EDC For CCW: CRKT ‘Carajas’

Image courtesy CRKTYou gotta gatt. You need a knife. An everyday carry blade (EDC) for you the concealed carry weapon (CCW), uh, carrier. ‘Cause bum ballistics and bad guys. And otherwise impenetrable  little girl’s Barbie packages. And the pleasure of cutting through a steak like a hot knife through butter. [Note: experts do not recommend using your self-defense knife for eating.] So how about this bad boy? The Carajas is named after the Carajás Mountains of Northern Brazil, famous for their iron mines. It’s  no tarted-up 8Cr14 flipper. (Bet you knew that.) Designed by the extravagantly named Flavio Ikoma, CRKT’s Carajas features Sandvik steel, a ball-bearing pivot and G10 grips. All for less than a Franklin. The knife is also available with plain or combo edges. Jump over to The Truth About Knives for the full story and video.



  1. avatar great unknown says:

    “… experts do not recommend using your self-defense knife for eating.”

    a) did you mean “recommend not using”?

    b) In any case, why?

  2. avatar Hal says:

    Meh. I’d still prefer the Kershaw leek for non-fixed blade EDC.

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