Daily Digest: Running Scared Edition

Despite the fact that Japan is basically a completely disarmed country, Japanese police seized a bunch of guns and ammunition from a house in Kanagawa Prefecture that they’d received a tip was a yakuza stash house. They found 18 handguns including S&W revolvers and Colt automatic pistols, a “military rifle” and 670 rounds of ammunition. […]

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Joins MAIG

  There’s bad blood between former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and current NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. Or so Bill de Blasio wanted voters to believe before his election. Now that the dust has settled and the progressives’ progressive is in Gracie Mansion, it can be revealed that both men are statists with […]

IL House Bill Would Send Bad CCW Instructors to Jail

By John Boch Illinois State Representative Ed Sullivan, Jr. (R) called me in recent days to explain his new House Bill 4290. In a nutshell, it’s more or less a single-paragraph in length (why couldn’t more bills be like this one?) and says if you fraudulently certify that someone has completed firearms training as required […]

Self-Defense Tip: Practice Shooting from the Ground

Once a shooter learns proper grip, stance and breathing, it’s time to leave the square range behind. In terms of skills (rather than tactics), it’s time to learn how to draw from concealment, shoot and move, ID cover and concealment and defend yourself from the deck. Do not neglect the latter. Should you be attacked […]

Constructive Possession of NFA Firearms – Red Hands Not Required

By Matthew J. Bergstrom, Esq. There has been much confusion about the handling of another person’s NFA firearms and when criminal liability could arise. Generally speaking, possession of an NFA firearm by someone other than the registered owner could be viewed as an illegal transfer. Possession, however, is not limited to the person caught red-handed […]