Question of the Day: What’s GLOCK’s New Gun?

Glock G42 teaser ad

By now you’ve probably seen this teaser ad floating through the nether regions of ballistic cyberspace. It may or may not be genuine. Either way, there’s likely to be more traffic at GLOCK’s SHOT Show booth than a Wally World Black Friday sale. Speculation as to exactly what the gun will be is all over the board, but seems to center on one of three variants: 1) a slim, single stack 9mm 2) something in .22 LR, or 3) a late-to-the-party .380 entry. I’ll take door number one, Monty. Whether the G42 is for real or some Photoshop jockey’s idea of a good time, Gaston’s group has to come out with a new gun some day, right? If and when, what will it be?


  1. avatar rosignol says:

    Well, so long as it’s not that (photoshopped) ‘Glock 1911’ pic that’s been floating around the intarwebz for a couple of years now…

  2. avatar rumormill says:

    Most speculation that I have seen is that the g42 will be a micro .380. The other rumor is that there is a 41 that will be a longside 45

    1. avatar Joe Lewis says:

      A longslide 45 or 10 would be great. I’d love to see a 38 super.

    2. avatar 10mmSelfDefense says:

      That sounds like the strongest rumor and the most likely is the 41 a long barrel .45 and the 42 a .380, ive heard itll b a double stack. I have heard Glock will begin to open a plant here in GA so that they can manufacture and begin selling the .380. I guess we will see in a little over a month.

  3. avatar Shawn says:

    I’ll also take door number one. Heck, I’ll take two of door number one. Although door number two would be pretty sweet as well.

  4. avatar Fug says:

    It is going to be a little prism that shoots rainbows, duh.

  5. avatar C says:

    a .22 glock seems kinda out of line with their strategy.

    1. avatar Leadbelly says:

      There are already rimfire conversion kits available, too. I would doubt they would introduce a whole new gun to compete.

  6. avatar Christian says:

    I doubt it will be a 22lr model – the rimfire’s inherent lack of reliability doesn’t mesh well with Glock’s marketing strategy of “perfection”

    A single stack 9mm or .380 would be nice. I’d go for a glock in .380 in a heartbeat.

    1. avatar natermer says:

      Glock already has a 380.

      The problem is that they were restricted from importing because of the idiotic scoring metrics used by the ATF for imported guns to try to make sure that poor people can’t get cheap guns.

      This is the same reason why the Glock 19 and 26 have steps on the trigger while the Glock 17 had smooth trigger. The stepped trigger is a ‘competition trigger’ and thus gets extra points to compensate for the points lost to having a shorter gun.

  7. avatar Avid Reader says:

    It’s Glock. They’re Austrians. We’ll take whatever they give us and we’d damn well better it, because, well, it’s Glock. Period.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      We’re you ever forced to buy a Glock? Geez. If you hate ’em, don’t buy em.

  8. avatar Too close to chicago says:

    Hoping for a single stack 9mm. I would get in line for one of those right now.

    1. avatar natermer says:

      I am not holding my breath. Glock’s single stack 45 ACP was probably the worst guns they ever produced.

  9. avatar Jim R says:

    My guess is a single-stack 9mm pocket pistol. They don’t make a .22LR or a .380 ANYTHING, and I don’t see them starting now.

    1. avatar Rumblestrip says:

      You are correct sir, Glock doesn’t make a pistol in .380ACP
      Glock 25 since 1995

    2. avatar jwm says:

      The .380 model is sold in places like Italy where it’s illegal to own a military caliber like the 9mm.

      1. avatar H.R. says:

        Glock does make a .380. As I understand it, it’s not imported for sale to the general public in the U.S. because of some crap about it not having a sporting purpose.

        Could they get around that by maybe importing the parts and finishing the production in the U.S.? That’s a question for lawyers I guess.

        1. avatar Blue says:

          Glock shouldn’t be selling anything to Law enforcement that they don’t sell to the public including the G18.

        2. avatar Keith in TX says:

          True that.
          If the public can’t have it neither should they, it defies the original intent of the 2A.
          No select fire autos for the general public, no select fire autos for law enforcement on any level on American soil period.
          Lawmakers should not be permitted to make laws that only apply to the citizens and not to themselves.
          All men are created equal and none are above the law.

          It matters not who scribbles what,
          the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

  10. avatar Chaotic Good says:

    I’d dearly love for it to be the first Glock carbine but I think it’ll just be a 380 they’ve had trouble importing.

  11. avatar Oddux says:

    Whatever it is, it’s too late for me. The market has plenty of single stack 9mms and sub-compact .380s already. The last thing sub-compacts need is glock ergos.

  12. avatar Brian Patterson says:

    9mm single stack or FTL.

    1. avatar Mr Pierogie says:

      Why FTL? The Shield and XDS have proved successful enough that now Glock wants a piece of the pie.

      1. avatar Brian Patterson says:

        That’s exactly what I said, just with some internet panache. You’re welcome.

    2. avatar Anon in CT says:

      Faster than light?

  13. avatar Rambeast says:

    If it is a pocket pistol with similar ergos to the S&W Bodyguard .380 (but a better trigger), I might consider buying my first Glock.

  14. avatar cheapshooter says:

    I’d love for a glock carbine. I love, love, love the hi-point carbines. And I keep a .40 hi-point in my toolbox(I’m not throwing a $400+ gun in my truck/boat to slide around in a metal toolbox and scratch up, sorry) maybe they could improve on kel-teks sub2000.

    1. avatar Chaotic Good says:

      I’d be happy if Glock could make an improved Sub 2000 and Ruger an improved SU16. Most keltec guns suffer from great innovation coupled with poor execution.

      1. avatar cheapshooter says:

        Exactly. Oh and the PMR30. its nice and I want one BAD. But cheapest I’ve found yet was $850 plus tax. I bought a north american arms 22 mag revolver for $210 instead.

  15. avatar crashbbear says:

    I vote for a longslide .45. Or a “high capacity” .22/.22mag like the PMR 30.

    Hell, a 5.7 would be sweet too.

  16. avatar Hkfan says:

    A pocket 9mm would be great but I’m hesitant of a Glock with no external safety in the pocket. I love the sig p238, but could be compelled to change.

    1. avatar Kevin says:

      Use a pocket holster. And don’t play with it or stick keys or other long narrow objects in that pocket.

    2. avatar Keith in TX says:

      If you’re going to pocket carry don’t do so with a round in the chamber if the barrel is pointed in the general direction of you manhood.
      Think of those that have shot themselves in the leg drawing from side carry.
      You could go from a rooster to a hen in one shoot.

  17. avatar Jeh says:

    What ever it is, it will be plastic, and probably look identical to every other model. Now if they make some kind of change to its design, such as any, then I may take a look. How about .380 compact that isn’t two and a half inches thick on the grip with a metal slide, better trigger, and less boxy shape.

  18. avatar Accur81 says:

    I’m going to guess a single stack 9mm. We’ll see. If I can get a deal on one, then I may put it in my safe with the other Glocks. If not, a pistol cal carbine would be awesome, especially if it maintained magazine compatibility. I’d consider a .380, but I don’t have much confidence in that cartridge.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Single stack 9 as well. The only reason I haven’t bought a glock is that the 9’s are to chunky in my hands. Oddly enough the Glock 21 in .45 fits me best of the current Glocks. I just can’t justify adding another caliber to my safe right now. It’s hard enough to feed my stable as is.

  19. avatar Blue says:

    Glock actually has a .380 in Europe and has for a looooong time.

  20. avatar Mark N. says:

    I agree, single stack 9 mm seems the most likely. But one wonders if they’ll go all out and take on the competition in the pocket single stack .45 market (XDs, e.g.), but for such a conservative company, I think that is less likely. If it’s a .380, it’s a mistake. .380s were great when there were no subcompact 9s, but now that the market is flooded with micro 9s, to go with the .380 would be playing to a dying market.

    1. avatar JKP says:

      I disagree. If you want to pocket-carry something, none of the current 9mm micros are really that great. Even the Kahr PM/CM is just a hair too big for that role. .380 is where it’s at for pockets.

      I would buy a Glock .380 pocket rocket….but I’d much prefer a single stack 9mm. We’ll see.

      1. avatar PW in KY says:

        I pocket carried a pm9 all day today.

      2. avatar Pat says:

        The micro 390 pistols are thinner, smaller in all realms, and about a half pound lighter. True pocket pistols.

  21. avatar Dustin Noah says:

    Glock is late to the game with small variants like the M&P Shield and XDS already on the market (and doing very well).

    But it will still SELL if it is door #1.

  22. avatar Albaniaaaa says:

    Single stack 9mm no bigger than a seecamp… I’ll take it hahaha

  23. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    If they do come out with a sub 3 inch 9mm.
    It too might become my 1st Glock,
    I did my best shooting ever 1st time out of a box with the then new G23.
    But it was so butt ugly and plastic. I bought a Hi-Power in 40 S&W instead.
    Now 25 years later give or take.
    I might just own a plastic gun???

  24. avatar Brett says:

    Honestly I don’t think it will be any of the above. I think they will come out with a 30 s in a gen 4 and maybe add a. 45 longslide to go with the G34 and G35 for competition shooters. The G26 already fits the bill for a sub compact 9mm and is probably one of if not the most popular carry guns in the states overall. A single stack 9mm would only make people complain about the lack of capacity and the initial excitement (mine included) would die down quickly when I really think about how much I would rather just carry my 26. Glock tends to stick with what has proven profitable and doesn’t jump on designs that stray too far from that. They don’t need to. I think the add is a fake but will gladly eat my words if I’m wrong.

    1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      I’m not so sure. I carry a G26 IWB, but because as a double stack 10 rd. it’s a little chunky, I also carry a Taurus TCP .380 in a wallet holster for slacks. If Glock had a single stack, preferably in double action with a heavier trigger weight, I would have considered it.

  25. avatar Ima Yeti says:

    Love my Glock 19. Also love the Glock 30 the local distributor says I’ll have to wait a year for. I’d be happier if Glock would just catch up with it’s customers orders than announce a Glock Carbine that converts to a 1911. Wonder what the wait on that would be……………?

  26. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    Glock already sells two models in .380: the G25 compact w/15 rounds and the G28 subcompact w/10 rounds. I don’t know about elsewhere in the world, but in the U.S. they’re only available to law enforcement. I’ve never even seen a used one for sale anywhere. I suppose it’s possible they’d come out with a microcompact (to inventicate a word) in .380; but a just as large splash could be made with no new tooling by unleashing the existing .380’s to the civilian market.

    So what’s their new product? Who knows? I doubt a .22LR, too, as kits are already out there. I’m going to guess either a subcompact in .32 caliber, the lowest caliber eligible for qualifying for a concealed carry license in most, if not all, states. Or possibly some proprietary, but similar, small caliber, sort of like what they attempted with the .45 GAP.

  27. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    The only way I see Glock making a micro-.380 pistol is if they make it in the US. Otherwise, the Glock safety system (or lack of same), coupled with small size in a .380 means that it won’t make enough points for the ATF importation system.

  28. avatar Ross says:

    All guns should be Glocks, all Glocks 9mm, all 9mm Glocks the model #19…………… that being said I’m going with a .380 and single stack 9 & 40.

    1. avatar Blue says:

      Incorrect on several counts. Plus, has has been mentioned 3 or 4 times now, Glock has made a .380 since the late 80s and 90s.

      Glock 28 and Glock 25

  29. avatar Clay says:

    .460 rowland

    1. avatar Blue says:

      They already do. Its called a G21 with a Lone Wolf barrel.

  30. avatar Orton Fallswell says:

    My ideal G40 would be a G27/26 slide on top of a G23/19 frame, basically a snub G23. Most likely it will be a ultra slim 9mm to compete with the PF9/LCP crowd.

    1. avatar rlc2 says:

      I’d buy a slim short single stack 9 for for pocket carry.
      Especially if it came with wallet style pocket holster.

  31. avatar A-Rod says:

    Glock will branch out and be like Daewoo. They’ll make a Glock Microwave, Glock Sedan, Glock Sofa, Glock Glock Glock….

  32. avatar CJ says:

    My EDC is a G36. Bought it five years ago in the (finally realized) hope that WI would get CC. It’s been flawless, conceals easily, fits my big old cheese-maker hands perfectly and it’s a .45. Whatever they have in the pipe my anticipation is , Meh.

  33. avatar Arod529 says:

    I imagine it will probably look like a Glock, aka, fat and square.

  34. avatar Bud Spencer says:

    Its gonna be a .380 ACP (9mm kurz) pocket pistol. Some fellows here in austria have already seen it or talked to people from glock in deutsch-wagram about it. Allegedly it will be avaliable in austria directly after Shot Show in january, but I doubt it.

    The other gun, which is less known about is a .45ACP tactical model (I suppose like G34/35).

    Oh yes and the C-Model will be reintroduced for Gen4 Pistols.

    I dont know what you will get when in the US but for austria, and among austrian gun forums and enthusiasts. Its pretty rock-solid. 😉


    1. avatar rlc2 says:

      Did not know the kurz reference, and found this on duck ducking:

    2. avatar Chaz says:

      Just in time to compete with the Beretta Pico.

    3. avatar Blue says:

      They have only had 25 years in Austria to see the G25 and G28. :rolleyes:

      1. avatar Bud Spencer says:

        Nobody has a G25 nor G28 here in Austria. They are primary for south america. I haven´t seen one in person yet and there is only one on sale on our austrian online shopping gun webside:

        My guess: there are probably more private owned G18 (which is darn near impossible) than .380 Glocks

        Still hoping that one (either the 42 or the 41) will be a 9mm Para but everybody says .380 only 🙁

        1. avatar Blue says:

          There are no legally owned private G18 in the U.S. due to the ban in the 1986 FOPA. One of the local NFA dealers have one but it can only be sold to law enforcement agencies.

        2. avatar Bud Spencer says:

          I know but I was talking about austria since last time I looked out of my window it was still vienna where I am at. 🙂
          In my country you would need special permission by the ministry of defense and sport to get Class A firearm (war-material or forbidden weapon) Basically only collectors or agents of some ministries can get it. Or you if you have “Connections” to high offices.

  35. avatar Keith in TX says:

    The big hint is that it’s small, smaller than a baby Glock 26 or 27.
    That limits the options to 9mm or less which could only be a single stack 9mm or smaller caliber such as the .380 in singe stack.
    I highly doubt it would be a .22 caliber being .22 ammo has been difficult to come by for almost a year now. There wouldn’t be much of a market for a new gun if the ammo wasn’t readily available and it wasn’t practical for self defense or use as a backup.
    If it’s smaller than a Glock 26 that leaves few options.

    1. avatar Blue says:

      The Glock 28 has a 10 round magazine standard and can take the 15 rd magazine of the Glock 25. As far as I know, the Glock 25 is the largest capacity .380 out there.

      The G25 has ~ 4″ barrel and the G28 ~ 3.4″.

  36. avatar rawmade says:

    Dunno if its already been said but the G41 is a 5.3″ .45, the 42 specs are still fully unknown, we just know its under 10rds, so probably a single stack 9 or 380.
    All this confirmed by a couple Glock dealers who have their SKUs and some info in their order systems. Seems only a few Glock dealers have it in their system

  37. avatar Bud Spencer says:

    Uh yes and I forgot. Glock Lights are going to become LED. 😉

  38. avatar JT says:

    The highest number is currently 39, so the gun they are teasing us with being the G42, we should see three new guns. One of them being a single stack 9mm is almost guaranteed, the question is what will the other two be. For the other two, there are three possibilities; a pocket .380, a single stack .40 to go along with the 9mm, or long slide competition .45. We are just going to have to wait and find out.

  39. avatar LJH41570 says:

    I’ve heard rumors in the gunshop of a .45 acp similar to the tactical/practical g34/g35…..would buy two!! I’m also a big fan of the glock 19. Maybe a single stack version of that would convince to switch my edc from the 19?

  40. avatar caligula says:

    G42 is a .380 single stack, 13 oz. pistol. Six plus one round, I think. It’s very small, about the size of a Beretta Nano? I hope they chamber it in 9mm as well.

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