OMG! A Rifle! On a Train! In Canada! OMG!


Edmonton's presumably gun-free LRT (courtesy

“A 40-year-old man faces firearms-related charges after he allegedly took a rifle onto an Edmonton transit train during the rush-hour commute,” huffs. “Edmonton police say they got a call from a passenger on the train Thursday afternoon saying a male was carrying the weapon in plain view. Police contacted transit officials and made arrangements to intercept the train at a downtown station, though by then the man had left the train. A suspect was arrested a short time later in a nearby alley. Police says the .22-calibre rifle was not loaded and had the bolt removed.”


  1. avatar PeterC says:

    I guess it doesn’t take much to fluster a Canadian.

  2. avatar regular joe says:

    That is complete bullshit what has america come to?

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        OKAY. That’s the funniest thing today. Easily.

        But did you see that train? “Health Sciences”? Are those people riding the train to OBAMACARE?

        1. avatar jwm says:

          I’ve worked with a couple of Frost Backs. They had a version of barry’s one size fits all medical plan in place there for a long time. Never realy cared enough to study up on it.

        2. avatar B says:

          Frostback is now my new favorite derogatory term.

        3. avatar int19h says:

          Canadian healthcare program is rather different in how it’s organized, though. It’s run by the provinces (since Canadian constitution explicitly assigns healthcare to them, rather than the feds), and was originally organized solely on provincial level. It just happened to work so well that, once one province put it in place, all others have enacted similar legislation within a decade. Today, they delegate some of the powers necessary to run the system to the Feds (mainly so that money can be redistributed between provinces to ensure a more or less even level), but the ultimate authority is still with the provinces, and any one of them can unilaterally withdraw from the system, and replace it with its own – or none at all – at any moment.

          I think there would be a lot less objections to “Obamacare”, even from conservatives, if it was organized along similar lines, rather than being a purely Federal program.

  3. avatar Ardent says:

    Other than disturbing hoplophobes, this is a problem how? Without it’s bolt and ammunition it seems what the man carried onto the train was a gun shaped metal and wooden club. Unless those are unlawful north of the border I fail to see the problem.

    This is why I’m for open carriers down here. Until people get used to the idea that guns are around and that one being present isn’t a harbinger of mass murder this type of thing will continue. Unless he points it at me I no more care that a man on my train has a rifle than if I’m interested in his particular rifle and inclined to strike up a conversation about it.

    That is how it should be, no more concern other then curiosity. Though the fact that I’m habitually armed myself might mitigate against the panic the sheeple feel when encountering a gun. So what, he has a gun, I have a gun, this only matters if he starts trying to harm me, otherwise it’s not worth thinking about.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      Careful, JWM and a few others might slam you for praising open carry. After all we don’t want the US of A to turn into Mogadishu.

    2. avatar Paladin says:

      “Without it’s bolt and ammunition it seems what the man carried onto the train was a gun shaped metal and wooden club. Unless those are unlawful north of the border I fail to see the problem.”

      They are illegal. Replica firearms are prohibited. It is literally easier to get a real gun than a fake one here.

      Our laws confuse me.

  4. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    The open carry movement in Canada just doesn’t seem to have the pazazz as here in the USofA.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:


      1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

        Man with rifle: “But it’s not even operational buddy.”

        Cop: “I’m not your buddy, guy.”

        Man with rifle: “I’m not you guy, fwend.”

        Cop: “I’m not your fwend, buddy.”

        Man with rifle: “I’m not your buddy, guy.”


        1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

          I’m chuckling, buddy.

  5. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    I blame global warming. Canadians used to be such hardy souls. Now their a bunch of wienies.

    1. avatar Lewie Paine says:

      Socialism is their main problem.

      1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

        So not only do they share warm weather with California, now they share socialism? No wonder they’ve turned into a bunch of panty wastes (waists?)!

      2. avatar Anonymous says:


        Everybody in everybody else’s business. A little too much teamwork. So much teamwork that everyone has been rendered homogenous.

        Society is not a business. Society is collective of differing individuals. It is best to support the differences amongst the people – rather than seek to eliminate those differences with laws.

    2. avatar int19h says:

      Canada is “peace, order and good government”. Has been this way since 1867. Like it or dislike, it’s a different country organized on different principles.

  6. avatar JoshtheViking says:

    It’s amazing. Back in the day, Canadians were manly men (like hunters, trappers, lumberjacks, etc.), but now they are nothing but a bunch of emasculated, pansyfied little whining wussies who feed on the government tit and urinate on themselves when they see a piece of metal and wood (the kind of wood that comes from trees). I just don’t get it.

    Note: I realize that the above comment does not apply to all Canadians. There are still Canadians that value freedom and rugged individualism; however, outside of the Yukon and Northwest Territories, they are few and far between (from what I hear).

      1. avatar JoshtheViking says:

        LOL. Thanks, Mike.

      2. avatar Matt in FL says:

        I haven’t seen that in years. Thanks, Mike!

  7. avatar Ing says:

    So apparently Canada has laws against carrying non-functional weaponlike objects in public. Or did they arrest the poor guy for disturbing the tranquil ignorance of the general public?

  8. avatar Craig says:

    Wait, why was the guy later picked up in an alley? Does he usually visit prostitutes with his .22?

  9. avatar Eric L says:

    You can’t trust any country that thinks round slabs of pork is real bacon

  10. avatar Bruce says:

    Of course, if it had been New York City, they would have stopped the train with 1,000 SWAT all armed with full auto weapons, and tanks.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      That’s right! It would have been martial law with curfews and city wide police mandated house arrest.

    2. avatar Chip says:

      I presume they would have fired multiple shots and hit several innocent bystanders too.

  11. avatar NS says:

    what a bunch of wimps

  12. avatar Neil Burke says:

    Fun fact: afai understand the Firearms act, what he did was legal. I’ve heard conflicting reports as to what he was actually charged with. One is failing to safely transport a firearm (which would only stick if there’s a don’t frighten the masses clause.) The other report I’ve heard is that he’s been charged with a number of charges that are normally associated with charges against criminals (breach of prohibitions etc) which it actually is? I don’t know.

    1. avatar Neil Burke says:

      And it seems like the news outlets are publishing the latter section of charges…

      1. avatar Ken says:

        Exactly. Canadian firearms law allows you to carry an unloaded non-restricted (long gun). Just don’t try it in an urban area.

  13. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Is a rifle with no bolt really a rifle?

    1. avatar Neil Burke says:

      Under Canadian law, yes. Just like a stripped AR-15 Lower is still a restricted firearm and must be registered and trigger locked… (Never mind that there is /no/ trigger at all.)

    2. avatar Craig says:

      Its also a rifle in America. Its the receiver, not the bolt, that matters.

  14. avatar Cubby123 says:

    Hey the Canadians elected these idiots that pass these stupid laws.So if you want to live in Stupidville,don’t bitch!

    1. avatar Paladin says:

      And you elected Obama, so quit complaining about him, right?

      1. avatar Ken says:

        Yup. What he said!

  15. avatar Mediocrates says:

    I could absolutely care less about the sheeple in Canada.

    1. avatar Ken says:

      Mediocrates says: ” I could absolutely care less about the sheeple in Canada.”

      It’s “could not ” care less. Sheesh. Oh by the the way, how’s that Obama guy working out. That you elected. TWICE.

  16. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    That’s the Feinkenstein/Bloomburrough Dream come to full fruition.

  17. avatar Andy says:

    With all of the uproar over here that gets televised in Canada,it makes anyone that doesn’t know better that anyone with a gun is fixing to shoot someone,if the person that called this one in knew guns they would have seen the gun was inoperable.But with things nowadays with governments wanting everyone ratting out everybody else out look what you get.It will just continue with all of the negative hoopla.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  18. avatar Jim says:

    Actually Alberta is a fairly rational province. Unfortunately this happened in Edmonton, a large urban area. In most places in Alberta, no one would have batted an eye. The same thing would have happened in Austin, Texas Outside of Austin, most would have paid no notice.

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