Rare RI Republicans Ruffle Rifle-Raptors’ Feathers with AR Rifle Raffle

Every single news outlet reporting on the RI GOP’s rifle raffle mentioned the fact that the AR-15 in question—which raised $20k for the party—was “similar to the one used at Sandy Hook.” Perhaps they should have attributed the description to one of the raffle’s detractors. Small point. Big controversy. One that has the GOP [now] expressing regret at their choice of firearm. Weasel words from a party that has nothing—nothing—to lose. Glad I’m in Texas. Oh, and you don’t have to wait seven days to take delivery of a firearm in Rhode Island if you have a city or town-issued concealed carry permit.


  1. avatar Ras says:

    Not completely correct. Only town-issued carry permits remove the waiting period, not permits issued by the AG–which is the majority of permits

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Good point. Text amended.

    2. avatar Andrew says:

      A lot of CLEO’s in the towns here (RI) don’t really understand that whole “shall issue” thingy.

      Getting the permit can range from easy to non-existent.

  2. avatar doesky2 says:

    Zero backbone and they wonder why they keep losing.

    1. avatar SteveInCO says:

      Oh no, it’s the Tea Party that is pushing the Republican party off a cliff! All the leftist pundits say so, so it must be true!

  3. avatar Samuel Suggs says:

    The pearl clutching news report was the worst thing about this whole situation

    1. avatar JeffR says:

      “Top local story”? Seriously? Rhode Island must be a boring place.

      1. avatar Andrew says:

        I have to defend my adopted home state here.

        Yep, its kind of quiet, but I like living here. Very little crime, decent weather. Sure, taxes suck here and the gun climate isn’t *the best*, but for the most part its a pretty decent place to live.

  4. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    This is complete crap and yellow journalism. Basically not real or similar to space aliens stole my toe nail clippings. Every single AR15 is similar to the new town shooing one. So is every shotgun is similar to the one used at he navy yard shooting, along with every riffle is similar to the one used to kill Kennedy. This is just a bunch of gun natzis trying to do anything to disarm the American puplic like the Germans did the Jews. Yes I think its that bad and for the same reason. I am so sick of this, I wish they would be called out on this.

  5. avatar Paul53 says:

    But, but, don’t they know? Guns kill people! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

  6. avatar Cubby123 says:

    Why don’t we give our ground,and our families,and our dignity and our wallets and our homes and our children and our pride and our belongings and our cars and our……..,FU go to hell.
    Stupid f…ing liberal idiots,Idealizing a worthless thug,drug dealer/ user,punk,bully,crook burglar,thief,hood(hoodie).

  7. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Well at least they didn’t raffle off a pressure cooker similar to the one used in the Boston marathon bombing.

    1. avatar Andrew says:

      That was at the mosque next door.


      1. avatar Paul53 says:

        Good one, Andrew.

  8. avatar Craig says:

    RF, you forgot to mention the Projo Poll. Projo, or the Providence Journal for the non-natives, ran a poll asking its readership if they were bothered about the RIGOP raffling off the AR. 81% of people said no problem, and 19% were concerned. That’s some good pro-gun results, however Projo took down the poll so I can’t provide the link.

    1. avatar KingSarc48265 says:

      AHHHH! The outcome doesnt fit our propaganda! Kill the poll! KILL IT! I’m sure that these ‘journalists’ would have no issue obtaining their free speech liscense if DiFi’s turd of a bill had any remote chance of passing.

      1. avatar Andrew says:

        The funniest thing is that Projo.com revamped their website into this awful, hard to navigate mess and kept putting polls about this thing up, and everytime the numbers kept coming up Pro-gun (like 90% or something ridiculous), and the articles kept getting shoved into the back pages so you couldn’t find them.

  9. avatar NS says:

    why move to Texas when New Hampshire was right in your backyard?

    1. avatar Jim Barrett says:

      Probably because its a good deal colder and gets more snow than Texas. Then again, summer only lasts for about 4 months in NH versus 11 and a half in Texas.

    2. avatar Salty Bear says:

      I wanna be a free-stater, but the darn military keeps sending me to slave states.

  10. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I’m confused. I keep re-reading the article and it keeps talking about a GOP and Republicans in Rhode Island. I am not aware of any GOP or Republicans in Rhode Island. In Texas? Sure. Rhode Island? Um, no.

    1. avatar Craig says:

      You have to look on the state level, and then in rural towns. The previous governor and Buddy Cianci were Republicans.

    2. avatar Hobbez says:

      If you are not from the Northeast (or if you are and grew up in a city) you don’t understand. Once you are outside of the confines of the many concrete Hells, there are no liberals. The New England Liberal exists almost exclusively in the cities and suburbs. Once they are outside the shiney walls and have some property and family to protect, they stop being lefties. The problem is, that they congregate together in flocks, like the sheep they are, and do nothing all day but chatter amongst themselves about how great they could make the world. New England would be the perfect place to live (or go back to, in my case) if only all the cities would get wiped off the map….

      1. avatar Jim Barrett says:

        The real problem is that in most Northeast states, anywhere from 60% – 85% of the total population of the state lives in the cities, so city people set the rules for the rest of the state. This is why, for example, that the three counties that include and surround New York City dictate politics for the rest of the state.

        1. avatar dph says:

          This isn’t just an issue in the NE, it works that way most everywhere you go. In WA, Seattle and Tacoma are the tail that wags the dog.

    3. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

      The GOP is rare in RI, and we might have 5 or 6 of them in the General Assembly. If you’re not a Democrat, don’t even bother running.

  11. avatar Jim Barrett says:

    What the GOP should have done is have an all AR-15 raffle and gotten one of those ones with the cute pink stock. Perhaps if they offered a rifle that would go with the Fembot reporter’s shoes or something, she would have been more amenable.

  12. avatar karlb says:

    Rare RI Republicans ruffle rifle-raptors’ feathers with AR rifle raffle.
    Better alliteration.

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    The reason that there’s no Republican party in Rhode Island is that the GOP there is highly elitist, but its natural base of conservative voters are what they call “Swamp Yankees” — in other words, hicks.

    On top of that, the GOP’s leading financer, a Newport heiress, died a few years ago. So now the GOP has no base and no top.

  14. avatar joe says:

    My state rep is a Democrat and a pro 2A legislator-he’s also pro-life and in favor of enforcing immigration laws.My neighbor is a Republican and doesn’t think anyone should own a gun.Go figure..The worst thing i heard was the Attorney General of RI,a retired cop,state that “some unknown person”might gate an “assault rifle”for $5.He damn well knows that the winner must get the gun from an FFL and pass a federal and state background check and a 7 day waiting period.He just flat out lied to the public.He is a Democrat named Peter Kilmartin.The best AG we ever had on issuing permits was a Jewish Republican(!!) named Jeff Pine.

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