Quote of the Day: LEO Carve-Outs. It’s Complicated

New Jersey State Police (courtest tumblr.com)

“Backers said they didn’t extend the law to police to prevent complications in the bill’s passage.” – New Gun May Trigger Old Law; New Jersey Measure Would Require That Pistols Be Operable Only by Specific Users [via wsj.com]


  1. avatar Jon says:

    Crap, the battery in my watch died…how am I supposed to shoot this guy trying to break into my car!!

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Hey man, can you stop robbing me for just a minute? I need to put in this 5-digit code to activate my gun.

      1. avatar BDub says:

        yeah, hang on a sec while I remove my gloves so the print scanner will let me shoot you.

  2. avatar RonO says:

    Carve outs for officers and specifically retired officers do nothing but keep officer organizations and membership quiet. There is no logical/crime prevention reason that a gun grabber can make as to why a retired LEO “needs” more than 7 rounds in a magazine. Or “needs” an ‘assault weapon’ or anything else.
    They do it to divide the LEOs from other gun owners and keep the police organizations from screaming in the legislative process. And they have been great at doing this. We need to fight EVERY SINGLE CARVE OUT. whether it is hardware related, carry location/GFZ related or even more expansive carry rights.

    LEOs need to be in this fight with us. And for too long we have allowed special carve outs that keep them from being part of the rest of the gun owning community.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      How about we start agitating for a US Citizen carve-out?

  3. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Because rushing bad legislation through with bribes and special favors on a straight party line vote is the Democratic party way.

  4. avatar DanRRZ says:

    Nothing but added risk of showing up to a gunfight with a super expensive paperweight. Manufacturing cost of circuitry will jack gun prices up sky high. Combo that with the addition of new concerns to surviving a gunfight such as….
    1- Did I wear my special watch today?
    2- Is my gun/watch batteries charged?
    3- Is this microwave going to jam my signal?
    4- Wait thug shooting at me, I need to wipe the blood off my finger so I can activate my gun…

    I could keep going all day

  5. avatar Thomas Paine says:

    “Backers said they didn’t extend the law to ANYONE AFFILIATED WITH GOVERNMENT to prevent complications in the bill’s passage.”

    -fixed that for you. same old story.

  6. avatar Skyler says:

    Could they look any more like nazis?

    1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

      I knew they were from NJ before I even scrolled down to see the source of the article…

      If you think they look like Nazi’s, just pull up some video of how they act during NJ Senate hearings, etc… yanking people who are testifying out of the chambers just because the Senators don’t agree with what they are saying.

    2. avatar KingSarc48265 says:

      Well their stride is a bit low, but make those uniforms a nice gray color and they will well on their way.

    3. avatar PPGMD says:

      Yes they can. It has always been a joke that the New Jersey state police uniform is almost exactly the same design as the Waffen SS uniform. Just change the colors slightly, and add the SS insignias.

      But they make up for the uniform difference by their actions, in that they enforce laws that violate the constitution.

      1. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

        Does anybody ever really laugh at that joke or is it more of one of those uncomfortable forced laughs?

      2. avatar Anon says:

        New Jersey über Alles

      3. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

        I bet you 9/10 people would guess “wrong” if you showed them the picture like this…


    4. avatar brianinca says:

      I think they look like the 3rd world dictatorships that tried to dress up like Nazi’s, weren’t the Bolivians or something into blue uniforms? I find that laugh out loud funny, in a sad way. I’m pretty sure parade observers anywhere on the Left Coast would at least get the giggles if cops walked by dressed up like that….

      On the other hand, no one turns a hair at “black tacticool duty uniforms” which is even worse for militarizing the police.

      1. avatar Anon says:

        Yes, seeing them waddle around in Darth Vader-looking uniforms is pretty disconcerting.

    5. avatar Bob5 says:

      When I first saw this picture, I thought it was a picture of a Neo-Nazi protest. Who in their right mind would dress their police officers with that uniform.

      1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

        Boots are better than dress shoes for standing on top of your neck.

        1. avatar Jus Bill says:

          And for kicking the Bill of Rights to the curb.

    6. avatar Matt in TX says:

      RUN, HIDE it’s the blue shirts!

  7. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    It make sense in a sick and twisted way. However, the cost would be prohibitive to anyone but the very wealthy. Not the mention the idea of a person not being able to sell their own property.

    1. avatar Roscoe says:

      If you think the motivation for these features is “safety” you’re being fooled, unless you mean safety for the attacker.

      For example, Grabbers have been citing “safety” for increased restrictions on guns in CA forever; until the last go around when the Democrats sponsoring a couple of bills were called on it and they ignored the challenge. It was clear their proposed restrictions had no impact on, and had nothing to do with “safety”.

      It always has been, and always will be ultimately about confiscation.

  8. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    “Our thought was that the bill, if passed, would save lives every year, without infringing anyone’s rights,” said Stephen Teret, a professor of public health at Johns Hopkins University who helped New Jersey craft the law.”

    How is this not an infringement? You’re adding more expense and red tape to NJ’s already restrictive gun laws? And, mandating only a few, select guns (who’s functionality is in question) are legal?

    This is the slippery slope we keep talking about, they use the last infringement as justification for passage of the next. If one law isn’t an infringement, then two isn’t, or three, or four, until we reach this kind of lunacy.

    This is why I refuse to compromise on gun rights, I say push back, go on the offensive, start repealing gun laws, that’s my vote.

    1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

      A recent court decision has also held that NJ’s gun laws must be Constitutional, because “they’ve been in effect for a long time”.

      So you’re right, they chip away, try to to call that precedent, and then chip away some more.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Craft = “a special interest activist wrote this POS and legislative sponsor is too lazy to even read it”

      1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

        Ah… here’s their plan!

        Only one manufacturer exists with the technology to make smart guns. That’s the only one NJ residents can buy. But then, that manufacturer gets dinged for having a monopoly on the market, so they are banned from selling their products inside the state without competition!

  9. avatar Mediocrates says:

    line in the sand, people. there has to be a line in the sand.

  10. avatar KCK says:

    The next step of course would be that the police would be able to send a lock code (wireless remember) or jam your unlock code to your weapon.

    I have never be an Aluminum foil hat guy, but now I’m pissed I have to make one for my gun.

    1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

      No matter what electronics are in front of it, a gun is a mechanical device when it comes to striking a primer. I imagine it would take all of 5 minutes before there are YouTube videos of how to replace/modify one or two parts to bring these guns back down to the “dumb” level.

      1. avatar dph says:

        But you’ll have to spend $1400 plus to get it and if you had to use it face prison time for doing the modification. Swell.

    2. avatar chuck (hates nj) says:

      I would bet senate president swiney has one in his back pocket waiting for the year after its fully implemented.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        Maybe not the gun, but definitely a sh1twad of company stock.

  11. avatar jirdesteva says:

    Get them while you can. O’blumberg judges on their way.

  12. avatar wiryone says:

    Heil Christie! I think I see a swastika…

  13. avatar stateisevil says:

    Look at those jack-booted pigs, looking like they’re ready to invade Canada? They’re dressed like SS officers. What a sick state, demented state.

  14. “For the law to take effect, the state’s attorney general must certify that a pistol model for sale in the U.S. includes personalization technology and meets ‘reliability standards generally used in the industry.’ ”

    Wouldn’t that mean that the police would need to be using them?

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      “…meets ‘reliability standards generally used in the industry.’” Unless they’ve been written recently, there are none.

  15. avatar BillF says:

    As an added bonus: A gizmo could be invented (for LE only) to pick up the signal from your watch/ring transmitter, identifying legitimate gun owners who are carrying. And maybe the transmitter could be linked to a mood ring to prevent folks from discharging their firearm if they’re mad, sad, scared or feeling a little blue.

  16. avatar Hannibal says:

    So… there would be only one model of gun available for lawful sale…?

    1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      But, it’s not an infringement, Hannibal.

      You can exercise your 2nd Amendement rights with that one gun. Well, if you pass a background check and do the proper paperwork. And, pay the fees, and regrister the gun. Oh, and regrister yourself in our data base, but after that you’re golden. Just make sure you don’t exercise your gun rights outside of your house, or we will take away your gun rights.

      Tommorow we’re going to mandate that only one religion and political party are legal, so people can exercise more rights, can you smell the freedom in the air?

  17. avatar Ralph says:

    Am I the only one who saw that picture and thought of Gilbert & Sullivan?

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Hugo Boss.

    2. avatar MacBeth51 says:

      I thought of “The Prioner of Zena” and the Ruritanian Guard

  18. avatar CoolBreeze72 says:

    Thug steals watch…can’t shoot thug…mission accomplished.

  19. avatar WI Patriot says:

    Not to disparage LEO’s, not too much anyway, but the photo for the article looks like NAZI’s marching to me…

  20. avatar Defens says:

    Another reason for the .gov and JBTs not wanting to be armed with Smart Guns. All it would take would be some enterprising young felon (or group of terrorists) to activate an EMP weapon and all the cop’s guns would be deactivated.

  21. avatar scoolbubba says:

    They look like a bunch of fabulous nazis.

  22. avatar gringito says:

    Nazi uniforms!

  23. avatar Gary Schulze says:

    Article quoted someone that the technology works on the iPhone. So on one, if it fails, I miss a phone call. On the other I get killed. Seems fair, huh?

  24. avatar Sparky says:

    That picture looks like a colorized WWII german parade.

  25. avatar MacBeth51 says:

    Are they marching to the “Horst Wessel” song?

  26. avatar Kyle says:

    So New Jersey (and probably California) are really going to end up solely with one super-costly, semi-reliable gun?

  27. avatar Darrell says:

    This kind of garbage is why everyone needs to contact the GOP and tell them we do NOT want Christie in the next presidential election.

  28. avatar roadrunner says:

    Not sure what this has to do with Christie, it was passed three governors ago.

  29. avatar roadrunner says:

    Looks like there’s going to be a run on guns in nj for a few years

  30. avatar Azrael says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Police officers look and acting more and more like the German SS gestapo of WWII?

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