Undercover NY Cop Joined SUV Bashers

“In a stunning twist in the case of an SUV driver attacked by motorcyclists, an undercover New York police officer is expected to be charged this week for bashing the window of the SUV,” abcnews.go.com reports. “While the cop claimed the beatdown was breaking up when he reached the scene, [a newly revealed] seconds-long video clip caught him joining the bikers who surrounded the Manhattan family in their SUV,” nydailynews.com reports. It shows him punching the back window, and then as the camera is moving, it catches him maybe throwing a kick at the side of the car. ‘Once the beating starts you can see him hop on the bike and take off,’ a source said. ‘So he’s not involved in the assault, but he lied. He wasn’t truthful.'” So much for depending on “New York’s finest,” armed and ready to protect and serve, to get you out of a jam. You are your own first responder. Period.


  1. avatar Chris says:

    Are we sure he was not off duty? Undercover implies he was there investigating the gang but from what I have read he was a willing associate because he likes being a douche apparently.

    1. avatar Brooklyn in da house says:

      I also read he was off duty and just enjoying a Sunday ride with his friends.

    2. avatar knightofbob says:

      From what I’ve read, there were several of both flavor officer in the group. Both articles linked above mention that the particular officer they are talking about initially claimed he didn’t intervene so as to protect his cover, which would mean he was on the clock.

    3. avatar knightofbob says:

      Ok, CNN is now saying he was off duty AND undercover.

      1. avatar Jeremy S says:

        LOL. Yeah, I’ve been seeing it stated both ways. That off-duty cops were members of this group, and that there were undercover cops in the group — either of these things or both of these things at the same time. Who knows. It seems to be mixed up so much that I don’t know what to think, but I’m sort of leaning towards off-duty just because this doesn’t seem like a “gang” (i.e. involved in drug trafficking and other illegal, mob-type activities) that would warrant implanting undercovers, but more of a “club” or enthusiasts group that is just a bit unruly at times.

        1. avatar Byte Stryke says:

          “Edwin Mieses, 32, never got a driver’s license in the Bay State, the Registry of Motor Vehicles said, but he was frequently nabbed behind the wheel, and even sentenced to jail for driving without a license, court records show. Mieses has a pending case out of Lawrence District Court for driving suspended, subsequent offense, said Carrie Kimball Monihan, spokeswoman for the Essex County District Attorney’s Office. Mieses also has 15 guilty findings for criminal offenses including distribution of cocaine, possession of a firearm without a permit, knowingly receiving stolen property, resisting arrest and several motor vehicle violations, court records show.
          Mieses was sentenced to jail in 2004 for distribution of cocaine, in 2001 for operating without a license, in 2000 for possession of a firearm, and in 1999 for possession of marijuana, receiving stolen property, destruction of property and attaching plates, according to court records.”

          Nah, this guy was a boy-scout that fell in with the wrong crowd and was turning his life around. No Gang-Bangers here…

      2. avatar Russ Bixby says:

        An undercover cop is undercover 24/7. If he’s, say, investigating a gang, it’s an immersion and he doesn’t get to not play the part.

        Problem officer, though. Jeez.

        1. avatar Crunkleross says:

          Mieses the poor innocent ran over biker has Gloria Allred defending him now. I’m going to be sick now after seeing her on the tube.

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          He wasn’t investigating that gang. That’s the point.

    4. avatar Simon says:

      So this guy was presumably carrying a gun while bashing in somebody’s vehicle?

  2. avatar Tyler says:

    What a disgrace. You brought this on yourself New York.

  3. avatar Mayor Bloomberg says:

    D’oh! That didn’t go as planned.

  4. avatar Alan Rose says:

    Let me guess, he was just trying to interview the driver and/or make an arrest.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      You mean after the driver’s hit and run that provoked the attack?

      1. avatar HamChuck says:

        So the SUV driver deserved the beating he got? Right…

        1. avatar Totenglocke says:

          So you’re saying that committing a violent crime (hit and run) isn’t something that would understandably cause a violent response?

      2. avatar TheDabbo says:

        Or did the biker brake-checking the SUV get things rolling? I don’t know which came first- the hit and run or the brake check. Either way, after running the biker over, mr. SUV should have called the police, and told them what had happened.

        1. avatar HamChuck says:

          Yeah he should have. He probably freaked out, or his wife was freaking out, or he was worried that the “crazy biker gang” was going going to hurt his 2 year old. Dude was scared and he ran. Understandable. It wasn’t the right thing to do, but it was understandable. Conversely, the bikers should have called the cops on the hit and run, not gone all pitchfork and torches on the dude. Mob justice is never the answer and there is no excuse or justification for it. Besides, how do we know he hadn’t called the cops as he was “fleeing in fear”?

        2. avatar Jake says:

          A “brake check” involves starting from a minimum safe distance of at least two car lengths. I am perplexed as to why what this biker did is being referred to all over the net as a brake check. It was emphatically no such thing. The biker drifted in front of the suv at less than one quarter car length, looked over his shoulder and jolted the brakes, looking down to make sure his tire hit the bumper to allow the whole group to go off on their wittle tantwum. These bikers were intentionally harassing another motor vehicle, I believe it is illegal in NYC to attempt to force other vehicles to go drastically under the speed limit, and it is certainly against the law to stop in the middle of the highway en masse and attack another vehicle.

        3. avatar Matt in FL says:

          I didn’t know there were “rules” for a brake check. I know that to pretty universally be the term for pulling over in front of someone and jacking your brakes to mess with them.

        4. avatar Jake says:

          That was kind of my point. This dude did not pull a brake check, he intentionally struck the front of the suv, watching carefully to gun it so he didn’t get run under. As a four wheel driver, I’ve had my backside smacked on slow highways by ditzy kids and old farts alike, I don’t smash in their windows and cut them up in front of their kids, I frown disapprovingly at them for a minute silently then take their information and leave. F*** every one of these dudes, they define the term throwback. Me bike. Hear bike roar.

  5. avatar dudebro says:

    A corrupt cop committing a crime. Well, I hope his upcoming 3 day paid vacation teaches him a lesson he will never forget.

  6. avatar BillC says:


  7. avatar dwb says:

    this is my surprise face.

  8. avatar MothaLova says:

    Unbelievable. Bad enough that we can’t carry guns in NY even though the police have no legal liability for protecting us. Now we have to worry about the police actually attacking us (to the extent we didn’t have to worry about that before, that is).

    1. avatar dwb says:

      Don’t you think those two things might be connected?

      1. avatar MothaLova says:

        Yessir, youbetcha

  9. avatar Taco Ninja says:

    Don’t go to New York…you could be assaulted and have your family terrorized by the police….

  10. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Goes to show the true nature of those with a badge. Plenty of them to suppress the public and do what they want. Just read this about Fed Rangers at Yellowstone Park and how they treated senior citizens. Disgraceful.

    From the Eagle Tribune: ‘Gestapo’ tactics meet senior citizens at Yellowstone

  11. avatar Blue says:

    He would have still got his ass shot pulling that crap on folks in TN, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, etc.

  12. avatar Jeh says:

    Im sure he’ll be awarded a medal of bravery in the line of duty and a paid vacation.

  13. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    There is no longer any point in expressing outrage. We know, a priori, that no fault will be found. At most, the guilty cops will be put on paid leave for a couple weeks while an “investigation” is “conducted.”

    Nice, easy work if you can get it.

  14. avatar Accur81 says:

    I hope he gets canned, and NY wakes up. I can dream, right?

  15. avatar dumbfounded says:

    Bikers get weird in groups. It’s kinda like watching the TV report on the gay pride parade and seeing the gay guy you know from work dancing around in a throng of half naked men in fishnets and tiaras… and you’re like what the???

    When I ride my Suzuki it’s just me, her and the road.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      The anonymity of the mob breads lawlessness. Thus explained are lynchings, riots, and similar acts of violence that no one would do on his own.

      1. avatar Salty Bear says:

        Psychology calls it “social facilitation”: the idea that a feeling that the collective entity bears the responsibility, which reduces or eliminates feelings of personal responsibility among members of the collective.

        Yea I know, cue Borg jokes.

  16. avatar Skyler says:

    Not involved in the assault? Sounds like he is guilty of conspiracy to assault to me. I don’t know New York law but in Texas that’s the same as doing the assault yourself.

    1. avatar KAT says:

      Just glad I live where every spring and fall when various cycle clubs gather in large numbers, that they respect rules of the road and don’t harass motorist. The ones I’ve seen on the roads stay in a formation. Don’t swerve in and out of traffic like these jackasses were doing. Guess here in the Texas Hill Country, we have a better class of motorcyclists..

  17. avatar KCK says:

    What is the ratio of Bad NYC LEO’s to LEO’s versus us Bad gun owners to gun owners?

    Of course that doesn’t count in NYC because all gun owners are bad, right?
    But then again all NYC cops…

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      You will never get an accurate count on this statistic. Good or indifferent NYC cops will downplay or not report bad NYC cops and all will exaggerate the problem of “civilian” gun owners. No good data if the sample is tainted.

    2. avatar Mike in NC says:

      While it is not specific to NY or NYC, I saw this Ammoland article linked elsewhere claiming murder by cop to be three times more likely than by CCW holder.

  18. avatar Jordan says:

    Still think only the police should have guns?

  19. avatar Ralph says:

    Having lived in NYC for more than half my life (so far), I know that New York cops are the very highly trained, well educated and motivated police in the world. And the NYPD still sucks.

    What does that tell you?

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      That they are fine upstanding footsoldiers in Nanny Bloomie’s private little army? And “Pug” Kelly would make a gentle, fair DHS Secretary?

      I need a drink…

  20. avatar Mark N. says:

    Sounds to me like this cop was “undercover on duty” because he likes to get paid while riding with his friends.

  21. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    Here the thing. If the driver was in America and not the comnist state of NY and had been armed, and had done what was well within his right to do. (Shoot to kill) He would have been arrested and prosecuted for killing a “police officer” even though the cop participated in the beating.

  22. avatar Erik says:

    So had the driver been armed, and shot the undercover cop, what would the NY papers say? Oh, the horror!
    The driver would be away for life.
    What a thug that officer is.

  23. avatar Aragorn says:

    The police are like politicians, many started out with the best intentions but the power
    they are given ultimately corrupts far too many of them too trust any of them.

    1. avatar B says:

      I don’t give them that much credit. They are just thugs that prefer blue instead of red. They picked the gang with the better benefits.

  24. avatar ensitue says:

    A NYC Cop CHA?

  25. avatar Duke of Sharon says:

    Surely we’ll hear some handwringing sheep bleat: “See, that’s why I don’t own a motorcycle helmet; If I had one, I’d probably bash in the window of an SUV with it.”

  26. avatar Michael B. says:


    Michael Palladino, president of the NYPD detectives’ union, the Detectives’ Endowment Association, said the undercover officer had to make a difficult decision.

    “Compromising his identity could compromise all the work he’s doing and his safety as well,” said Palladino. “It’s very difficult to lead a double life.”

    Like clockwork, the police union comes out to defend him. Just one of the many ****ing things wrong with police agencies in our country today.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      That’s the union’s job in the immediate aftermath, just like a defense attorney. It’s not the problem. The problem is that these idiots are hired over someone else who doesn’t have gang connections and isn’t a thug.

      That ‘undercover’ excuse might have worked had he immediately called for backup and\or reported the incident to his supervisors. Since he didn’t, he’s done. Have fun in jail… deserves no better.

  27. avatar DaveL says:

    It gets better. ABC is now reporting one of the off-duty cops in the gang was in Internal Affairs.


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