Incendiary Image of the Day: Airsoft This Edition

Plastic Soldiers photo exhibition (courtesy

Expensive Plastic Guns Look Like the Real Thing in UK Military Cosplay‘s headline proclaims. Buried in the otherwise innocuous (for us) photo gallery of Simon J David‘s thesis project on Airsoft tacticoolery: this little jihadist gem. “I don’t want people to think I’m passing judgement,” David says. “I wanted to give the people in the photos a platform to express themselves. I’m not out to paint them in a bad light.” Sure, I believe that.


  1. avatar Mr. Lighter says:

    “Expensive plastic guns?”

    Psssh. Every Airsofter knows that you go for a full metal gun or go home. Plastic is for the backyard skirmishers and wannabes.

  2. avatar poseidon856 says:

    Once you go metal.You never go back.

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