What Could Possibly Go Wrong: It’s a Great Day! Edition

It’s a great day for Great Day. The US Patent Office has issued design patent #D687, 247 for Great Day’s new(ish) overhead gun racks for utility vehicles and Jeep Wranglers. “The unique design is based on the principle of opposing forces that positions the gun rack securely in the headliner or inside roof area of the vehicle,” the presser proclaims. And then there are the opposing forces of convenient long gun transportation and the possibility of pointing your gun at your own or someone else’s head. Then again, gun safety sometimes is a compromise; there are times when there’s only a safer direction. I prefer Chrysler’s Mopar RamBox Holster (available in their Outdoorsman models), but who in their right mind would buy a pickup purely on its ability to schlep long guns? Yeah, me too. [h/t tacticalwire.com]


  1. avatar SD3 says:

    I’ll take seven, please!

  2. avatar Craig says:

    I prefer to stick long guns behind my truck’s bench seat in their case. The cases are more of an anti-rust thing and they prevent against potential damages more than anything else.

    Is this for single cabs, or just Texas sized trucks?

    1. avatar Joe S. says:

      For Extended cab or Crew cab.

      1. avatar Craig says:

        I’m going to be sad when the single cab goes away completely. The writing’s on the wall; I think the only small sized single cab truck that’s made today is the Colorado/Cayon. No more Ranger, no small Japanese truck, no Volkstruck, and I wouldn’t buy a Ram.

        Its a shame because the single cab is easy to drive and its a simple, utilitarian vehicle. Good for moving motorcycles, dog boxes, lumber, whatever. Just no horse trailers or space shuttles.

        And the nice thing is, people won’t ask you to take a group anywhere because any more than two people is uncomfortable 😉

        1. avatar LongBeach says:

          I thought I was the only single cab truck fan out there, glad there’s another!

        2. avatar OODAloop says:

          Unfortunately they’ve been on the way out since the move to a cloth interior. A standard cab pickup (2×4 or 4×4) with a vinyl interior was the *BEST* farm/field vehicle.

        3. avatar jwm says:

          I finally gave my single cab up when the grandkids started arriving. An eight foot bed, half ton pickup was the bomb for motorcycles and other hauling. I still miss it. But I no longer ride either. *SIGH*

        4. avatar Chad says:

          Standard cab with a bench seat, a great date vehicle. That bench was like a second need, if ya know what I mean.

        5. avatar jwm says:

          Standard cab, bench seat and the drive in movies.*SIGH*

        6. avatar gyrfalcon says:

          Silverado Work Truck… Like a Colorado but better:

  3. avatar PeterC says:

    If it fits my Honda Ridgeline and will hold a Tavor, I’ll buy it!

  4. avatar paultmccain says:

    I have a Kia Soul and before anyone starts trashing me, let me tell you what I can carry in my Soul (yes, puns abound).

    When I’m riding by myself, I have room in the front for another passenger and I can, and have, put my two shotguns, three long guns, one bullpup and five handguns and 1,000 rounds of ammo in the following calibers: 9mm, .45ACP, 7.62 and 5.56 and 500 rounds 00 buck. A huge cooler filled with water and ice and food, and all my targets, my range bags, my utility box for my eye and ear pro and all my video gear and … it is not at all crowded.

    I get excellent gas mileage and nobody would suspect the Kia Soul is a rolling arsenal.

    Those hamsters definitely know what they are doing.


    1. avatar Jay1987 says:

      Yes if only the Soul could haul what my old Ramcharger does i got room for me my girfriend out two kids the dog 12 long guns 4 bull pups and about 20 handguns plus the center console can be used as a cooler or ammo storage although i will cede that i only get about 15-20 mpg on the open road

    2. avatar Avid Reader says:

      I had one as a rental car last year. I could see it for around town and as short distance hauler. Unfortunately I had to do interstate driving on some windy days, and got bounced around quite a bit. I’ll stick to my Sorento, even though the mileage isn’t quite as good.

      1. avatar Jay1987 says:

        How are they on room though? It looks super tiny to me then again i drive a 74 Ramcharger or a 64 Chrysler 300… yes i do like old boats and cheap beaters thank you

        1. avatar jwm says:

          Nothing cheap about a beater that requires you to have an oil pipeline to your back yard.

        2. avatar Jay1987 says:

          Eh the Chryslers 383 is a 2 barrel it gets 15 open road the truck has a 440 and a 4 barrel with an aftermarket electric overdrive i get about 20 if i keep my foot out of it i buy beaters cause they’re cheaper on insurance easy to work on and parts are easy to find and interchange from other models

        3. avatar paultmccain says:

          I bought specifically because it has plenty of room for a big guy like me. I’m 6′ 4″ and have plenty of head room. I use it mainly for my daily commute, but it makes the 1.5 hour haul out to my training facility, and back, just fine.

    3. avatar Louis says:

      There was a time I owned a Datsun hatchback. It was amazing what i could carry in that car if properly stored “wink wink”.

  5. avatar J Nelson says:

    Hmmm… no, I don’t think I’ll be getting that. That just looks like an invitation for a head injury if you go off road.

  6. avatar OODAloop says:

    Isn’t this the open carry vs. concealed carry debate by proxy?

  7. avatar Cameron says:

    I’d like one, but I figure I’ll have to buy more guns and you know fix my truck first.

  8. avatar Jus Bill says:

    As seen on TV. Just $9.95 + S&H. BUT WAIT! Today only you can get TWO overhead gun racks for just $19.95 + S&H…

  9. avatar jwm says:

    The Easy Rider Rifle Rack. With room for not 1, not2, but 3 of your favorite rifles.

  10. avatar Bruce L. says:

    I like the Chrysler’s Mopar RamBox Holster, almost enough to buy a pickup. But aren’t the guns pointing at your back? Still looks cool.

  11. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    This would fit my urban camo rig. Go ahead and laugh, it’s a land rover with a rainbow and coexist bumper stickers. I can take that thing in downtown portland and park anywhere, unmolested. If I take my dually long bed 4door ford truck, I don’t dare go in the city. It’s been keyed, hate notes left, broken into. Sheesh.

    1. avatar Jay1987 says:

      That’s because its a Ford some Chevy and Mopar guys take it waaay too far

  12. avatar Grumpy in Kali says:

    Don’t keep a round in the chamber and you’ll be just fine. Don’t go out like how the one Chippy did a few years back.

    1. avatar PPGMD says:

      Exactly, cruiser ready – loaded by empty chamber was done specifically due to possible ADs due to floating firing pins on long guns. That exact mounting method isn’t uncommon in police trucks and SUVs.

  13. avatar Ken says:

    Is a free hardhat included?

  14. avatar Chad says:

    Not a new idea. I have had an overhead gun rack like this in my crew cab truck for almost 8 years. Keeps the rifles out of sight. I have actually been pulled over by Law Enforcement, gotten the ticket, and the LEO never noticed the AR15 over my head.

  15. avatar Arod529 says:

    I don’t see it as a safety hazard. If your going to carry a gun for self defense, a pistol on your hip is the way to go. Safe quick and effective. For rifles, I don’t see any reason to have a round in the chamber while in vehicles; and if your using a rifle for defense it is probably against animals, in which case your probably on foot, not safely sitting in you pickup.

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