Independents compete to lead the government. I’d be just fine with not ever having a single dem in office again.

      1. avatar Niceguns says:

        I couldnt agree more. Start praying…

  2. avatar TheBear says:

    I am watching this space with interest.

    If the bill is repealed, it will set a precedent against all stupid, knee jerk reaction laws. I am definitely in favor of enhanced recognition of how foolish any reactionary legislation is.

    1. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

      I suggest the sights be set a bit higher than just repealing this dumbass law, they might strive to modify the state constitution to further solidify gun rights protections….

  3. avatar Ryan says:

    Wow, as a Coloradoan I had no idea this was in the works. Good to hear. It takes a lot of gas to drive all the way to Wyoming to get magazines.

    Moreover, it may pass. Colorado has achieved a lot when it comes to opposing new restrictions; we’ve successfully booted 3 people out of office since this magazine crap passed.

    1. avatar Jess K says:

      Keep an eye on the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners page regarding legislation. Good info there.

      1. avatar Rocky says:

        Except that RMGO has listed the bill as HB14-1154, not HB14-1151.

  4. avatar Pedro Of NYC says:

    Nice!! Keep Hope Alive. @ Ryan – You can always 3d print mags, just a suggestion..

    1. avatar Samuel Leoon Suggs says:

      Or weld them with basic sheet metal skills.

      1. avatar A samurai says:

        THANK YOU! I get so mad listening to people talk about 3D printers being the end of the world because now people can make guns… How do they think guns have been made for the last hundred years? By aliens!? Guns are made by hand people!

      2. avatar CentralIL says:

        But that would mean getting my hands dirty! Furthermore, it wouldn’t involve any cool new technology.

  5. avatar Danny Griffin says:

    Their legislature needs pressure to override any veto by the governor.

  6. avatar ErrantVenture11 says:

    I don’t know if I’d call it bipartisan if only one (D) is supportive.

    1. avatar KingSarc48265 says:

      It goes both ways. The libs say the same when they get a RINO on board.

    2. avatar Mike says:

      Sauce for the goose and all that. The Democrats call it bipartisan support when John McCain, Susan Collins, or Olympia Snowe backed one of their cockamamie proposals.

    3. avatar Hannibal says:

      So… you guys want to be as honest as the left?

      Lofty goal, there.

  7. avatar mikemi1951 says:

    I wish we in California had the ability to use our franchise as voters therefore the employers of our representatives to force a few of the many anti gun folks from office. That would send a message to others that they REPRESENT us, not control us

  8. avatar iCONOCLAST says:

    lickenpooper! I lol’d!

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Hickenlooper has a name that was destined for mockery…and behavior that deserves it.

    2. avatar SteveInCO says:

      I personally use “Hickeypooper” just because it’s really close.

    3. avatar Jon in CO says:

      I’ve referred to him on countless occasions as “dick-in-pooper”

  9. avatar Roscoe says:

    Re Gerou and two House Democrats: Threats and bribes…err war chest contributions, go a long way toward coercing party line compliance regardless of what the constituents want.

  10. avatar peirsonb says:

    Naive question: what are the chances of overriding the veto? Legislatures don’t do it nearly enough, and it would send an unmistakeable message….

    1. avatar Coloradan says:

      No chance. Not with the make up of the current legislator. It’s pretty much evenly split.

  11. avatar Excedrine says:

    Even if Chickenhumper doesn’t get re-elected, there’s no telling who will take his place and whether or not he’ll sign a repeal of these asinine and ass-backwards laws. The People of The Gun in Colorado can only hope to apply enough pressure to the hold-outs and vote in enough pro-rights lawmakers the next cycle to regain some sanity.

  12. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    You mean the same people that created the law won’t repeal it, the hell you say?!?!

  13. avatar Frank C says:

    I sent the CEO of Magpul a letter a few weeks ago to welcome him to the Dallas area where we still respect the Constitution…at least for the time being. Obama wants to turn the state blue.

    1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      Let’s not get crazy, Dallas has a lot of anti-constitution elements living there, Dallas more like far east Los Angeles than it is Texas.

      1. avatar Frank says:

        That is Dallas county. There are a whole bunch of normal people living in large and well populated suburbs.

    2. avatar Evan says:

      I don’t know if you saw the map breakdown of how people voted in the last election in dallas, but there was a sliver in north dallas who didn’t vote democrat. And that’s under the assumption that voting for mitt Romney was voting for the constitution.

  14. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I don’t understand the trepidation. Bring HB1151 to a vote! Anyone who votes against it is virtually guaranteeing that they will lose their seat in office.

    Maybe some smart politicians are waiting until a few weeks before the actual elections. In that case seriously pissed-off constituents would not have enough time to cool down and would definitely vote for a different candidate.

  15. avatar Rocky says:

    No chance of passage is sadly correct. This bill has been assigned to the House committee for State, Veterans and Military Affairs, where it will die on a party-line vote.

    1. avatar Roll says:

      Just make sure we get the names of the ones who voted against it, make sure they have no chance to be re-elected.

    2. avatar Bob Wall says:

      Very little that goes in there, makes it out alive…

      1. avatar Troutbum5 says:

        That’s why the jackass Speaker of the House sends them there. THAT asshat needs to be un-horsed this November. C’mon Colorado gun owners, let’s get the word out, and don’t stay home this year.

        1. avatar (Formerly) MN Matt says:

          Oh, I’ll be voting in November. With a smile on my face, too. 🙂

  16. avatar KCK says:

    I’m confused, if they voted against the the bill last summer, did you mean they voted for it?
    Gerou and two House Democrats actually voted against the magazine-limit bill last summer, and there is some hope that they’ll regain their sanity and vote to repeal it.

    For the magazine limit is bad
    Against is good, correct?

  17. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    It’s too late for hinkendumper to change stripes now. Thats a terrible thing to have to keep the pedal to the metal when the “bridge ends here street” is a commin up. Crash & burn hinky,Randy

  18. avatar Avid Reader says:

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on Gerou. There is significant bad blood between her and RMGO’s lobbyist from last year.

    Any bill that gets out of the Senate won’t make it through the House. Even if it does, there’s no way the governor will sign it.

    Elections have consequences. This is a prime example of what happens when gun owners either stay home or don’t use their vote wisely.

  19. avatar Coloradan says:

    I just spoke with Cheri Gerou. She said she just didn’t cosponsor the bill because she doesn’t know what it will look like in the end should it make it though the senate. She’s not opposed to repealing the ban. She said she knows its not going to make it out of the senate so no point in cosponsering it.

    A legitimate reason or dodge? I don’t now.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      That sounds like a dodge to me. Why would an expected failure of passage make you not put your name on it, if it’s something you believe is “the right thing to do?”

      1. avatar Coloradan says:

        That’s what I’m saying. She just repeated that she never co sponsors any legislation. But at least she answers her own phone. XD

  20. avatar Hannibal says:

    It would be better if the bill did not pass until an election cleared out some of the nimrods who voted for it. Otherwise there’s not much of a lesson taught.

  21. avatar mrvco says:

    “Republican” or not, Cheri Gerou is a POS blather mouth and needs to be retired from office. Hopefully she gets some viable competition in the primary and we can get rid of her finally.

  22. avatar Mat says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun to watch the next gubernatorial election if Chickenlooper signed the bill to repeal a law he signed into law in hopes it would save his behind?

  23. avatar sadamerican says:

    There is a reason why people are told not to make rash decisions immediately following a personal crisis or tragedy…… bad decisions tend to be made. Laws shouldn’t be allowed to be passed when they have anything to do with recent tragedies.

  24. avatar David says:

    Did you guys follow the open carry ban that passed in Castle Rock (CO), which resulted in a council member resigning under public pressure? They just repealed that ban this week.

    It’s a good read, and another shining example of polits pissing off the the people, and the people fighting back.

  25. avatar Pat says:

    Keep fighting these bad laws so they stay on the front burner until election time.

  26. avatar Don J Rich says:

    Waste of time. What we need is to try these people for Treason. The Constitution says “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Any politician that goes against this needs to be tried for treason and once found guilty executed. Problem solved.

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