TTAG Contest: How Much Did RF Pay for His Ammo?

Ammo! (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I came across some ammo on Friday night. Lots of it. Thousands of rounds. For sale. In unlimited quantities. God bless Texas. Not one to look a gift horse in the price tag, I melted my plastic for 1000 rounds of 115-grain FMJ Federal Premium, 1000 rounds of CCI Standard Velocity 22R, 1000 rounds of Federal 55-grain 5.56, and 500 rounds of 40-grain FN 5.57 X 28m. What did I pay? 100 rounds of any of the above to the winner. Contest closes at midnight tonight (Sunday). Winner announced tomorrow (Monday) morning.


  1. avatar Mike Taylor says:

    Ok, I’ll bite.
    Too much.
    Did I win?

  2. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Id rather know from who then how much.

    1. avatar Rev. Maurice Pompitous says:

      This! on the 22 LR for sure!

  3. avatar Jack B says:


  4. avatar max maguire says:


  5. avatar CharlieKilo says:


  6. avatar Brooklyn in da house says:


  7. avatar CGinTX says:

    Ditto on hearing the “where” more than the “how much” – should I find myself in the general area I would dearly love to know where to go visit; my own bendy plastic card is looking to get warm its own self.

  8. avatar Nick says:

    I am going to say that you got it for under 1185 before taxes.

  9. avatar Scott says:


  10. avatar David says:

    $920 if it was reasonably prices for the current market. Significantly higher if you just had to have it, and the only reason they had it was their high prices were scaring other buyers away.

  11. avatar Dickie J says:


  12. avatar Cookie says:


  13. avatar Robert Holmes says:


  14. avatar Delgado says:


  15. avatar Bryan P says:


  16. avatar Dave says:


    If you think about it though, RF didn’t really pay anything for the ammo. Visa did!

  17. avatar dwb says:

    $1150 plus $72 sales tax.

  18. avatar Jim R says:


  19. avatar Seek1234 says:


  20. avatar Andrew says:

    $839.30, no tax.

  21. avatar Justin R says:

    Hmm… $1,230?

  22. avatar Pulatso says:


  23. avatar NS says:


  24. avatar feffrey says:

    $1100 is my guess.

  25. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

    Price is Right rules… $1.00

    1. avatar Mic says:

      Dang. You beat me to it!

    2. avatar Steve says:

      $2.00, Bob!

    3. avatar Chris says:

      That would be the greatest game show ever… Price is right with all firearms and accessories. The trips could all be exotic hunting trips to Africa. You sir, are a man ahead of his time.

  26. avatar RandallOfLegend says:


  27. avatar Jay1987 says:


  28. avatar Gbo says:

    Is that before or after legal fees for the months long wrangling after the DHS raid for this ‘cache’ ?

  29. avatar Brandon says:

    $1275 including tax

  30. avatar BlinkyPete says:


  31. avatar Charles says:

    $755 before tax. If I’m right, give the cash equivalent to a local charity.

  32. avatar Mic says:

    I guess….$999.99. Thanks

  33. avatar john says:

    $1,490 including tax

  34. avatar Mortsey03 says:


  35. avatar Stu says:

    $1300 post tax

  36. avatar Gabriel says:

    $1090 before tax

  37. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    $1,325 before tax based on price per round in MI, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say for that kinda supply…


  38. avatar Rimfire says:

    $1066.88 plus tax…..c’mon baby, Daddy needs some lead.

  39. avatar Patrick says:


  40. avatar Highwayman says:

    When I win, I will take 100 rounds of the FN ammo. I will resell it and use the proceeds to buy 500 rounds of 9mm at Walmart and then have a nice dinner with the remaining funds.

  41. avatar tomjonesa22 says:


  42. avatar Cchas says:

    $1350 before tax.

  43. avatar Swobard says:

    $1303 after sales tax
    Whatever you paid, bet it kinda made ya feel warm & fuzzy stacking it all together for that photo!

  44. avatar SC Jeff says:


  45. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Picked it up at GT Distributors? That’s the only place in Austin I think would have that variety and quantity on hand.. Might be worth a trip to price it out 🙂

    1. avatar Darren M says:

      That’s what I’m betting too. I KNOW GT has the 5.56 at least. They’ve got a pallet of it on the showroom floor that’s been there for a while.

  46. avatar Stinkeye says:

    $1242.68 out the door.

  47. avatar Hal J. says:


  48. avatar gilbert gonzales says:


    1. avatar S.CROCK says:

      you think he got his ammo from cheaper than dirt?

      1. avatar Jack B says:

        haha that actually made me laugh out loud.

  49. avatar Citizen says:

    I’m just shocked by these low prices.

    All the 1000 round 5.56 cubes I’m seeing here in CA are $700 each.

    I’m gonna say 1,650.

    1. avatar Pulatso says:

      I’ve seen 1000 round cubes of 5.56 selling for $450 in Florida.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Local bi-mart has 2,000 round boxes of federal for 899.

  50. avatar Pascal says:

    1000 rounds of 115-grain FMJ Federal Premium, ~ $400
    1000 rounds of CCI Standard Velocity 22R, ~ $80
    1000 rounds of Federal 55-grain 5.56, ~ $420
    and 500 rounds of 40-grain FN 5.57 X 28m ~ $370

    Grand Total (not including Tax) ~$1,270

    Please donate the 100rds of 22lr to a local Appleseed Event or Organizer

  51. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    $1,325 plus the published sales tax of 6.25% got me to
    $1,407.81 final answer.

    Wait a minute tho, is food taxed? After all, this is gun food.

  52. avatar Will says:

    Free? haha $1066.00

  53. avatar Tim Trammell says:

    $844.57 + Tax, Title and destination charges

  54. avatar Marty the Lett says:

    $ 1084.58 tax excluded

  55. avatar DJ9 says:


  56. avatar hammer13 says:

    1165 plus tax

  57. avatar jwestham says:


  58. avatar Keith M says:

    $1,353.00 tax included.

  59. avatar darkstar says:

    $1,125 OTD

  60. avatar Bob says:

    Shot in the dark …. 1470.00

  61. avatar Sixpack70 says:


  62. avatar Chris says:

    My guess is $1230. I can’t wait to hear where this is from, the shocks on my truck are about to be exhausted!

  63. avatar gloomhound says:


  64. avatar S.CROCK says:

    $1,089 total. $220 for 9mm, $69 for .22, $350 for 5.56, and $450 for 5.57×28.

  65. avatar Cory says:

    $1,096 tax included

  66. avatar Jim says:

    $1140 before taxes.

    1. avatar MarkinVA says:


      I got the same thing. What was your breakdown? .22 for 9mm, .08 for 22lr, .44 for 5.56, .80 for FN.

  67. avatar Jared says:


  68. avatar Mike W says:

    $920 (not counting delivery cost)

  69. avatar davidw says:


  70. avatar Adam Haynes says:

    Nothing. A sponsored shooter that gets rounds delivered from Winchester don’t pay nothin.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      Nick leghorn is sponsored. RF is not, besides this is mixed ammo not just fn and Winchester.

  71. avatar danelover100 says:

    My guess is $1055.00 plus tax.

  72. avatar Nathan says:


  73. avatar Kevin says:

    I’m going with 1265. 58

  74. avatar randy taylor says:


    Don’t figure you’d load up unless you found a reasonable deal.

  75. avatar Silvercaper says:

    $1,007.90 before tax

  76. avatar Jay W. says:

    $1,020.77 total

  77. avatar Don says:


  78. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Two chickens and a pig. (That way Uncle Sam can’t tax the transaction.)

  79. avatar P Mauser says:

    $1112.81 tax included

  80. avatar Scottlac says:

    $1235 on plastic. Your bank will now freak out and cancel you as a customer when they find out what you just bought by borrowing their money.

  81. avatar MarkT says:

    $1090 with tax, local pickup.

  82. avatar TX says:

    $ 947.19, including sales tax of 8.25%. (Or $ 875.00 before tax.)

  83. avatar Tim says:

    $1,224.42 sans tax

  84. avatar Xanthro says:

    1000 rounds of 115-grain FMJ Federal Premium, ~ $350
    1000 rounds of CCI Standard Velocity 22R, ~ $100
    1000 rounds of Federal 55-grain 5.56, ~ $410
    and 500 rounds of 40-grain FN 5.57 X 28m ~ $620

    Total without tax $1,480
    Total with tax $1,572.50

    1. avatar Xanthro says:

      For some reason I thought it was 1,000 rounds of 5.57, so editing my numbers.

      1000 rounds of 115-grain FMJ Federal Premium, ~ $350
      1000 rounds of CCI Standard Velocity 22R, ~ $100
      1000 rounds of Federal 55-grain 5.56, ~ $410
      500 rounds of 40-grain FN 5.57 X 28m ~ $310

      Total without tax $1,170
      Total with tax $1,243.13

  85. avatar MiketheHopsFarmer says:


  86. avatar Dale_ ND says:


  87. avatar YellowSnozofTexas says:


  88. avatar Robb says:


  89. avatar Matt says:


  90. avatar RockThisTown says:


  91. avatar vioshi says:


  92. avatar Jeff Sabelko says:

    $1399 pre tax

  93. avatar Christian says:

    $1124 w/tax.

  94. avatar matt brown says:


  95. avatar Ed Rogers says:


  96. avatar Excedrine says:

    $1,550 sans tax.

  97. avatar Andrew Chenevey says:


  98. avatar wheelgun says:


  99. avatar Rick Jason says:


  100. avatar Bova says:

    1111 before tax, or 1199.88 after 8% sales tax. If the tax is 6.25% as I have seen some people quote, I say 1180.44

    (I personally think it should be before tax, though.)

    Also, article says 5.57×28. Shouldn’t that be 5.7×28? If it is and you correct that, please feel free to edit this part of my comment out. Cheers!

  101. avatar Alek K says:

    WAG is $946.37 not including taxes.

    I would choose the 5.56

  102. avatar Ralph says:

    $1330.90 pretax, $1450.44 tax included.

  103. avatar Az9mm says:

    $487.64 (Not Including Tax)

  104. avatar seth says:

    1568.75 all in.

  105. avatar The Last Marine out says:

    $860.00 and free shipping

  106. avatar derrickman says:


  107. avatar Carry.45 says:


  108. avatar Adam says:

    $1115 + tax

  109. avatar roadkill6 says:

    $1433 + tax. So about $1550 total.

  110. avatar Michael Stratton says:

    I say 700

  111. avatar Tom Huntzinger says:


  112. avatar zachary says:

    $1290 includes tax

  113. avatar Chris Loyd says:


  114. avatar John in Ohio says:


  115. avatar rsalaud says:

    $1,009.90 + Tax? 5.56 = $400, 5.7 = $189.90, 22LR = $75, 9mm =$345, if I win, I’m in Austin, so you don’t have to ship…

  116. avatar Richard says:

    $1, 287.50

  117. avatar Jay says:

    1850 not including sales tax

  118. avatar Jeh says:

    To damn much.

  119. avatar Brian says:


  120. avatar Russ says:


  121. avatar ken says:

    1158.42 FRNs(US “dollars”… yeah, right…. 🙂

  122. avatar Dallas Warrior says:

    You paid nothing as it was a gift….from a horse.

  123. avatar Bgryphon says:


  124. avatar CA.Ben says:

    $1389 with tax

  125. avatar blkcat says:

    Approximately $1,130 is my guess.

  126. avatar Phil L. says:


  127. avatar Matt in Maine (formerly SD) says:


  128. avatar Matt in TX says:


  129. avatar Accur81 says:


  130. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

    About a tree fiddy.

    1. avatar John in Ohio says:


  131. avatar Loyd says:

    You got it in exchange for giving some lonely prepper Kirsten Weiss’ phone number.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      I laughed out loud at this…

  132. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    $1787 plus tax…

  133. avatar TheBear says:


    And I am jealous as hell, btw.

  134. avatar Brad says:


  135. avatar Anonymous says:

    $6728 and your left kidney.

  136. avatar Operator Error says:

    Probably over, but I’ll say $1,700.

  137. avatar Paul53 says:

    OK, I’ll play. It was $879.98 with a kiss from a unicorn.

  138. avatar MojoRonin says:


  139. avatar Danny says:

    $1200 for the 115 Federal

    $150 for CCI Standard Velocity 22R

    $410 for 1000 rounds of Federal 55-grain 5.56

    $380 for 500 rounds of 40-grain FN 5.57 X 28m

    Total: $2140

  140. avatar jjKayd says:


  141. avatar Sparky T$ says:

    I say $1040

  142. avatar Matt in Idaho says:


  143. avatar Kurt M says:

    Hmmm, locally sourced retail ammo without a 2 box limit that wasn’t sold out by that evening?
    Either you traded your soul or they really marked up the price for you.

  144. avatar RockOnHellChild says:


  145. avatar VIP0414 says:


  146. avatar Adam Litke says:


  147. avatar Randy says:


  148. avatar Too Close to Chicago says:


  149. avatar Peter says:

    1080 before tax

  150. avatar haiku guy says:


  151. avatar Mr. Soul says:

    $1,595 + tax

  152. avatar Adam S. says:

    I am thinking about $1500. Assuming they are not actually empty boxes of hope!

  153. avatar cmcinc says:


  154. avatar Phil J says:


  155. avatar mike says:

    About $1180 before taxes.

  156. avatar MacBeth51 says:

    $1900 including tax

  157. avatar Grayson says:


  158. avatar Russell says:


  159. avatar Paul says:

    $1189 + tax

  160. avatar Kelly in GA says:


  161. avatar SD3 says:


    And congrats!

  162. avatar ktooloo says:

    $1234.56 before tax for some 5.56 pleez

  163. avatar CCW Guy says:


  164. avatar miserylovescompany says:

    I’m gonna say $1,062.39 after TX sales tax….Wish I had a CC to set on fire like that! 🙂


  165. avatar Andrew says:


  166. avatar Josh says:


  167. avatar Roger says:

    $1210.00 before tax.

  168. avatar Stephen Rivera says:

    $1417.22 plus tax.

    I’d like 100 rounds of 5.56 please. Thanks!

  169. avatar Zach says:

    Hm. $1200?

  170. avatar 24/7 Pro says:

    Based on my experience in AZ and now TX im gonna say: $1585 after tax.

    And I want the FN 5.7 ammo. Please and Thank you!

  171. avatar sizzlin' bacon says:

    $1233 plus any applicable sales taxes 😀

  172. avatar howard says:


  173. avatar Praveen Kumar says:

    $860 + tax + shipping

  174. avatar Andrew says:


    I’ll take 100 rounds of the 5.56, thanks.

    Alllllrighht! Giggity.

    1. avatar DJ9 says:

      Is this just a naturally excitable person, or the worst way to announce a winner EVAR?

      Sure would prefer an official-type announcement from RF; morning is almost gone where I’m at…

      1. avatar Andrew says:

        No, I’ m not the winner at all.

        I emailed TTAG to ask when they were going to announce the winner and Matt in FL said I was laughably off with my “craigslist style lowball” of $839.

        1. avatar DJ9 says:

          Mainly because your message didn’t include a numerical guess, I thought your message might have been the winner announcement.

          Sorry you didn’t win. Maybe next time?

  175. avatar A-Rod says:

    Trick Question. Robert did not pay a dime. This is was was willed to him from the Mike B estate. RIP Mike B and thanks for the ammo.

  176. avatar Matt says:

    $1357 total.

  177. avatar Gregolas says:

    $1,716.32 That’s $ik plus the grand prize from ” The Gong Show”.

  178. avatar Chris in Dallas says:


  179. avatar Ruun says:


  180. avatar Tackleberry says:

    $1130 ill take 5.56

  181. avatar David PA/NJ says:



  182. avatar DJ9 says:

    Congrats “Tom in Oregon!”

    Thread about winning guess is here:

  183. avatar nick k. says:

    I’ll say $767.76

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