Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Alaskan Twofer Edition

Scene of two-for-one Alaska negligent discharge (courtesy Google Maps)

Ya live long enough . . . “Anchorage police say two men were shot in the leg during two separate discharges of the same handgun Thursday morning in a Fairview neighborhood,” reports. “The first man was holding a handgun inside his apartment when the gun discharged and he was shot in the leg, police said. He dropped the gun and left, headed for the hospital. As the man left the apartment, witnesses told officers, they heard another shot from inside the apartment — the second man had also been shot in the leg, police said. The circumstances surrounding the second shooting remain under investigation . . . No charges have been filed.” No registration. No licensing. No permit to own. No permit to carry. No charges when you shoot yourself in the leg. Try that in New Jersey! JK. No really. JK. [h/t Pascal]


  1. avatar imrambi says:


    Doing the samething and expecting a different outcome.

    1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      Maybe one’s a leftie…?

  2. avatar jwm says:

    Seriously. Moe and Larry and now we’re just waiting for Curly to pick up the pistol.

    1. avatar KCK says:

      No, It was Larry and Curly, Moe is too smart for that.
      Woooo,Woooo, Wooo

  3. avatar MichaelB says:

    I wonder if it was an XD-S. Too soon?

  4. avatar HiPlanesDrifter says:

    “The first man was holding a handgun inside his apartment when the gun discharged and he was shot in the leg, police said. As the man left the apartment, witnesses told officers, they heard another shot from inside the apartment — the second man had also been shot in the leg

    Dang! Yet another gun going off by itself! Self-shooting guns must be outlawed!

    1. avatar BillF says:

      Yes! This is one of those guns Bloomberg is talking about. Going off all over the place without provocation. Twice in one day–this is one of the really bad ones.

    2. avatar Rich Grise says:

      Well, at least it was drop-safe. 😉

  5. avatar John in AK says:

    There are some small details that you could not know from the article. . . ‘Fairview’ is just not exactly the neighbourhood in Anchorage in which to raise small children or pets (or even livestock, come to think of it). Let’s just say that the populace is slightly, um, ‘ethnic’ and somewhat below ‘middle class,’ and it is known as a location in which to obtain both prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals from unlicensed pharmacists for a consideration. It is well-supplied with package liquor stores within easy walking distance for shopping, too.

    I fear that many of the gun owners therein may not have completed the requisite background checks, nor are they likely to have bills of sale, nor do they get much training other than that which they obtain from rap videos. In my day, the weapons of choice were Lorcins and Ravens and RGs, ohMY! The denizens have now most likely graduated to HI-Points, if legally purchased, or to whatever name brand is being provided by ‘a friend’ who obtained same in turn from some unwilling and inadvertent donor’s vehicle or bedroom drawer.

    It’s nice to see that the old neighbourhood hasn’t really changed, much.

    1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      That was a truly beautiful piece of prose.

      I doff my hat to thee!

    2. avatar Chip says:

      LOL … the first thing I saw when I read the article was “oh … it was in Fairview … what a surprise.”

      I lived in Anchorage for a bit. Never had the pleasure of living in Fairview (or in Mountain View either).

    3. avatar Rich Grise says:

      They have “those people” in Alaska????

      1. avatar John in AK says:

        Yep, we have people of all different colors and flavors that finish school, work, support and honor their families, and vote responsibly, and then we have ‘Those People.’

  6. avatar Ing says:

    Glock strikes again!

    1. avatar John in AK says:

      I’m thinking more Webley-Fosbury .455. Or perhaps its derivative, the Webley-Vickers .50-80.

  7. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

    If anyone has seen the movie “Mom and Dad Save the World,” maybe this gun was like the grenade that says “pick me up.”

    1. avatar harrycarry says:

      lolol What movie is this?

      1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

        “Mom and Dad Save the World.” A cheesy movie from the 90’s. It has Jeffrey Jones and John Lovitz in it, so it’s worth an hour and a half of one’s time.

        1. avatar Rich Grise says:

          And Mom is Teri Garr? I thought I’d seen that flick, but I don’t remember that scene. Maybe the grabbers think that the crooks are that dumb!

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    No charges have been filed.

    Of course not. They didn’t have a leg to stand on.

    Meanwhile, each clown had to withdraw from the Individual Competition at the All-Alaska @ss Kicking Contest, where they were the co-favorites. However, they have entered the Three Legged Race, where they will competing with a slight handicap.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Everybody’s a critic.

        I’ll be here all week, folks. Don’t forget to tip the waiters.

        1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

          I always tip and tried the veal. It wasn’t as good as usual. Can I get my drinks comped?

        2. avatar Ralph says:

          @JaredFromTampa, we ran out of veal yesterday. But one of the busboys is missing a sneaker.

        3. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

          Man, I just peed myself a little I think. Bravo. I’ll pay for my drinks 😀 The veal was terrible though.

  9. avatar Karl says:

    Since this happened in a Fairview neighborhood I am going to go out on a limb and say a third person shot each of them in the leg.

    1. avatar MichaelB says:

      Third person you say? Is Oscar Pistorius acting out in jealous rage? A little Rocky IV training montage in order? I mean, you can practically see Russia from their homes. :p

    2. avatar John in AK says:

      Perhaps, but I suspect that the first one was shot by the second one, who then shot himself while attempting to place his handgun back safely into his pants-pocket-cum-holster. Or waistband. Or crotch. Or was busily trying to unload it and hide it before the Po-Po showed up.

      It should be remembered that in certain circles, shooting one’s rival in the leg is a gesture designed to signify one’s extreme displeasure with said person, while falling short of there being a severe enough transgression on the part of the recipient to warrant a serious wound or possible fatality.

      The leg-shooting act is preceded by the person intending to administer the leg-shooting pointing the pistol in a horizontal plane, unsupported, in the shooting-side hand and well above line-of-sight, in the general direction of the recipient, making thrusting motions with the muzzle while screaming semi-incoherent imprecations and threats which are accompanied by exaggerated bodily posturing and foot maneuvers and choreographed finger gestures performed with the support-side hand. At the moment of firing, the muzzle is dropped at a low angle toward the intended target’s lower extremities, and the trigger is pressed without sight alignment.

      I am thinking of adding this to my classes. . .

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        I learned that technique from my mom.

  10. avatar Craig says:

    No Registration. No license. No permit to own, No permit to carry (cc or oc), and space to shoot just about anywhere. Its good to be an American who lives in the only true free state.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      When did the south side of Chicago become a state?

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