TTAG Exclusive: World’s First Google Glass 3-Gun Video

TTAG reader Reid Baker writes:

“This is video taken from Google Glass during a 3 gun match at Best of the West on Saturday. For those who don’t know, Google Glass has two different ways to record video: using voice commands and using the touch area on the side of the glasses. The voice commands are fast and work well indoors where there is little background noise but at the match in gusting wind, I used the touch pad. Using Google Glass to record video is great because unlike a camera where you watch through your view finder, with Google Glass you complete the match (or follow your buddy) and when it is over you have a video of the whole thing. My favorite thing is seeing the shooters perspective. This really is as close to first person perspective you can get. The most surprising thing for me was how stable you head stays while shooting. This video wasn’t edited [or stabilized in post-production] at all.”


  1. avatar Joe S. says:

    Sweet man!

  2. avatar disthunder says:

    That was cool!!

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Very interesting.
    Cross eye dominant?

  4. avatar 5Spot says:

    That is cool.

    Mo better is seeing somebody compete with seemingly rather stock AR. Refreshing!

  5. avatar NWGlocker says:

    wow. Beats having a hat-mounted camera rig.

  6. avatar Damien says:

    I not sure he is cross eye dominet. If I remember correctly the camera is in the upper right corner of the frames, and since the apaturue is so small it gives an exadrated perspective. Could be wrong though.

  7. avatar Andy says:

    “The most surprising thing for me was how stable you head stays while shooting”

    So you haven’t seen any one of the 88,000 shooting videos where someone wore a GoPro on their head?

    1. avatar Paul Fletch says:

      The difference between GoPro and Google Glass is about 10 oz. Also Google Glass is your eye protection (dont know if that is safe but) you dont have any additional gear like a head mount that may hurt your performance.

  8. avatar Bigred2989 says:

    Somebody call Funker tactical.

  9. avatar Dave says:

    But not the first time Google Glass has recorded video from someone shooting. Here is a video posted in May.

  10. avatar JW says:

    Now imagine a holographic reticle projected on the glasses. Oooooo

    1. avatar LongBeach says:

      With a barrel-mounted laser and sensor connected to your glasses to show you exactly where your gun is aimed without looking down the sights! I could get down with that for sure…

  11. avatar John Boch says:

    My takeaway: I didn’t think anyone still used factory Glock sights besides novices.


    1. avatar PPGMD says:

      Those aren’t sights, those are plastic dove tail protectors.

      They just look like sights so people can imagine what the gun is like at the gun shop.

  12. avatar William Burke says:

    I think we should be completely against Google Glasses, PERIOD. Since Google is a data-gathering arm of the NSA (it actually IS!), what they’ve done is to entice millions of people to go about their business as mobile spy cams.

    I have to admit it’s pretty brilliant, however.

    1. avatar Lars says:

      Thank you William. You are one of the few on here that get the real issue with this tech. While you may not be as extreme as I am you are talking about the important issue.

      We will eventually post signs banning this and similar tech at our two ranges. While it’s fine to record or broadcast yourself shooting or making an instructional video, it’s not ok to include others in your video without their permission. With google glasses or any fixed head cam one is not just looking down range they are looking everywhere as that’s what one does especially in a potential dangerous area such as a shooting range, and therefore they are recording/broadcasting everything they see including other people, what they say, what firearms they have, the environment ect. Not only that but google glasses just as the trackingpoint system nobody owns, those not only have gps to map, mark and save your exact location at the exact time you shot and when you are not shooting, and the location and time of of all those people in the video, but it’s saved to a database without your permission for eternity in many cases.
      So when I see google glasses or some jackbutt wearing a headcam I see a walking privacy issue that needs to be dealt with.
      People who support this tech with firearms or just this tech in general are supporting a surveillance state. And while their excuse will be “we already live in one” or ” nothing I can do about it” they know they are part of the problem but chose to pretend they are not.

      The future holds little for gun and privacy rights, not to mention society itself. No country for old men.

  13. avatar Scott S. says:

    What’s the impact protection provided by Google Glasses? Not sure I’d want to rely on them for safety glasses.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      Google glasses are mobile spy cams for the Matrix; they’re not designed for protection. Who could imagine them as eye protection?

  14. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

    And the best part of it all is that now your shooting video will be stored on a Google server somewhere (Utah desert?) for all of eternity!

  15. avatar Texheim says:

    When will google maps have all the locations of gun ranges and events like this marked and make the glasses inoperable at those GPS coordinates? I could see how they wouldn’t want their product to be used in this manner…

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