BREAKING: Republican Cucinelli Leading in Early Virginia Results

Ken Cucinelli courtesy

The Virginia gubernatorial race is the most important for the people of the gun tonight. Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe has been heavily endorsed by Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action, as well as other gun control advocacy groups, pumping millions of dollars into his campaign and running misleading and false advertising all over the state. And yet, here we are on election night, and with 76% of the districts reporting in, Republican candidate Ken Cucinelli has a three point lead. We will keep you guys updated as the results come in, but what was a 15 point lead for the Democrat appears to have disintegrated nearly overnight. Bloomberg and MDA expected this to be a huge win for them tonight, but it isn’t shaping up quite the way they hoped. Again.


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Fingers crossed, and I (clearly) don’t even live there. Have both friends and family that do, though, so there’s that.

  2. avatar Greg in Allston says:

    Hope springs eternal. Wouldn’t that be a poke in their eyes?

  3. avatar Charlie Kilo says:

    It’s way, WAY, too early to call it. Fairfax hasn’t fully reported.

  4. avatar Coloradan says:

    From what I’ve read there are still a whole lot of votes still yet to be counted from Northern Virginia where all the government parasites live. I hope Cooch wins but I’m not holding my breath. Well maybe a little.

  5. avatar stateisevil says:

    Sarvis has 7% of the vote, that’d be good if he could get 10%. Means lots of people have broken free of the matrix, sick and tired of being offered a false choice.

    1. avatar Coloradan says:

      Sarvis is a plant. He’s funded by an Obama bundler and supports a mileage tax via black box in every car. He’s no libertarian.

      1. avatar William Burke says:


      2. avatar BlinkyPete says:

        He received some money from someone who also supports Obama, and the oft repeated blackbox rumor is bullsh!t.

        1. avatar William Burke says:

          ALL electronic voting is subject to manipulation via software “back doors”. Virginia needs to take a note from New Mexico and reinstate the paper ballot, which they did after the horrors of the 2004 election.

    2. avatar TangledThorns says:

      You mean Sarvis the Democrat plant? I don’t understand how’d you be cool with that.

    3. avatar William Burke says:

      I was set to vote for Sarvis today, until I read that he backs a MILEAGE TAX on motor vehicles. How would this work, you ask? By installing a “black box” in all licensed motor vehicles, and a per-mile tax assessed on all owners.

      “Libertarian”? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

      I did not cast a vote for Governor of Virginia, although I almost wrote myself in. Eh.

      1. avatar Coloradan says:

        You should have voted for Cooch. He’s the only one who remotely cares about liberty. He’s against any new gun control and was the first AG in the nation to file a lawsuit against ObamaCare. And he beat Eric Holder.

      2. avatar BlinkyPete says:

        Um, no. He said he supports mileage and/or gas tax over centralized regressive taxes. Someone else suggested they implement that by checking mileage at the already extant annual safety inspection, and no one in Sarvis’ camp or anywhere else suggested “black boxes.” Way to be a sheeple.

        1. avatar Coloradan says:

          A mileage tax IS a regressive tax dullard.

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          No shit.

        3. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          Erm, no, strictly speaking it’s a use tax, and as I said, it isn’t a centralized one in this case. But really, your use of namecalling and paraphrased bullsh!t you read on Brietbart tells me that you are a talented debater, and I can see you’ve clearly thought out your point of view.

        4. avatar Coloradan says:

          It punishes people who have to travel often, many of them for work. Lay off the pot moron. You supported a big government liberal hack who pretended to be a libertarian to throw the race to the bigger leftist hack. You and people like you own what happens to VA as much as the left.

        5. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          Dude, change your tampon. Don’t blame me for your inability to come up with a coherent argument for your point of view without a carpet bombing of emotional napalm. I travel often for work, and if I use roads more often (which, you know, aren’t free) I should pay more. Demanding that everyone pay the same amount regardless of use sounds an awful lot like, um, what’s that word again? I can’t remember. Must be all these bong hits. Oh, right. Socialism.

          Oh, and for what it’s worth, I don’t smoke weed. Now, you get back to scowling over these damn kids today over at prison planet, Breitbart, Newsmax or whatever other Ben & Jerry’s sized tub of neocon comfort you’re taking refuge in this evening.

        6. avatar Coloradan says:

          *snickers* its so cute when trolls pretend to know exactly what other people read or how they think over the Internet.

        7. avatar William Burke says:

          No governor gets to decide the method of mileage tax measurement, or the rate. The Mileage Tax is part of UN Agenda 21. It is not even at the national level – it’s at the GLOBALIST level.

          “Sheaple”, MY ASS. That would be you.

        8. avatar int19h says:

          Apparently, unlike Republicans, Libertarians actually understand that public roads aren’t free, and taxes are necessary to maintain them – and, in full accordance with their political philosophy, believe that users should be taxed proportionally to how much they actually use.

          What, did you think that you on your SUV are entitled to the use of public roads without paying your fair share, by freeloading on the backs of guys driving tiny city cars?

        9. avatar William Burke says:

          How do you imagine roads are being paid for at present?

          This mileage tax has NOTHING to do with road use: it’s A FREAKING “CARBON” TAX!

        10. avatar DonS says:

          What, did you think that you on your SUV are entitled to the use of public roads without paying your fair share, by freeloading on the backs of guys driving tiny city cars?

          It could be argued that, in some places, that’s covered by vehicle registration fees and fuel excise taxes.

          For example, in Colorado, the “License Fee” part of our vehicle registration is based on vehicle type and weight – which is why the “License Fee” for my 2001 Dodge RAM is twice as much as a 2013 Prius. Additionally, CDOT (Colorado Dept. of Transportation) gets a good chunk of its funding from excise taxes on motor fuels; I, with my RAM (15 MPG city), will pay 3.4 times as much to CDOT as the owner of a 2013 Prius (51 MPG city) – though the RAM only weighs 2.3 times as much as the Prius (7000 vs. 3000).

      3. avatar TangledThorns says:

        It people like you that allow the Democrats to win and take away our rights.

        1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          Again, another whining Republican blaming people for not voting for a candidate rather than the candidate for failing to win those votes. You can keep crying me a river, or you and your candidates can start to practice the personal responsibly and small government mentality they preach.

          Speaking of which, did anyone notice what house pubs did today with HR 992? The “small government” party reinstated bail out rules to allow big banks to get free money when they lose money on dodgy investments. Yeah, that’s a party I really want to get behind.

        2. avatar Coloradan says:

          So vote for more pot smokers and throw more elections to leftists instead of backing small government constitutional conservatives. That will stop those bail outs! Hope the masturebatory stroke to your ego was worth it.

        3. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          Constitutional conservatives? You either have an incredible sense of humor or a drool cup. I’m pretty sure the constitution doesn’t say anything about defining marriage or forced vaginal insertion as a prerequisite for medical procedures.

          And what’s your obsession with pot smokers? You might think your representing conservative ideology, but all your doing for me is demonstrating everything hypocritical, backwards and idiotic about the GOP.

        4. avatar Coloradan says:

          “forced vaginal insertion as a prerequisite for medical procedures.”

          PUAHAHAHAHAHA! And you accuse me of making stuff up and rumor mongering. You’re cute. 😉

        5. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          I guess you missed the whole transvaginal ultrasound bill. I don’t blame you, those are some big, icky sounding words.

          Congrats to you and your party on blowing what should have been an easy win. I know you’re going to blame Libertarians rather than taking some personal responsibility (before the numbers are even out, no less), so let also just you’re welcome. It’s easier to blame someone else than it is to acknowledge that your party is a sinking ship, and I’m glad we could be here for you.

          Have a swell night!

        6. avatar Coloradan says:

          Exhibit A) BlinkyPete. He is reason why the dems spend so much money lying their a$$es off. Because it works when you have a brain the size of a gnat.

        7. avatar William Burke says:

          No, “it” not.

  6. avatar TangledThorns says:

    I have a feeling Terry will get a point or two above Ken, ugh. I can’t believe Sarvis got so many votes. I don’t know how any self respecting gun owner could of voted for Sarvis or Terry for that matter.

  7. avatar Dillon says:

    Its going to be over when NOVA is fully reported. I’m so confused as to why any self respecting gun owner and Virginian could vote for a democrat after all the lies. I guess VA is not what I thought it was. As a proud Virginian Im very discouraged.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      Welcome to the New Dominion.

  8. avatar Model 31 says:

    I have it on pretty good authority that McAuliffe has carried the illegal vote, felon vote, Disney character vote, Marvel Comic character vote, welfare vote and by a 899:1 margin – the dead vote.

  9. avatar BStacks says:

    Get ready for some late “found” ballets.

  10. avatar JTPhilly says:

    3,000 vote difference with 88% reporting. My professional opinion: it’s REALLY REALLY close.

  11. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    McAuliffe now ahead by a hair with 91% reporting in. Looks like Sarvis may throw it to the Democrats. Still, the closeness of it has to have the Dems a little worried. They thought this would be a blow out. Republicans will probably hold the state house and may even get AG.

    Bad, but not as bad as it could have been.

    1. avatar JTPhilly says:

      Yeah that’s the way this one is lookin. Disappointing as it may be.

    2. avatar Dillon says:

      Pretty sure they will not be able to get any anti-gun legislation passed. Especially if we maintain control of the house.

      1. avatar Davis Thompson says:

        House still looks solid.

  12. avatar Chuck in IL says:

    The donks win this one. Too many government employees in Virginia. Too many low information voters.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      People don’t vote their best interest; that’s a myth. They vote what they’ve been LED TO BELIEVE is their best interest.

      1. avatar Chuck in IL says:


  13. avatar JamesCA says:

    Fairfax county and all of it’s government employees like Chuck in IL said is going to carry the race most likely by a small margin for mcauliffe

  14. avatar Matt says:

    As a Federal employee I am here to tell you we don’t ALL vote Democrat/Liberal. I have a great number of friends and coworkers who are pro-gun, pro small government, and many of us, in fact, supported the government shutdown despite the face we were directly affected.

    1. avatar Coloradan says:

      Thank you.

  15. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Looks like Christie won…

  16. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    Yep. Sarvis threw it to McAuliffe.

    1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      Pretty much.

    2. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

      So are Sarvis and all of his supporters going to be VIP’s at McAuliffe’s victory party?

    3. avatar Coloradan says:

      But at least libertarians got to stroke their ego by voting for the pretend libertarian so that’s a win right??? Right????

      1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

        And they’ll be the first to bitch about the Dem in office next year.

        1. avatar Model 31 says:

          They may NOT be the first to complain about the Dem but they’ll be the first to say “Don’t give up on Virginia! Help us people of the gun…we need y”…oh never mind. Let them enjoy their glorious moment. They didn’t go along with the crowd…they blazed their own way…and now that a Libertarian got 10% of the vote, they will be….wait what?…aaaawww, missed it by 75k votes, but hey, they made a difference -their vote wasn’t wasted…had they stayed home, Cuccinelli would have lost by -wait for it – THE SAME AMOUNT. Turns out Cuccinelli needed less than half of the 146k the L earned and a ground shaking message would have been sent to the Dems on guns and healthcare, but noooooo.

          To the grown-ups in the room:
          Let this be a lesson…don’t believe all the polls. A 7-9 point lead turned into a 2.4 point win by a gun grabber. Think of all the people that didn’t vote cause Cuccinelli “didn’t have a prayer.” Even here at TTAG, the L supporters said “he can’t win so I’m voting for a person I know has no chance to win.” Result – EPIC FAIL – Not even 7%. We all will vote again in a year. We must keep the House in order to preserve the 2A. The Senate may not be able ratify the treaty, but a simple D majority in the House and Senate is just as dangerous.

          Libs can flame me all you want…It is late, I’m closing this thread on my PC…and I won’t see it.

    4. avatar int19h says:

      Sarvis offered a third choice that a whopping 7% of the voters took because it was palatable to them, unlike the usual extreme conservative BS that GOP has been peddling as of late. The only ones to blame for the Sarvis votes are Republicans who pissed those votes away.

      1. avatar Chuck in IL says:

        Which extreme position do you think lost it for him?

        1. avatar int19h says:

          This article covers it reasonably well:

          Basically, it’s his past track record biting him in the ass. Anti-abortion, with no exceptions for rape or health risks to the life of mother (an extreme position even for a social conservative). Anti-LGBT, specifically saying that not only homosexuality is wrong and immoral, but that “society based on natural laws should recognize it in its policies”. Pro-sodomy laws, specifically defending a law that criminalized oral sex.

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          Does this mean The Cooch doesn’t like bl*w [email protected]?

        3. avatar Chuck in IL says:

          Do you consider Think Progress a reliable news source? Because they are not.

        4. avatar int19h says:

          It doesn’t matter how reliable or unreliable a source they are, if they provide citations and give references. Sapienti sat.

  17. avatar Coloradan says:

    Good news, the billion dollar tax hike in Colorado is dead.

  18. avatar jirdesteva says:

    Blooberg bought VA. 4 times the money spent barely pulled it out.

  19. avatar Chuck in IL says:

    The good news is the R’s pulled a 2/3 majority in the lower house, so probably no new gun control. Depending on the makeup of the upper house, they may even make headway despite the socialists controlling the Gov’s office.

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