Solving the Problem of Child Violence

By Don N. Are instances of child violence on the rise? To tell the truth, I don’t really know, but I’ll go out on a limb and say it sometimes seems like it. There are good reasons why this could be true. Regardless, child violence is a problem worth solving whether the rates are increasing, […]

Quote of the Day: Punch Drunk Edition

“Having a gun isn’t enough. Women who fear for their life don’t need a gun — they need to go to their local police department, they need to go a family member, they need to go to the domestic violence shelter in their area where they have some type of protection.” – Christy Martin, Domestic […]

In Soviet Russia, Videos Shoot You

You may remember James Yeager’s winning oeuvre singing the praises of K-VAR’s commie Kalashnikovs. K-VAR liked what they saw enough to make the promotion a monthly competition and it appears that our own James Grant won in October with this gem featuring a score that will make you want to goose step past Lenin’s tomb. That […]

Trayvon’s Mom: Oppose Stand Your Ground Laws Because Guns

Having Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, testify before a Senate committee on stand your ground laws is like asking Meryl Streep to testify about pesticides. Neither one knows the first thing about their subject, but it’s sure to grab a few headlines. And there you have the reason for Ms. Fulton’s appearance before Tricky Dicky Durbin’s dog […]

Quote of the Day: Fortress America Edition

“If these idiots are this paranoid perhaps they should stay home and protect their fortress and not wander around on the streets. I do not want to live like this where people feel they have to carry guns to protect themselves at a public and/or family event.” Mary Rutten, Appleton, WI, quoted in Gun-carrying incident in […]

New From Fobus: CH Rapid Release Retention Holster

If you’re reading a post here about a new value-priced holster, you’re probably a regular reader. Or maybe you were just misdirected to TTAG while browsing insurance options at by their laughably kludgy code – who the hell knows? However you got here, you can probably see the utility, at least for some people, […]

Quote of the Day: Final Straw Edition

“When they violate that oath by trying to erase the Second Amendment, then I think we have a duty … to remove that threat.” – California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Gun owners groups consider recalls of Calif. lawmakers [at]

Blind People With Guns? Get Over It

By MD Matt Apparently Jimmy Kimmel took some blind people to the range recently, had them shoot at targets — badly — and made fun of them. On national television. Watching the resulting outrage was like hearing that people are upset that Howard Stern made fun of his guests. At some point one has to […]