Ruger Adds Three Non-Entries to Its 10/22 Contest

Orville, Texas knows (courtesy

Ruger reads TTAG. But I bet we weren’t the only gun guys disappointed by the lackluster quality of the 10 finalists for their design a 10/22 contest. Why else would the company send an email blast linking to three non-entries with the words “vote for me” underneath the pics? “Your feedback could influence another future Ruger product” the email teases. So it’s a contest within a contest without a prize. Go figure. Checking out the three also-rans, I reckon they’re at least as good if not better than the ones Ruger chose for the final vote. Orville from Texas’s modded 10/22 [above] uses after-market parts to create a “tack driver” of a rifle with which he “nailed a Tom at 80 yards.” Now for Dick and Harry . . .

Modded Ruger 10/22 is just Garand (courtesy

Actually, Robert from Vermont and Mark from Texas (go Lone Star!). Bobby Boy’s ballistic bauble mimics the G1/M1 carbine. Apparently this modded 10/22 can “foster historic significance for youth and adult as well.” That doesn’t mean what Bob-o thinks it means but I think I know what he means.

A hunting we shall go, with a modded Ruger 10/22 (courtesy


Mark from Texas takes the cake. His very carefully modded 10/22 looks perfectly balanced and finely wrought. Mark says he named it the “Slade Special Safari Grade” after a hunting classic. The rifle’s workmanship, simplicity and utility put all the other entries to shame, although I still like the red race gun.


  1. avatar Bret says:

    I love the m1 carbine, I would definitely buy that.

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      Yup. That’s my favorite out of all of them, including the 10 official finalists.

      1. avatar CA.Ben says:

        Same here. If that was a factory option, I’d be selling my 795.

    2. avatar JoshtheViking says:


  2. I think the M1 Carbine 10/22 is awesome! I’d trade my 10/22 I have now for it in a heartbeat.

  3. avatar KevinMA says:

    I’m in for the carbine as well!

  4. avatar cmonty says:

    The m1 carbine isn’t new, you can get one from some other manufacturer or you can just buy an aftermarket stock. Not exciting at all.

    The one with mini 14 sights, a flash hider and the new American .22 buttstock looked much, much more interesting and useful. You finally get a 10/22 with a threaded barrel and good irons.

  5. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

    I got the Ruger e-mail to go and vote… looked at the contenders and said “ahh, nevermind…”

    While Orville’s gun certainly looks nice, bragging about an 80 yard shot doesn’t prove much. My bone stock Savage Mark IIG with cheapo Cabela’s scope easily nails 2″ targets at 100 yards all day long with Remington Golden Bullets that most people hate. Or is this actually an impressive feat with a 10/22?

    1. avatar MiketheHopsFarmer says:

      I use my plinkster to take groundhogs and other farm pests at 100 to 130 yards with a BSA scope all day long. Just got a 10/22 to improve from there.

  6. avatar C says:

    The race gun looks like something out of Mass Effect.

    1. avatar S. Cautela says:

      Or Boarderlands 2

  7. avatar Renegade Dave says:

    The real question is which do the lawyers at Ruger want to build?

  8. avatar ensitue says:

    If I adopted a screw jack as the rest for my 10-22 I could shoot 1 hole groups as well

  9. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I also liked the red race gun. That thar is a Purdy rahfle

  10. avatar LT says:

    Like the first one, but then again it’s very much like my favorite:

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      I like the one from your link better than these by far…

  11. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    I think someone left the red thing out in the sun too long.

  12. avatar Cameron B says:

    meh, i suppose the M1 but doesn’t Chiapa make one?

  13. avatar Layne says:

    If they want to sell something, just bring back the 10/22 magnum (without the self cracking bolt this time). I don’t personally know what’s so great about an auto loading .22 mag, but they go for $1000 used easily. There’s some market there.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      That would be a cool rifle – a 10/22 Mag takedown. I’d definitely buy one.

      1. avatar The smiling swordsman says:

        Oh Yeah!!

        I love the 22WMR.

  14. avatar Not So 1337 says:

    Now if only we could get Ruger to make actual M1 Carbines. mmmmmmmmmmm That would be hot.

    1. avatar Jay1987 says:

      ^THIS!!! oh and in something other than 30 carbine. How bout .38 special, .45 ACP, .44 mag, .357 mag, .50 AE, .50 GAP, .223/5.56, .300 BLK, .458 Socom, or even 9mm?? Oh and of course the original .30 carbine as well as giving the option of full wood stock or the paratrooper folding wire stock maybe one of the new polymer telescoping stocks as well and different sight mounting options too.

  15. avatar Mike in NC says:

    At this moment, my favorite 10/22 variant is the now-discontinued Ruger Charger.

  16. avatar Ima Yeti says:

    Had a wife and a Ruger once. Put up with the wife fore 12 looong years. She did have some positives about her. The Ruger pistol was a POS from day one, and Ruger checked over twice and said that nothing was wrong with it. It couldn’t fire 2 shots without jamming. After the lesson with the wife, I dumped that Ruger in 3 months. Much happier but poorer now.

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      Are you sure you didn’t have a Rooger?

  17. avatar John says:

    I would buy the M1 Carbine version in a heartbeat.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Personally, I’d rather have the M1 Carbine itself instead of a .22

      1. avatar Mike in NC says:

        Since early in the year until just the last month or so .30 Carbine ammo was easier to find than .22 LR.

  18. avatar michael kennedy says:

    I’m still leaning towards the red jacket firearms bullpup stock.

  19. avatar janitor says:

    they should reduce the magazine capacity of those death machines to 7 rounds.

    honestly, other than slapping lipstick on it, there isnt much to you can really do to one that has not been done….they should just have a plain one with an anniversary stamp on it and sell it CHEAP with 2 25rnd mags.

  20. avatar C says:

    Am i the only person on the planet who doesn’t like these things?

  21. avatar Don says:

    The M1 Carbine is the best by far, but this 10/22 M1 Garand clone would be way better:

    1. avatar Don says:

      Hey RUGER,

      Especially since the M1 Garand has been heavily featured in video games for over 10 years now:

      You’ve got a whole generation coming of age that “grew up” with that virtual rifle. What could be better than having an affordable .22lr version of it to plink with? Please use actual M1 Garand sights on it too!


  22. avatar SRK says:

    When and why did Ruger stop making the 10/22 in a magnum version?


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