New from MasterPiece Arms: MPAR556 Pistol

MasterPiece Arms doesn’t like TTAG. Not being Guns & Ammo, we slated their failure-prone Protector Pistol, but good. And so they’ve blacklisted us from T&E guns. Nick’s missed out on testing and evaluating their recent round of 5.56 pistols, including the new(ish) MPAR556. Despite MPA’s grim-faced demo the gun looks like it could be a lot of fun. Just to show we don’t hold a grudge, you can read the full, unedited, celebratory presser after the jump. And if anyone owns one of these things and would like us to review it please contact us below. We promise to give the gun a fair hearing, ‘natch . . .

COMER, GA – MasterPiece Arms, manufacturers of the MPA MAC Line of semi-auto pistols, carbines, suppressors and MPAR Rifles, is pleased to debut MasterPiece Arms MPAR556 pistol left side viewits new MPAR556 Pistol. This feature heavy, black phosphate steel design is based on the successful MPAR556 Sporting Rifle. It features some thoughtful advancements, including a short stroke piston (self-regulating) design and a lightweight, free floating, two piece hard-anodized aluminum full feature handguard with full length, upper and lower rails and user locatable side rails. View the full length video of the MPAR556 Pistol on MPA’s YouTube Channel.

MasterPiece Arms MPAR556 pistol right side viewThe MPAR556 Pistol also contains a locked triangular bolt design, an angled foregrip and a non-reciprocating, side charging handle with forward-assist. The MPAR556 Pistol includes one 30 round magazine (AR15 / M16 compatible) and is available in 5.56x45mm. The pistol has an 11″ threaded barrel with ½-28 thread. Sights are not included. This gun is American Made and offers the MasterPiece Arms Lifetime Guarantee. MSRP is $899.00.

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of pistols, rifles, carbine and suppressors, visit

About MasterPiece Arms:

MasterPiece Arms, main offices located in Carrollton GA and manufacturing in Comer, GA, combines quality engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing to design and produce firearms, such as the re-innovated MAC Defender Series. MasterPiece Arms uses high accuracy CNC machining, turning, laser cutting and bending in its manufacturing process controlled by their ISO9002/TS16949 Registered Quality System.

MPA engineers test and re-test our weapons to provide customers with one of the most enjoyable guns available. With versatile uses such as personal and home protection, hunting, and tactical interests, MPA products are one of a kind and backed by a lifetime warranty for original owners. Learn more MasterPiece Arms products at, or call 866.803.0000.

MasterPiece Arms is now on Facebook at

MasterPiece Arms
4904 Hwy 98 East
Comer, GA 30629
P: 770-832-9430
F: 770-832-3495 – See more at:


  1. avatar Pulatso says:

    Blacklisted media that give honest, if unflattering, reviews. Yeah, that makes me want to spend my tiny, tiny firearms budget on one of their products.

  2. avatar Anmut says:

    ^^^^ this

  3. avatar sizzlin bacon says:

    Looks like it could use a vertical foregrip and not the angled grip…seeing by how he has to pinch the angled grip…

    1. avatar David PA/NJ says:

      But wouldn’t that require AOW paperwork and registration with the fed?

      1. Exactly. If you add a VFG, the ATF says it’s no longer “designed to be fired with one hand” so it is no longer legally a pistol and becomes an AOW.

      2. avatar Hal says:

        doesn’t the AFG make it an AOW anyway?

        1. avatar BillC says:

          No, becaue you cannot put your thumb around an AFG like a VFG,so the ATF says it’s not a forward vertical grip. Arfcom has numerous threads and links to documents about it.

        2. avatar Anon in CT says:

          Actually, you kinda can.

        3. avatar Mike H in Seattle says:

          But it looks uncomfortable as all get out.

    2. avatar Oddux says:

      A vertical foregrip would suddenly turn it from a pistol to an AoW, which is horribly, incomprehensibly bad. AoWs have been known to sacrifice puppies, turn all fired rounds into dum dum bullets, teach children bad words, and rip apart policemen with their bare locking lugs which is why they require special licensing and stamps from the ATF. If you don’t have that stamp, you are a felon of the worst degree, worst than a child rapist if jail time is any indicator.

      1. The worst part is that as soon as the foregrip is installed, malevolent forces ranging from poltergeists to Cthulhu will infest the weapon and owner, turning them irrevocably to the cause of Satan. Thankfully, the wise folks responsible for the NFA stand as a bastion between we lowly mortals and these wretched portals into Evil’s domain.

  4. avatar Toasty says:

    But does it come with a “arm stability brace”? 😀

  5. avatar Steven says:

    This country has some idiotic gun laws.

    1. avatar Pulatso says:

      First they outlawed booze. Then they outlawed the weapons the bootleggers were using in their turf war. Shouldn’t they have made those weapons legal again when prohibition was repealed?

      1. avatar MoltElevator9 says:

        Bravo! And ditto.

      2. avatar tdiinva says:

        I don’t see why not. Nobody makes the Thompson or the BAR anymore.

        1. avatar General Zod says:

          Don’t tell that to Auto-Ordnance…

  6. avatar Mark N. says:

    Why review useless range toys? These “pistols” are nothing but inaccurate bullet hoses and a total waste of money.

    1. avatar RightYouAreKen says:

      This. I don’t understand what purpose they serve, other than being giggle inducers.

    2. avatar Rokurota says:

      Oh I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about scoring a 5.56 pistol. My state’s CHP is good only for concealed handguns and something like this (or a PLR-16 or an AK pistol) would make a great car gun in case of sudden civil unrest.

      But so what if you don’t think it has a use? I’d rather read the review and decide for meself.

    3. avatar ChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      Uh, no. The point of them is to make them into rifles via some quick gunsmithing and a $200 tax stamp.

      So, speaking of which, what’s the scoop on SBR’ing these bad boys? Easy or hard to get a stock on there?

  7. avatar Danny says:

    Is that the proper way to use an angled fore grip? I hear the ATF can arrest you for not using products like that properly as the designer intended.

  8. avatar ensitue says:

    Lord what a pointless bit of advert for an unneeded ‘product’

  9. avatar benny says:

    Useless. Like a lead balloon.
    Nick should review the “100% American made” centurion 39 sporter.
    That is ACTUALLY useful

  10. avatar Michael says:

    An AR or AK pistol is in the wish list, and the price of this looks reasonable.
    I can keep a pistol in a car but not a rife. So one of these would be great for WWZ

  11. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

    Man, I feel like such a boring old dude sometimes anymore… Chalk me up as another one that doesn’t get the AR pistol thing, but I’m sure it would be fun to blast off at the range. Not knocking anyone who likes them, I guess I just can’t find a legit use/spot for one in the collection. Slap a stock on it so I can get a nice cheek weld and actually aim, and a 16″ barrel to burn up the powder, reduce blast and get good velocity and then you’re talking… oh, yeah, an AR.

  12. avatar Aharon says:

    I have never heard anything good about the quality of MP Arms.

  13. avatar Arod529 says:

    I blacklist companies that blacklist fair and honest reviews.

  14. avatar Taro Tsujimoto says:

    I would think that a professional response to a bad review would be to correct the problems, send an improved specimen for a second review, and thank the reviewer for his product-improving evaluation.

  15. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:

    It’s always funny when people make universal declarations based only on comparing a given thing against their own particular standards, with nary a nod toward anyone else’s basis for decision making. Take these 5.56 pistols, for example. “Range toy”, “giggle inducer” and so forth. C’mon, just because it isn’t your thing, does that mean it has no value beyond frivolity? Truck gun was mentioned, and that’s valid, so is motorcycle gun. Even with a collapsible stock, an AR is still looking at an LOA of what, 32″ or so? That can be tricky tucking into a saddle bag.

    What about as a home defense firearm? These give you a mid-range rifle caliber in a nice little compact size. How much accuracy do you need across a room or down a hall, anyway? You can also easily toss this into a backpack for a hike in the woods or even around town, too, and no one’s the wiser. Sling an AR to your back in a decent sized city, even in Texas, and see how long you go about your business unmolested.

    Really, there’s a market for these because there are applications for these beyond the gun range. We shouldn’t be so swift to dismiss their utility outright based on personal preference (or prejudice.) After all, there’s a whole category of firearms owners out there who believe that there are basically only two types of civilian firearms: 3+1 bolt action rifles chambered in 30-06 and 2 shot break-action 12 ga. shotguns, and that everything else is at best a dangerous prop in fringe dwellers’ fantasy lives.

    1. avatar Alex says:

      ^^^^This +1000. I have a POF with a 7.5 inch barrel that shoots MOA from the bench with a 1x4x24 Accusport scope. I thought we finally debunked this whole short barrel makes for less accuracy theory by now???

  16. I don’t know why, but I want one.
    They look like a lot of fun

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