Video: Lego Beretta ARX-160

Beretta introduced the ARX-160 a few years back, and we were there. Introduced as a response to the FN SCAR project, the lighter, plastic-based firearm that features some slick visuals and a couple nifty mechanical tricks that has made it a darling of the Call of Duty crowd. Unfortunately, those features don’t seem to translate really well into Lego medium. Anyway, take a peek for yourself.


  1. avatar Jeh says:

    There was one at the gun show earlier this month. Its big, its heavy (for a rifle), and the ergos don’t make much sense, but its still pretty damn nice. The stock is like grinding a serrated blade on wood.

  2. avatar Patriot says:

    Ban it. Small parts, chocking hazard, ban it. I. Demand. Action.

  3. avatar T-DOG says:

    I do find it interesting that he is doing his review in a school gym……. Not sure how the authorities would have responded to a reports of a very realistic looking gun in a school gym. Irresponsible gun owner of the day comes to mind.
    My kid loved it. He loves Legos.

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