EDC For CCW: Chris Reeve Sebenza (Full Review)

Image: Chris Dumm

Chris Reeve makes some legendary knives and the Sebenza is his masterpiece. This amazing knife is sharp enough to shave with and tough enough to stand in harm’s way. But it’ll cost you almost the price of a brand-new GLOCK (which is obviously not shown here.) Tyler Kee kindly lent me his pride and joy and I’ve been testing and playing with it for far too long. Jump over to The Truth About Knives for the full review . . .


  1. avatar peirsonb says:

    Anyone can tell that’s not a glock. Its an AK-15 rapid fire assault shotgun with high capacity magazine clip. Geez.

    And I’ve been a knife guy far longer than I’ve been a right wing extremist gun nut, and that one’s pretty…

    1. avatar Sid says:

      Does it have the thingy that goes up on the shoulder?

  2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    That’s a fine looking revolver. What make/model is it?

  3. avatar jwm says:

    S&W model 686 .357 magnum.

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      I’m trying for a GP100 joke, but it isn’t happening. Either of those is worthy of the title “Pride and Joy”.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Only thing I can come up with is “Glock brand Glock”. I don’t think that fits here.

  4. avatar ensitue says:

    I’m a Terzula man

  5. avatar Tod says:

    I’ll never understand several hundred dollars for an edged weapon. Give me a Glock any day.

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      This is the fact.

      I’m sorry, Chris and Robert, but the straight truth is that we can get high quality steel at prices that allow us to treat them like tools and not museum pieces.

      I will use my Gerber EZout and (deal of the century) $20 Morakniv until they die. And they will die because I use them. Although, the fact is that neither of them have died, but when they do, you can be damn sure they will owe me absolutely no money.

      And I know, I know, you are working on that rare dude that’s willing to spend $300 on a flash piece. Shit, maybe he exists and just never posts anywhere, but I’m pretty sure that the majority of your readers have more brains than money.

      1. avatar Janitor says:

        I have an ezout in s30v. I’m sure the plastic handle will bust long before its sheep foot blade breaks

      2. avatar Chris Dumm says:

        I concur with your taste in low-priced, high-quality knives. Like you, I’ve got an EZ-Out (it’s almost 20 years old) and several Moras. High-end knives like the Sebenza have amazing qualities and I’m lucky to get to review them, but I don’t pretend that I could ever buy one.

      3. avatar Pat says:

        The price on those things is insane. The only thing you get for that price is the name, which, I suppose, is the point. It would be nice to have some gold and a few diamonds inlaid into the handle for the cost.

  6. avatar Leadbelly says:

    I have a hard time justifying pricy knives, myself. If I were young again and living rough in the great outdoors, a knife that won’t fail under the hardest of use would be a priority. Unfortunately, I’ve lost more knives than I’ve ever broken, and there are any number of fine folders that will give you ninety percent of the performance for twenty percent of the cost of this one.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Yep. Many more of my knives have walked off than have been worn out.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        What you said. I occasionally work in a commercial kitchen. I see multi-hundred dollar knives stay right where they lay, and I need to watch my inexpensive working knives like a hawk.

    2. avatar jerry says:

      Indeed. I usually carry a spyderco harpy or endura 4 and I have no complaints.

  7. avatar Joe Grine says:

    “I’ve lost more knives than I’ve ever broken.”

    Ain’t that the truth. Sigh.

  8. avatar OkieRim says:

    I have two, one is regular sebenza from 2000. The other is a sebenza with redwood burl inlays, this one sits in the safe a lot. Truth be told, outside of the office, the strider gets carried the most.

    1. avatar Pat says:

      To ogle, fondle and caress. This is what these knives are for. My Precious! Many people, myself included, bought and collected things that were probably (definitely) not rational, because we simply wanted them. No rhyme or reason involved. Only one trip through the funhouse of life.
      But to carry for function, I would have to have so much money, it would be a tough job to try to spend it all, like tens of millions.

  9. avatar rawmade says:

    I love my Sebenza, however my Rick Hinderer XM18 (titanium with carbon fiber scales) is my EDC. I know a lot of people dont understand paying (and carrying) a $800 knife, but knife fans are no different than gun fans. I happen to love both.

    1. avatar Tod says:

      I understand that people like something special, but how could an edged weapon possibly come up to the sum of $800?!

      I think I miss the point – the point is there are people out there that will pay $800 for a knife. *light turns on in head*

      1. avatar Quiet, Please says:

        I think it’s like those ‘artists’ who throw a can of paint at the canvas and then sell it for a bajillion dollars. The people who buy it aren’t paying for the work, they’re paying for the name.

      2. avatar Citizen says:

        I don’t know, I disagree. I personally, can’t see spending more than $50-$60 on a knife, but if you look at most anything you can see that price goes up exponentially while price goes up linearly.

        I guarantee you a $2000 bottle of wine is not 1000 times better than a bottle of two buck chuck, but it’s certainly possible that it’s 50 times better.

        I think it’s the same with blades, and (with some exceptions) with guns. In a knife, I’m looking for:

        -won’t snap shut on my hand
        -that’s it

        But for others who are looking for perfection, they must just know they’re going to have to pay for it.

  10. avatar Highvoltage says:

    There are plenty of people that carry and use knives that are more expensive than a sebbie. The Sebenza has consistently won awards for quality for a reason. It is a very high quality, American made production knife. The owner of Spyderco has said they couldn’t produce a knife to the same tolerances in their Colorado factory for less.

    The knife in my pocket right now is worth much more than a Sebenza, but it is a handmade knife, and it’s value is due to the rarity, and the reputation/demand for the maker.

    Sure, someone could get a $30 CRKT, and it will cut stuff. But it’s not a Sebenza, just as a Sebenza isn’t a custom from a maker like Michael Burch, Jeremy Marsh, Ernest Emerson, or Bob Terzuola. Some people get enjoyment from owning and using items made by these craftsmen, and are willing to pay for it. Just as a Rock Island 1911 and a Nighthawk, Les Baer, or Wilson pistol may both be 1911’s, just because the Rock Island costs $500, doesn’t mean it’s a bargain compared to the other makers. Compare it to a full blown custom from Heirloom Precision and the difference becomes even greater.

  11. avatar ensitue says:

    Once you know the details of knife construction, materials and ergonomics much of the mythos disappears.
    As in marriage, but I never said that

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Marriege is a fine institution. If you don’t mind being institutionalised.

      A man is not complete until he’s married. Then he’s finished.

      I kid. I kid.

  12. avatar Ryab says:

    Hello, I am desperately looking for any Tom Mayo folders or Large Regular Sebenzas. If you have any that you would be willing to part with please email me at [email protected] Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you. Take care. Sincerely, Ryan

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