The FSB Has Gone Tacticool

Coming soon to a democracy near you! Oh wait . . .


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Rules of Engagement: You smash the entire area, you kill anything with more than two legs. Do you get me?

    1. In Russia engagement rules you!

      1. avatar SD3 says:

        Fyederal’naya Sloozhba Byez’opasnosti. Preiyedut k’ raionye nedaleko ot vas.

  2. avatar Wilsontx says:

    I thought it was a Boston PD recruiting film until I turned the sound back on.

  3. avatar Dryw says:

    Was a little surprised at the extensive deployment of Glocks vs Grach (MP-443). I was under the impression it was the other way around.

    Kudos to the gent high elevation one-handing the PK on auto. Doubtful I could do the same.

  4. avatar Roll says:

    What? No axe throw whilst backflipping through the air? Oh wait, FSB not Spetsnaz…sorry

  5. avatar JimD says:

    They mentioned their officers were their most valuable asset, twice. Sounds like Soviet-era thinking!

  6. avatar Jeh says:

    Damn I wish I could speak Russian, such an incredible language.
    Well good for the FSB for joining the modern world, modern gear and firearms with rails.
    Im sure the RoE wont change much though, shoot it, bomb it, get hammered. Ah Russia…

  7. avatar Mediocrates says:

    Ain’t skirt…

    (posted with Tapatalk 4 from deep in the bowels of an MRAP)

  8. avatar jwm says:

    Are these the guys that kill all the terrorists and all the hostages?

  9. avatar Glenn in USA says:

    I noticed when they were doing the 3-man drill they were executed good muzzle control.

  10. avatar Wes S. says:

    That video was disappointing. I thought Spetznaz had those really silly knives that launched the blade at you like an arrow. Also, no rocket-propelled chainsaw.


  11. avatar int19h says:

    FSB is the internal state security service, so they’re really more like FBI in what they do (although they also handle counter-espionage and internal intelligence gathering). Anyway, these are not the guys “coming soon to a democracy near you” – that would be SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki – Foreign Intelligence Service).

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