Just Arrived: Winchester Long Beard XR Turkey Loads


Well look what the big brown truck just dropped off. Winchester announced their new Long Beard XR shotgun food a few weeks back, just in time for turkey season. It’s biggest claim to fame is that thing in the photo. No, that’s not a #6 Jell-O mold. That’s Winchy’s new Shot-Lok brainstorm, encapsulating the pellets in a nice, tight resin package. They say it keeps the shot from deforming when the gun goes bang, resulting in tighter groups. In fact, they claim twice the pellets end up in a 10″ circle out to 60 yards with a Long Beard Shot-Lok round. Just one problem . . .


I don’t own a turkey choke for my Mossberg 930. Winchester kindly sent me three boxes o’ 12 gauge, one each of numbers 4, 5 and 6. And to test these things out to 60 yards, using a proper turkey choke is really the way to go. So an evaluation is gonna have to wait while I scrounge one up along with some garden variety turkey loads for a proper A/B compar-o. Midway USA, here I come.

Anyway, it’s probably just as well. With America’s Baseball Team ploughing through the playoffs and about to take on Beantown’s best in the Fall Classic, I’ve been a little, well, distracted. So a delay may be just what the doctor ordered if I’m going to give the Long Beards a good and thorough workout. Go Cards.


  1. avatar DougieR says:

    Can’t wait to see the results Dan. I’ve had my eyes on some Longbeard as well for the Spring season. Oh yeah, and as a St. Louisan…GO BIRDS!!!

  2. avatar Bob says:

    Check out http://www.trulockchokes.com/ …been happy with a handful of extended chokes that I’ve ordered from them…

    1. Thanks. Just ordered one from them.

      1. avatar LJM says:

        I was going to suggest Turlock chokes as well, as I own a set for all my browning shotguns. Impeccable quality, great performance and top notch customer service. 100% American made and a company all scatter gun readers on this site should support.

  3. avatar DaveL says:

    Something that’s always amazed me:

    Domestic Turkey: Notorious among poultry producers for seemingly dropping dead for no reason at all.

    Wild Turkey: Shrugs off ordinary 2 3/4″ birdshot loads to the head.

  4. avatar Paul B says:

    Yeah, the wild ones make true the statement one tough old bird.

    I read once that Ben Franklin wanted the Turkey as the nations bird rather than the eagle. Seems he felt the eagle was a carrion eater and not to be admired.

    Oh well.

    Now if they make some of these in a 20, I would try some 4’s.

  5. avatar John Boch says:

    Those look really pricey.

    If they get much pricier, it will be cheaper, by a longshot (pun intended) to go to the local grocery story and buy a GD turkey that’s already dressed.


  6. avatar peirsonb says:

    You could send them my way. With another stellar post-season performance by the Tigers the rest of my fall is wide open….

  7. avatar Jus Bill says:

    I’m curious – how would this stack up as a home defense load? Any thoughts?

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