EDC For CCW: Wilson Combat Rapid Response XL

Image courtesy Wilson Combat

Unlike most EDC knives which are great for box-cutting and, well, okay for CCW backup, Wilson Combat knives are designed from the ground up to stand in harm’s way with Wilson’s combat-tuned handguns and long guns. Their latest offering is the $289 Rapid Response XL. Jump over to The Truth About Knives for more.


  1. avatar Swarf says:


    I learned long ago that I mainly use a knife for 2 things; cutting rope and digging out splinters.

    Once the tip breaks off, as is inevitable, I have reduced the functionality of my knife by 50%, and I need a new knife. That’s why I always buy a $20 Gerber or Kershaw. If you actually use your knife regularly, you need to think of it as a consumable, and purchase accordingly.

    This thing is a showpiece for the idle rich to flash around to impress their friends.

    1. avatar Brian S says:

      It sure is a good lookin knife, but yeah, I would be afraid to use it!

      My top end is $80, I like a nice axis lock benchmade action or similar

    2. avatar Will says:

      “This thing is a showpiece for the idle rich to flash around to impress their friends.”

      This is Wilson Combat we’re talking about. Makers of a $3000 Pistol for concealed carry. Yeah it’s nice, but it ain’t coming back when the cops confiscate it after a DGU.

      1. avatar TZH says:

        hey dude, as long as the thing works as advertised, I’ll be happy to turn it in to the cops. I’m alive, and the bad guy ain’t, but they took my primo-custom ccw gun. 1st world problems 🙂

        as for knives go, I’ve got a Kershaw Cryo. $35. I dig it

    3. avatar Rick G. says:

      Buy a decent knife with decent steel and the tip breaking will no longer be inevitable. I’m not rich, but I carry a $200 knife (and use it daily) because I know I can depend on it. And if the blade does break, the manufacturer will take care of it. Buy once, cry once.

  2. avatar Eric S. says:

    And that knife in the picture doesn’t look to have the strongest tip, either.

  3. avatar Pulatso says:

    I have to say, the half article posts to direct traffic to TTAK are annoying. If it’s worth mentioning to the readers of TTAG, then give us the whole article. There’s still plenty of space and opprotunity to link to TTAK if we want to read more knife related articles.

    1. avatar Dave says:

      Agreed. If I wanted to read about knives I would go to TTAK.

  4. avatar BillF says:

    SOG Flash2 for $45 at Lowes. Does everything I need it to and I’m not afraid of abusing it. In real life the Wilson could probably be had for closer to two bills and it looks spectacular but still……

    1. avatar BillC says:

      +1 on the SOG Flash II. I used it with serious abuse and yes it failed at the end of an 8th month tour in Afghanistan. But it was also 4 years old and I beat the sh!t out of it.

  5. avatar PhoenixNFA says:

    Smith and Wesson extreme ops swa6 from academy. $10.

    I’m going to be buying and hk entourage soon, but as mainly a “show knife” not one id be unafraid to use.

    1. avatar BillC says:

      Those S&W extreme ops knives are garbage. They just fall apart in your pocket after a couple months. It’s pretty much regulated to being a birthday present for a young nephew.

      1. avatar PhoenixNFA says:

        Mine has been fine after 3 months.

      2. avatar cheapshooter says:

        Mine has been great for 3 years this chrismas. The finish has worn off on both sides and the tip has broken off. 2 minutes with a grinder and got a new tip. Clip has bent but I also own a pair of plies, fixed. Only problem I’ve had was the screw that holds the blade coming lose, I put some locktite on it 2 years ago. Best knife ever.

        1. avatar Swarf says:

          Everything about it has broken or worn off, but it’s awesome!


      3. avatar cheapshooter says:

        It is. I got mine for $13 and i use it hard everyday. Its a screwdriver, a wire stripper/cutter, pry bar, and a knife. And for $13 I’ll buy 20 more and use them till the day I die. Hard use for almost 3 years and still going. Might be time to sharpen or replace it though.

  6. avatar jirdesteva says:

    Its pretty and pretty expensive. For that money I could get a used gun and ammo for it. Ok maybe not the ammo.

    1. avatar BillF says:

      A Norinco 213 (still can find for around $100-150) and 200 rounds of Federal 9mm at wally world (another $60). And a Sog Flash 2.

      1. avatar jirdesteva says:

        I’m good with that set up as a start. Here’s a suggestion lets see what type of kit you can set up for say 300 and post them?

  7. avatar gloomhound says:

    I wonder if they make gun posts over at TTAK?

  8. avatar KCK says:

    $289 x 2=$578
    Is it really half a glock?

    1. avatar Pulatso says:

      Or an entire LCP, for that matter.

  9. avatar Jus Bill says:

    I don’t know about y’all, but I’m not bringing a knife to gunfight, even if it is a $300 pocket knife.

  10. avatar Jon says:

    Love this one….adding it to my collection !

  11. avatar ECT says:

    Come on guys. We all know a $550 Glock goes bang just as well, and many think better, than a $3000-5000 Wilson Combat, Les Baer, etc… But some people prefer the fit, finish, and craftsmanship of a custom pistol. When I graduate college I intend to purchase myself either a Chris Reeve or custom folder in ultra high-end steel and carbon fiber.

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