MA FBI Agents Charged with Failure to Secure a Large Capacity Firearm. Or Not.

FBI guns recovered (courtesy

“A $20,000 [taxpayer-funded] reward is being handed out to an unnamed Bay State resident who helped [unnamed] cops track down two FBI rifles allegedly stolen by a 16-year-old from Lawrence [from unnamed FBI agents],” reports. “The two weapons, one an M16-A1 rifle, the other a sniper rifle, were stolen between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. During a press conference announcing the arrest of a 16-year-old for the theft, Andover Police Commander Charles Heseltine would not say how the FBI SWAT vehicle was broken into, but he said other cars nearby were also burglarized and those cars were left unlocked.” Uh-oh! “Failure to secure a large capacity firearm is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Heseltine said agents and police recovered the weapons as well as magazines that were stolen. Heseltine says charges are up to the DA’s office.” Now if that were you or me . . .


  1. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    It’s Mass, they’re liberals, rules only apply to White Christian Conservative men. Next question.

    1. avatar Amagi1776 says:

      So you’re saying the FBI agent is a black jew?

      1. avatar Mike Crognale says:

        It’s called sarcasm. You might want to keep a Dictionary and Thesaurus handy.

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          Uh, that’s not sarcasm, it’s the same victimhood crap we’ve been hearing from white conservative christian men for a decade now (‘war’ on christmas, etc).

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          Hannibal. You want to come here and pick fights, don’t be shocked when you find one.

      2. avatar tdiinva says:

        The Jew would negate the black.

        1. avatar Jay1987 says:

          Idk I seen pictures of the black gay jewish chapter of the KKK so you never know there is almost always an exception.

          ( figured Id throw that out there before someone chewed my ass for sayin it, even though it should be self evident)

        2. avatar BillC says:

          Nope. There’s a huge population of black Jews in Israel and Africa. Open a book or the internet.

        3. avatar ropingdown says:

          Sammie Davis Jr. comes to mind.

        4. avatar dudebro says:

          google sephardim

        5. avatar William Burke says:

          I once had a student assistant who was Jewish and Puerto Rican; he said it allowed the university to fill two minority slots with one individual.

        6. avatar William Burke says:

          How do you get to say both? I write “Jewish and P____o Rican” and the SPAM filter goes nuts.

          I want TEN MINUTES ALONE with this SPAM filter; that’s all I’m asking. TEN MINUTES.

    2. avatar Cliff H says:

      I want to interject here, right at the top of the comments, that I am a white conservative man, and I categorically state that I am NOT related to Charles Heseltine by any linkage of which I am aware.

      1. avatar S.CROCK says:

        i can not believe that so many arguing comments came from just one comment. if we loose the 2A battle, it will be because we were divided.

        1. avatar Mike Crognale says:

          My original comment was meant to be sarcastic given the current atmosphere generated by the Obozo regime. I suspect that Hannibal is a democrat troll but I have no proof. I did not mean to create division in our ranks.

          For Hannibal, a few minutes with Google or Bing will yield hundreds of links to: suppression of Christians in the military in general and Chaplains in particular. You might have read how during the democrat shutdown only Catholic Priests, not Protestant Minsters, were forbidden to have services, called Mass, on the military posts. They were also directly threatened with arrest if they conducted services off the installations for the Catholic soldiers.
          Further research on your part will lead to hundreds of links to outright condemnation and suppression of Christian and Conservative thought on our nations college and high school campuses.
          So if you want to rail against the “victimhood crap”, your words, be prepared to be countered intelligently and truthfully.

    3. avatar niceguns says:

      Mike, You hit the nail on the head, But let’s not leave out the stupid Democrat Irish, you would at least think they would get it but their numb sculs as well.

  2. avatar Jay1987 says:

    If that were me I would be volunteered to be a zeroing target at the next available firing squad. Just because I’m white southern and a veteran. There is nothing the FBI hates more than white veterans.


    1. avatar disthunder says:

      Ha! No sarc tags required for that one. A sad nodding emoticon would do nicely.

      1. avatar Alpha Pappa says:

        Show a show on the military channel where the FBI had built a replica of a suburban neighborhood to practice with their swat teams. FBI being interview used the term domestic terrorist and sovereign citizen interchangeably.
        That’s what they think of you.

  3. avatar Stephen-KY says:

    I have a family member that is a retired FBI agent. His issued cars had a separate chain and padlock to secure the trunk. It would have been difficult to get into without some effort.

    1. avatar Bret says:

      Or negligence…

    2. avatar jwm says:

      I worked in a public High school for more than 20 years. This thief was 16. We had special ed kids that could steal and strip a car in just minutes. One of our electric carts went missing in broad daylight and was never recovered.

      Child proofing only works for adults. 1 of our kids taught me how to pick padlocks. Saved time having to go get the bolt cutters.

  4. avatar Bob says:

    Do the police and DA of Andover want the FBI’s cooperation the next time they ask for it? Of Course.

    There will be no charges against the FBI agents. Professional courtesy, you know.

  5. avatar FahQ says:

    Now if we only had tougher, common sense laws this theft wouldn’t have happened……….

    1. avatar S.CROCK says:

      and if only the well trained law enforcement had weapons, this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen.

  6. avatar Gary Slider says:

    They stated, “A SWAT Vehicle.” That description leads me to think it was one of those lightly armored vehicles SWAT likes to show up at a scene in. I would like to see a photo of this so called, “SWAT Vehicle.” I bet it looks just like a car most of us drive!

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Ya think?

    2. avatar Jus Bill says:

      It’s a black Crown Vic instead of a white one.

    3. avatar jwm says:

      Probably a Suburban. 1 was stolen several years ago in front of a motel. It had mp5s and I think other guns and ammo. The news report stated that Suburbans were one of the easier cars to steal. And suburbans seem to be the vehicle of choice for feds.

      1. avatar Jay1987 says:

        They already have a contract with GM for the HMMWV (humvee) and Ogara and Hess for the armoring. So may as well take the Suburbans too and up armor em for the FBI “special” agents.

      2. avatar jollyroger says:

        Ya know when I was in the Marines we never left a rifle/optic/flak/any other piece of gear unattended, not only in country. As soon as it was out of the armory if it wasnt slung to you someone better be watching it

        1. avatar jwm says:

          Very true. But civilian police agencies operate under different rules and standards. How many times have you seen an unmanned cop car parked on the street with a shotgun, rifle, or both racked in plain sight? In the school I retired from the SRO’s car spent most of the day in the parking lot with a magged up m4 readily visible and only secured by glass and the rack.

  7. avatar Napoleon says:

    Are they sure that’s their rifle? I only ask because that eotech is orientated correctly

    1. avatar cdphil says:

      Yes it is

  8. avatar Jay1987 says:

    That ain’t an M16A1 in that picture… it may be an A1 lower or an M4A1 but it’s not a pure A1

    1. avatar dudebro says:

      is either m16 or m4 a select fire? those are allowed in non military?

      1. avatar Jay1987 says:

        Yes they are both select fire difference is the M16A1 & M4A1 are full auto while most other variants are 3 round burst. They are allowed to the city state and county police as well as DHS, FBI, IRS, CIA, NSA, and the Secret Service as well as all branches of the military and probably any alphabet organization there is. It’s a fairly common platform even without the civilian models. Just like the AK is in the developing world and Russia.

  9. avatar TheDabbo says:

    Maybe the 16 yr old was just helping the FBI secure the standard capacity firearms.

    And when did a bolt-action rifle become “large capacity?”

    1. avatar Jay1987 says:

      When did any magazine fed weapon with no magazine become high capacity??

  10. avatar shawn says:

    Call them out on it. Be a reporter. Stop with the vague crap at the end.

    1. avatar Thomas Paine says:

      +1. RF! Demand a response from the DA. DO IT.


  11. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Ah yes, MA. I am glad I don’t live there anymore. Not because I don’t like the area, I just hate their gun laws that much. The whole AWB is idiotic and the capacity restrictions are easily circumvented by pre ban mags which makes me wonder, what is the point?

    Magazines and guns can last forever. I am currently cleaning an Eddystone M1917 and Colt M1917 revolver tonight. They are almost 100 years old and were potentially used in combat. A newer plastic gun or magazine will last an eternity if you protect the metal parts. Especially with the light use that most people will put their guns through. That is until it breaks. In a few years you can fire up the 3D printer to make a new part and get back out on the range without skipping a beat.

  12. avatar DaveM says:

    Problem solved
    FBI hires the 16 year old as vehicle security expert
    Already has the first students ready for training

  13. avatar William Burke says:

    Unnamed Bay State resident and Unnamed FBI agents, I am guessing, are not going to ask for the FBI Witness Protection Program.

  14. avatar Hannibal says:

    Maybe the charges on the thief are up to the local DA, federal agents cannot be charged based on their on-the-job action without it immediately being tossed to federal court and probably thrown out…

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      If just about anyone else had stated that, I might have believed it.

  15. avatar ensitue says:

    I watched a Brit-doc that specified that a particular secret service agent riding in the car behind the Kennedy limo shot kennedy w/an AR-15 assault rifle, the 3rd shot that hit him in the brain and blew the skull apart. There was photographic and eye witness testimony from the Dallas PD and Warren Commision the entire thing was covered up by the SS and several Congressmen (Arlen Specter for one)

    1. avatar jwm says:

      No. Trust the brits to get even this wrong. It was Big Foot from the grassy knoll. He used a laser printed rifle and then ate it to destroy the evidence. Sasquatch have been involved in a multigenerational conspiracy to put one of their own in the white house. Expect to see a surprise upset win in 2016. Janet Napalitano. Just imagine her in a fur coat.

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      Disinfo of the very rankest sort; with the 50th anniversary of the assassination less than 3 weeks away, this is to be expected. It will get worse: they will throw disinfo on top of disinfo to muddy the waters more and more. Why? Because every branch of the U.S. corporate media was involved willfully in the cover-up. Why? Wow. How much time ya got?

      Did you know that Dealey Plaza is closed, on Nov. 22 of this year, to everyone but the believers of the official lie? I guess the lie, being on its last legs like an old, leg-weary, woozy prize fighter, needs all the help it can get. And the corporate media is there to help! They’ll hold him up, hold ice-packs on his swollen eyes, straighten his bloody trunks….

      1. avatar jwm says:

        How do we know you’re not sitting at a computer in a sub basement at CIA headquarters spreading disinfo like a good little drone?

        1. avatar Jay1987 says:

          CIA drones can’t read or type english… outsourcing FTW.

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          That’s just it; you don’t.

  16. avatar Jeh says:

    That doesn’t look like an M16, not even the XM177.

  17. avatar Jim says:

    Wow – I have ignored the Massachusetts gun control laws because I never plan on living there ever, but damn! 10 years in jail and a $10,000 fine not securing a firearm? I just don’t understand the kind of person that would vote for this kind of statute. I know that the NY State safe act is as bad or worse, but I just don’t get how anyone can vote for these kind of punishments that are so out of proportion with the actual offense.

    1. avatar Jay1987 says:

      Easy, they are making the act of owning a gun as difficult and bureaucratic as possible hoping fewer people that are hoplocurious will decide to take the plunge. Hence the storage laws magazine bans the NFA the AWB and pretty much all gun laws. They know they can’t get an outright ban so they go for severe penalties over little things and making the buying process as difficult as possible.

  18. avatar Al Cohol says:

    The real question, da fuq is a tlr-1 doing on a nice select fire rifle like that? I mean come on, there are way better choices out there than that, especially when you can obviously afford it.

    1. avatar doesky2 says:

      “….especially when you can obviously afford it.”

      I think you meant to say “when you’re spending the taxpayers (future targets) money”

  19. avatar doesky2 says:

    Ya know……if I lived in MA I’d probably try to really pound the drum about the inherent unfairness of this 10/10 law and use this incident as the drumstick. Even idiot leftist MAssholes can understand the wrongness of selective enforcement.

  20. avatar DB Police says:

    I would be impressed if the feds had enough style to still use M16 A1s. They’re a classic. I think they meant m4A1

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