So Ends Another Absolutely Beautiful Opening Weekend


Tyler’s ranch is a geographical oddity: every single time I go there, it gets more beautiful. It was a weekend much like this one that finally convinced me to move to Texas, and the frequency with which scenes like this one happen keeps me happily planted in my adoptive state. There’s something magical about spending all day in the wilderness, enjoying the beauty of nature, then shooting some guns and eating fresh free-range meat. And I feel like this one picture captured that feeling pretty well. But there’s one more picture that sums up the weekend’s activities . . .


Tyler here didn’t get into the proper shooting position before taking the shot, and as a result will be known as “Harry Potter” until the mark where the scope hit him on the forehead disappears. That was a common theme for the weekend: needing to know our equipment better. I needed to refine my zero (and possibly pick a better brand of ammunition) and Tyler needed to practice improvised shooting positions with his rifle.

That’s good news, though. It means we have something to work on in the off-season, and something to keep us going to the range for next year.


  1. avatar William Burke says:

    That place could nearly be mistaken for East Africa!

    When’s the ViPR combined competition?

  2. avatar Taylor Tx says:

    Cant beat the woods. Sure as hell wish I got some spirit of the deer this weekend. Got a great zero with my new hunting ammo yesterday, now I just need the chance to go use it 😀

  3. avatar Tyler Kee says:

    You bastard

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      Ha ha ha!

      No, man, it looks good on you. For real. You look, uhh, tough.

    2. avatar Jay1987 says:

      You’ll be fine. Just tell the girls you got it rescuing orphans and puppies from an exploding orphanage/pet rescue.

      1. avatar Tyler Kee says:

        My wife doesn’t buy my BS. One of the reasons I married her.

        1. avatar Jay1987 says:

          Well then tell her the deer got close and you were forced to take it down in hand to hand combat. Least then she’ll get a giggle out of it if she hasn’t already.

  4. avatar Mighty Mo says:

    He looks more like a young Indian bride to me. Anybody need tech support?

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Anybody need tech support?

      Yeah. Katherine Sebelius.

      1. avatar Wyfaggro says:


  5. avatar PhoenixNFA says:

    Spent some time in the country this weekend too. Didn’t hunt but had a blast. Got to shoot guns though.

  6. avatar Ing says:

    A geographical oddity… Is it also two weeks from everywhere?

    Some fine country you’re surveying through that rifle scope, that’s for sure. Nothing can beat the Paunsaugunt Plateau and the Paria River drainage, but still, a fine view. Makes me want to leave the office right now and carry my rifle in the great outdoors.

  7. avatar CharlieFoxtrot says:

    Ha welcome to the Harry Potter club. Mine took about 12 years to fade!

  8. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Laughing with you, not at you. Got a picture just like that after my first shot at game in Africa.
    Didn’t happen during practices, sight in, etc.
    something about the excitement of the moment.

  9. avatar Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Texas, it’s a whole other country.

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