TTAG in the Real World: Remington 870 Fest, Sunday November 10, Best of the West, Liberty Hill, Texas

Thanks to all of you who responded to my request for a Remington 870 to test Advanced Ballistic Concepts’ Multi-Impact shotgun ammo. That shout-out delivered first contact with ammo tester ShootingTheBull410, who’s now become a regular TTAG contributor. It also brought us a good half dozen Austin-area readers with Remington 870’s at the ready. So I […]

Hornady 2014 New Products Review

Hornady’s released its new product lineup for 2014. [Press release with product-specific videos after the jump.] I’m not so sure about the company’s decision to stretch their brand into non-ammo products with a “Security Division.” While their clunkily-named ArmLock™ Box & TriPoint™ Lock Box looks better than the competition, the Rapid Safe is about as discreet […]

Police Militarization For Fun and Profit

“Few galas can boast as many lights, cameras and action as the Houston Police Foundation gala.” With a lead like that you gotta know this gem from is going to be a great story. And so it is—if you love you some police militarization. “The sixth annual soiree returned to its original location at the […]

Building the Perfect 300 AAC Blackout Rifle

I fully admit to being a 300 AAC Blackout fanboy. Ever since Kevin Brittingham handed me a suppressed 300BLK HK416, I was hooked. A heavy-hitting caliber in the same familiar standard AR-15 platform? Sign me up! So as soon as I got back home, I started trying to build the perfect AR-15 in the wonder […]

OMG! 20k Mentally Ill People in CA With Guns! OMG!

“More than 20,000 people prohibited from owning a gun because they are diagnosed with a mental illness own some sort of firearm, according to a state audit released on Tuesday,” reports. “The audit, called ‘Armed Persons With Mental Illness,‘ outlines a communications failure between the California Department of Justice and the state’s court system in reporting and identifying people diagnosed […]

Question of the Day: Modify A Glock?

I really like the factory-issue sights on my new Glock 19. They are not, however, night sights. So I’m swapping them out for TRUGLO Bright Sights. OMG I’d forgotten just how graunchy and heavy a standard-issue Glock trigger can be. It smoothes out after a couple of thousand rounds but why wait? I’ve ordered a […]

Gun Review: Walther PPK/S .22

Dr. No was the first James Bond movie but the sixth book. In it Bond (James Bond) begrudgingly exchanges his .25 ACP Beretta for a Walther PPK chambered in the much more powerful .32 ACP, described as having “delivery like a brick through a plate glass window.” [Click here for the clip.] The PPK was available in .380 as […]