LAX Shooter Passed NICS Background Check, Bought Gun Legally


“A federal law enforcement official said that the Smith & Wesson assault rifle used in the attack is believed to have been purchased legally from a Los Angeles-area arms dealer,” reports. So . . . how’s that background check thing working out for you? Of course you know what this means: California legislators will redouble their efforts to pass an assault weapons ban. Because you can’t stop crazy people from buying the guns legally. (Go figure.) If Paul Ciancia modified the AR-15’s bullet button (ya think?) boom! Bullet button ban bill full speed ahead. Meanwhile, here at Bergstrom Airport there’s not a gun in sight at the security checkpoint. Sadly, not one concealed either (i.e. mine). And I’m flying to New Jersey to debate a gang-banger. Not that it’s all about me, but you know what I’m saying.


  1. avatar Howdy says:

    Looking forward to your posting of the debate here. Could I beg you to only hand out copies of your debate? Please, please, please?

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      At the conclusion of the debate, please immediately FEDEX the original storage media to yourself at home. DO NOT allow anyone else to handle it. Promise to provide copies if requested – tell the droids thst you have copyright if they press you.

      And if it’s damaged, The NSA and DHS have a copy you could borrow I’m sure.

  2. Given that he only got off 10 rounds before being shot,, what difference would ANY of the proposed legislation have made? He could have had a fixed 10 round mag and it would have been the same news story.

    1. avatar DonS says:

      Do you have a link for the 10 rounds fired statement?

      Not that I doubt you. I’d just like something where I could point out that my little ’94 Trapper in .45 Colt (Winchester Silvertips) could’ve done the same (or worse) “damage” – yet nobody talks about banning lever guns.

      1. avatar DonS says:

        Oh – I think I found one…


        “By the time the shooting stopped Friday morning, a lone gunman had squeezed off 10 rounds from an assault rifle, according to authorities, killing at least one person and wounding others.”

  3. avatar Narcoossee says:

    See? This merely proves that all civilians must be disarmed, so we will be told. (For the CHILDREN!, ‘natch)

    IMHO, we need to seize the conversation, and always frame the 2A in the context of its purpose. Further, we should and compare/contrast arguments against the 2A by transferring them to the other Amendments, and showing how ridiculous they would sound.

  4. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Expand back ground checks to include all past association and your Google search history and you kindergarten teacher and your grandfathers service record and any arrest records of your 3rd cousin on your mother’s side, and then do the standard nics check. (Sarcasm, just saying)

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      so all of my internet image searches for Shannon Watts(TM) wearing a bikini will get me flagged??

      1. avatar B says:

        God help me if they are tracking all those rule 34 searches.

        1. avatar David PA/NJ says:

          Good old rule 34

      2. avatar janitor says:

        just googled Shannon Watts in bikini….those girls are NOT shannon watts… i think you will be ok

  5. avatar ST says:

    The Stat:FBI boasts a 95% accuracy rate with the NICS system.

    The result:Tens of thousands of gun owners are wrongfully denied their civil rights.5% of 3 million background checks means 150,000 souls were treated like criminals for no reason.If your last name resembles a wanted criminals , you’re condemned to begging Uncle Sam every time you want a new gun.

    The Stat:An Illinois State Police rep testified in 2005 that their department has a 5 year backlog on warrants yet to be entered into the NICS database.

    The reality:You might not pass the NICS system, but Joe Scumbag with warrants rotting on a police desk sure can.There’s no logistical way a bad guy who robs a bank today would be flagged in the system tomorrow.Even experienced police officers need two odd days to get proper suspects ID’d after a major crime.What’s the point of a BG check system a deadly felon can pass anyways?

    Oh, right.The entire point is to deny people their rights.Forgive my lapse in memory.I thus expect calls from the leftist bloc to mandate egg/sperm samples and family genealogy be added to the NICS criterion.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      What’s the point of a BG check system a deadly felon can pass anyways?
      It’s to employ more and more bureaucrats, doncha know?

    2. avatar JoshuaS says:

      This is a very good point. People are often duped by such claims of accuracy because they fail to consider scale.

      If 3,000,000 go through nics, and 3,000 are actual felons, then a 95% rate means 150,000 denials, with 2850 of them being felons, the rest innocent. And a 150 felons get approved.

      Which sounds a lot worse than “95%” accurate

      1. avatar JP2012 says:

        Any even when a felon or other “prohibited person” gets caught by NICS attempting to illegally purchase a firearm the DOJ rarely, if ever, prosecutes. So what good are more laws if the agencies tasked with enforcing them drop the ball.

    3. avatar William Burke says:

      Tens of thousands. I’m going to change my name to GIGO TANSTAAFL. All caps.

  6. avatar DisThunder says:

    I can see this as being a negative in the Anti-gunner parade, actually. People are now more uneasy than the have been in years with government screening, thank you Obamacare, and now they are being shown with some regularity how useless NICS really is.
    We’ve really got a decent turning point here in the conversation when they bring up UBCs again (which might not be this time): Why the hell would we expand a system that obviously isn’t effective to begin with?

    1. The NSSF says Fix NICS. NRA too. Sigh.

      1. avatar DisThunder says:

        I’ll take that over SuperNICS 2.0 any day of the week, though. It’s like giving them a crossword puzzle so they won’t read the rest of the paper.

    2. avatar Jeff says:

      you assume too much.

      it’s just as likely for them to say, “the background check system can’t predict these things. our only option is to ban certain guns, or all of them.”

  7. avatar William Burke says:

    [Fevered applause]. Well said.

  8. avatar SCIENCE! says:

    Good luck with the debate, but I really hope you don’t keep referring to him as a “gang-banger”. His past is, I’m sure, being leveraged to engage sympathy for his current penance-ish activities. Making a big deal of his dodgy history will only make you look like the bad guy.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      Former gang member, alleged former gang member, etc. Don’t allow the conversation to hinge on titles or former titles when there are salient points to make.

  9. avatar Gregory says:

    “If Paul Ciancia modified the AR-15′s bullet button (ya think?) boom! Bullet button ban bill full speed ahead. ”

    [Anti-Gunner]This illustrates that no reasonable controls can be trusted to prevent such tragedy. The only solution is – complete ban on import, sale and possession of all military-style assault weapons*!
    * Military-style assault weapons defined as any weapon capable, or being modified to be capable, of having more then 1 round being accessible in an ammunition feeding device.

    1. avatar Chris. says:

      and then they’ll find out that a simple breach load single shot can still pull a cyclic rate of 10-20 rounds per minute.

      1. avatar Hal J. says:

        At which point they’ll move the goalposts further and assert than no one “needs” a firearms that uses brass cartridges.

        1. avatar DaveL says:

          Or bulk gunpowder, for that matter, right? Too much risk of it being used as a bomb.

        2. avatar Xanthro says:

          Then aluminum and steel cases would be used.

      2. avatar SteveInCO says:

        THat’s OK, someone has come up with belt-fed semi-autos, too. No mag, hence no mag capacity “problem”

        1. avatar JoshuaS says:

          Already taken care of. From CA law

          16740. As used in this part, “large-capacity magazine” means any
          ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 10
          rounds, but shall not be construed to include any of the following:
          (a) A feeding device that has been permanently altered so that it
          cannot accommodate more than 10 rounds.
          (b) A .22 caliber tube ammunition feeding device.
          (c) A tubular magazine that is contained in a lever-action

          I can buy a semiautomatic M2 (seriously, it is exempt from the 50 bmg ban because not a “rifle” under that statute). But I cannot use anything longer than a ten round belt. Yay gun control for killing the fun!

  10. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Of course the frothing at the mouth anti-gun cazies will freak out because the system doesn’t work 100% of the time. That to them means there needs to be more laws because we have to get to 100%! Or they can accept that bad people will still get weapons with which to inflict death upon people and that measures like background checks and gun bans will not stop it.

  11. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Being unarmed and all, it’s a good thing you are going to New Jersey where they have zero violent crime.


  12. avatar Anmut says:

    I know we have to stay vigilant… but some days I just get tired of fighting the same assh*les over the same issues. Just keep the damn government out of my life.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:


  13. avatar TheThingThatGoesUp says:

    ““A federal law enforcement official said that the Smith & Wesson assault rifle used in the attack is believed to have been purchased legally from a Los Angeles-area arms dealer,”

    Then that federal law enforcement official is either lying or incompetent. Simply because it’s illegal to purchase an assault weapon in California. If he purchased it legally, it was not an assault weapon.

  14. avatar Brian says:

    Notice they write the gun was purchased at an “arms dealer,” not a “gun store” to create the image that there’s zero difference between your average gun store and a seedy den of thieves, murderers and super villains. Words have meaning!

    1. avatar FTA says:

      I had the exact same thought.

    2. avatar Ross says:

      Yep, this will be the new “code word”

    3. avatar DonS says:

      It was a “Los Angeles-area arms dealer” that sold the “assault rifle”. That means somewhere in the greater Los Angeles area where you can buy a scary, black, semi-automatic rifle.

      Like Big 5 in El Segundo, who has the Mossberg 715T in stock.

      Great. Now Big 5 is an “arms dealer”.

  15. avatar SteveInCO says:

    The “arms dealer” with an “arsenal” living in a “compound” is the real problem.

  16. avatar stateisevil says:

    This proves we need double secret background checks! Just one more infringement and we can stop this endless “gun violence”.

  17. avatar Lt Dave says:

    Just heard from a peer in California (retired LEO) who, while purchasing a new handgun and going through the waiting period, had to sign a form immunizing the gun store by stating he was not buying the gun to commit “mass murder”.

    Apparently, they are not worried by “drive by shootings, rape, robbery, and just regular murder” as these were not mentioned on the waiver.

    Ahhhh…. California. A great place to be from.

  18. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    I believe it’s legal for CHLs to carry at the airport outside the secure perimeter at ABIA. Dunno about open carry of long arms in that situation, but presumably law-abiding folks may be armed as they drop off or pick up passengers at the terminal.

    BTW, can you load a stripper clip directly into a mini-14? Good way to get around bullet button nonsense.. (Kinda why I like my SKS..)

    1. avatar Nine says:

      Not to my knowledge you can’t, It might be possible either stock or with modifications, but again not sure.

  19. avatar Ralph says:

    Sure, the punk passed a background check, but he didn’t pass the universal, enhanced, super-deluxe background check supported by 92.982% of all Americans regardless of political affiliation. For the children.

    1. avatar Taylor Tx says:

      The background check to end all background checks. One universal bullsh1ground check to rule them all …

  20. avatar jwestham says:

    Since when did the m&p 15 become an assault rifle?

  21. avatar Excedrine says:

    This guy obviously had serious mental and emotional issues.

    Fun Fact: Guess which state has forked over a whole SIX mental health adjudications to the NICS Mental Defective File since 2008?

    Answer: MARYLAND.

    Q: Guess whose fault that is?


    Q: Guess who’s being held responsible for failure to hand over records at the local, state, and federal levels?

    A: NOBODY.

    Q: Whose fault that is?


  22. avatar Taylor Tx says:

    Somewhere Leland Yee is making that horrible little smile he makes. People dying, especially in CA, is job security and renewed vigor for most of these koolaid salesmen.

  23. avatar niceguns says:

    I’m sure said shooter really was nuts though, he was shooting the wrong people in California.

  24. avatar Jacen says:

    Well there are gun nuts and there are nuts with guns

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