Quote of the Day: Tyranny of the Minority Edition

“We don’t have to convince the country. We have to convince the lawmakers.” – Americans for Responsible Solutions Executive Director Pia Carusone, Nearly a year after Sandy Hook, nation remains torn about what to do next [at cnn.com]


  1. avatar Wheelsucker says:

    Thus the best reason to be armed.

    1. avatar Mario says:

      And ALARMED. If you were not already. The insane left are really good at telling people exactly what they are going to do.

      BTW I’ll bet she owns guns and coceal carries even if she doesnt have a permit.

  2. avatar Chuck says:

    Thus spoketh Carrot Top

  3. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

    When did Carrot Top get into politics?

    1. avatar AaronW says:

      I was thinking Shaun White

      1. avatar Avid Reader says:

        He’s cut his hair. Plus he’s better looking.

        1. avatar Jus Bill says:

          I read it quickly and thought her name was “Pig Carusone.” Apt…

  4. avatar Aharon says:

    Fortunately, she is wrong in her strategic thinking. Most ‘lawmakers’ (especially in Congress) have learned from the past (and current) mistakes of other elected politicians not to thread too far in passing anti-gun laws if they want to continue their political career. They watch polls. Otherwise, there are far too many lawmakers aka politicians who have a wanna-be God complex.

    1. avatar Rad Man says:

      Agreed. If Colorado is any indication, legislators will be treading lightly until midterms in 2014 at the very least. Too many people bought ARs and pistols this past year and pissing them off with roundabout gun legislation by way of mags and ammo could and should spell doom for any such legislator at the fed or state level.

  5. avatar wheelgun says:

    The only way to stop an armed assailant is with an armed response. Why do you think people call the cops when the shooting starts? Duh, because they have guns. It’s not because they are exceptional problem solvers. They have the tools to meet force with force. That’s it. Liberals never want to accept the facts they just want all that power in the hands of the state, not the people. They call conservatives terrorists when in fact by definition, the libs are insurrectionists.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Reminds me of a Heinlein quote somebody put in a comment yesterday:

      “Pacifism is a shifty doctrine under which a man accepts the benefits of the social group without being willing to pay for them.”

      This is the standard liberal/progressive mindset in a nutshell. they want to reap the benefits of violence without ever confronting its actual existence.

  6. avatar ST says:

    Go ahead and convince the lawmakers, because you’ll never change the laws of physics.Particularly the portion regarding KE of a moving object.

  7. avatar Nicks87 says:

    [EDITED: quit it with the homophobia.]

    1. avatar LSUTigersFan says:

      [EDITED: quit it with the homophobia.]

  8. avatar mdc says:

    Only a face your mother could love.

    1. avatar LSUTigersFan says:

      [EDITED: quit it with the homophobia.]

  9. avatar Ryan says:

    Convince the lawmakers?

    Considering the fallout which which some CO lawmakers are experiencing…that might take some doing to convince lawmakers in other states to risk their careers.

    1. avatar Jim R says:

      You’d be surprised how convincing Mr. Franklin and all his friends can be when they get together.

  10. avatar The Original Brad says:

    LOL I had fun reading these comments this cold T-giving morning. Coffee out the nose funny. I have to admit, I saw this post in my email and just from the picture I could tell what this liberal nut was going to say. I know the type and can recognize them pretty easily now. I guess that’s called stereotyping. But with her wacked out hair, bushy eyebrows, no make up, pissed off, angry face, she is the epitome of the liberal doo-gooder (spelling intended). Why is it that they think they know so much better than the rest of us and why can t they ever accept that in reality, they are the minority. They never make anything better. Only worse. Give me a liberal success story. Any story where liberals went in and made things better. Not a temporary fix mind you, something bought or made and then declared a success, only to have them leave again before the project falls apart.

    This cranky sour woman does nothing to make anyone safer, and that’s the folly of her life’s work, is that she’ll never succeed at what she’s doing because SHE’S DOING THE WRONG THING! However grandiois her intentions, her solutions only cause more problems and the one solution that would work, she’ll go to her grave trying to prevent.

    Ahh, it is to laugh. God bless them, they are the idealists and misguided dreamers in our society that will forever make life what it is. A struggle to survive. Maybe that’s what God intended. To give us fools like this who keep us from achieving true prosperity and greatness. Maybe if universal peace and prosperity was achieved, we wouldn’t need Him anymore, and that’s the point.

    \Philosophical rant off

    1. avatar 505markf says:

      Dude, nice rant! +10

      1. avatar Deets says:

        Isn’t there a new TTAG Comment policy on this sort of stuff?

        1. avatar Hasdrubal says:

          I don’t think it applies here, it’s not a personal insult or attack, it’s a criticism of the person’s ideas and methods, with only a short mention of appearance.

  11. avatar Peter says:

    I’m afraid that her ideas won’t work because there are enough guns and ammunition out there to last for generations.
    What we really need to do is stop this within ONE generation. My suggestion is to educate our children as to how dangerous guns really are, obviously this huge undertaking is too important to be left to the parents, who may or may not agree with the program.
    Therefore all children need to be placed in full time governmental care from birth so that they can be properly trained as to the duties of a good citizen. Now there are some who would say that my plan goes too far but they are the reason that we need such a program, to make sure the proper obedience to the state is instilled from the earliest years and no non state centrist thought be allowed to pollute our future subjects, er, citizens.

  12. avatar 505markf says:

    So I opened the comments to add mine, which was something around her statement being a great example of how a progressive thinks. There is an elite that is wise, educated, and knowledgeable that should lead and make decisions for those of us not in the elite and if we – the people – would just get out of the way, they could solve all the nation’s problems, no doubt with untold additional restrictions and pronouncements.

    And what I see is that most comments are about how this woman looks. Really, guys? If your most substantive input to any discussion is an insult about someone’s appearance maybe you should hold off on commenting on that particular topic. Come on, folks, all of us are better than that.

    Maybe skip the fifth grade humor and contribute to the meat and potatoes of the meal. I know what they say is incredibly offensive and sometimes you just have to get it out, but let’s try to shoot a little higher, else proving the point that we are those unwashed, unschooled people that need adult leadership to get through the day.

    1. avatar tfunk says:

      Dude, the carrot top comment was funny. So take the time to enjoy it. And THEN unleash your ultra-serious rebuttal to her inane babbling.

    2. avatar gs650g says:

      She chose to look that way. We chose to laugh. Thanks for your comment about it.

      1. avatar 505markf says:

        Yeah, I’ve got to admit you are probably right on this one. I tend to be tight-assed sometimes. When I read your response along with tfunk’s a line from “Stripes” jumped into my mind: “Lighten up, Francis.” I’m working on it.

  13. avatar scooter says:

    I am THANKFUL we live in a nation where the lawmakers SHOULD represent the will of the people. See also Colorado recall stories…

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Well, Colorado is a start.

  14. avatar NDS says:

    I caught a fishey and it was THIS big!

  15. avatar tdiinva says:

    Don’t over analyze. Like all gun grabbers, this “woman” lives in a fantasy world disconnected from reality. As many an ex-representative has found out that convincing legislatures to vote for gun control when their constituents oppose it is career suicide. She doesn’t seem to understand that elected representative generally avoid overly disturbing the voters.

  16. avatar Don says:

    To get your way you need to subvert a well-regulated (functioning) representative democratic republic? Fascist idiot.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      Absolutely part of their long-term strategy. They would love to dominate the legislatures so they could pass all sorts of unconstitutional legislation without effective opposition, but failing that, and to counter any oppositional backlash from the public, they want to dominate the courts so their activist judges can strike down inconvenient laws or re-interpret laws to the Progressive viewpoint.

      The Constitution is designed to prevent the tyranny of the majority, which is why we are (theoretically at least) a Constitutional Republic and NOT a democracy, but they also were attempting to minimize the ability of political Factions to control the debate and legislative outcomes. It would seem at this point that both efforts are being successfully eroded away by Progressives.

      (This is a woman? Really? I would never have guessed from this picture.)

  17. avatar DisThunder says:

    Hmm….so, if you try to convince the lawmakers, we either get:
    A) lawmakers who support new gun control, which likely fails, who are then forced by their own party to resign or retire by their own party, so as not to risk recall (where applicable) -or-
    B) lawmakers who smile and nod at these little think tanks, and then do nothing, because they like being employed, thus wasting their efforts and capital.

    Heh, I’m not seeing much downside.

  18. avatar gs650g says:

    Another one who would outsource their security to anonymous authority

  19. avatar Jeff Fisher says:

    What happened to “90% of Americans want gun control”?
    Oh right…
    How silly of me. Since that lie didn’t work, the words “90% want more gun control” have been stricken from the record.
    Apropos of nothing, Hudak ran sobbing from public office, leaving a trail of Bloomberg money behind her (it?), for NO REASON at all!

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      The 90% lie doesn’t work, but that doesn’t stop them from practicing the Alinsky tactic of repeating it constantly. There is a video at the Denver Post’s website where two writers from the paper are talking to the chair of the Colorado Democratic party about Hudak’s resignation, and he is still trotting it out.


  20. avatar Joseph B. Campbell says:

    Waiting to be led around by their noses? A bunch of sheep! Not a one with the spine to think for themselves! Always a pope, minister, imam or president to tell you what you should do! The reality is you are only making them more powerful and giving away your freedoms at every step to them!

  21. avatar LSUTigersFan says:

    Tell that the “lawmakers” in Colorado…

  22. avatar Jim R says:

    She’s right, you know. All they need to do is convince the lawmakers. Once that’s done, and the laws are on the books, that’s pretty much it. When was the last time a major piece of legislation was actually repealed?

    There are people who say that our freedoms are not on a ratchet. The fact of the matter is that they ARE. Once gone we will NOT get them back. It’s why it’s so vital that we not give up any more ground than we already have. All we’ve ever done is give up ground, “compromise”, let them have more and more of the cake. Well sooner or later they’re going to have all of it and we’ll be left with nothing. When that happens, their idea of compromise is going to be a lot different. Instead of “Give us X and we’ll let you keep the rest” it’ll be “Do X and we’ll let you live.”

    Of course actually doing something about this would require the majority of this country to wake up, but that’s not going to happen. As long as they have their Kardashians and Dancing with the Has-Beens and Duck Dynasty, they’ll remain peacefully slumbering until one day, it’ll all be gone, and they’ll wonder where it went. And us? We won’t be around to tell them we told them so. We’ll be dead.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      I seriously doubt they’d kill us off. We’re the ones who pay the taxes that fund their fantasies.

      1. avatar Rambeast says:

        Kill us off? Not likely. We’ll die off and the culture will be lost if we do not teach our next generations that true freedom is, not the lie being fed to them by the schools and media. This is chess, not checkers. Everything statists do is incremental and deliberate. Freedom is a legacy that is never more than a generation or three from being snuffed out of existence.

  23. avatar Jus Bill says:

    Does the Americans for Responsible Solutions have more than one person in its Executive ranks? And does it operate out of Pia Carusone’s kitchen? And finally, does anybody besides Shannon Watts and Pia read the junk on CNN anymore?

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      Notice: “solutions”. Not “rights”. Puke.

  24. avatar Jeh says:

    Carrot Top or Shaun White????

  25. avatar Shawn says:

    Is the person in the pic at the beginning of this article Carrot Top? I’m just saying.

  26. avatar William Burke says:

    Dan… could you Photoshop a bag over her head?

    Thanks, me

  27. avatar Bob says:

    This person is the classic example of a progressive elitist. Unfortunately, many of our elected Representatives and Senator are progressive elitists also.

    I got a letter from my Congressman a few days ago. Basically he told me that he disagrees with my opinion on a gun-control related issue, and that he feels he must vote in Congress the way he believes is best.

    I felt like sending him another letter reminding him of his duty as a US Congressman:
    “Congressman Perlmutter (D – CO), your opinions and beliefs are irrelevant. The people of your district did not send you to Washington to represent YOUR opinions and YOUR beliefs there. You shouldn’t represent your party. You shouldn’t represent some caucus or any special interest group. The people sent you there to represent THEM and THEIR opinions and beliefs. Until you have learned this basic concept, you will not receive another vote from me, and I might even push for your RECALL, sir.”

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Send it. The word “recall” might get his attention.

      1. avatar Bob says:

        DONE. Thanks for the encouragement, jwm.

        “A few days ago, I received an email reply from you regarding a gun-control related issue. Basically , you said that you disagree with me on this issue, and you feel that you must vote based on your beliefs and opinions.

        I would like to respond to that in an email, but it seems you do not want to tell anyone what your email address is. I certainly could not find it. So I am responding in this Facebook message.

        With all due respect, Congressman Perlmutter, your opinions and beliefs are irrelevant. The people of your district did not send you to Washington to represent YOUR opinions and YOUR beliefs there. You shouldn’t represent your party. You shouldn’t represent some caucus or any special interest group. The people sent you there to represent THEM and THEIR opinions and beliefs. Until you have learned this basic concept, you will not receive another vote from me.

        Sir, state Senators Morse, Giron, and Hudak were removed from office by the recall process, because they thought and acted as if THEIR opinions were more important than the opinions of their CONSTITUENTS. I think it is time for you to suffer a RECALL also, and I will start pushing for that immediately.

        (My full name, redacted here for my privacy), a voter in your district.

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