Quote of the Day: Refreshing Recommendation Edition

“I may be a New York lefty—with all the experiences, prejudices and attitudes that one would expect to come along with that, but I do NOT believe that we will reduce gun violence—or reach any kind of consensus—by shrieking at each other. Gun owners—the vast majority of them I have met—are NOT idiots. They are NOT […]

Daily Digest: It’s All Good Edition

Open carriers (and open carry activists) don’t always have negative interactions with law enforcement, even though those are the videos that make the headlines. Sometimes the encounters are very positive. There seems to be a trend recently to publicize the good ones as well, sort of pour encourager les autres but in a good way. […]

USAF Terrorism Office: Steer Clear of Open Carry Demo

A TTAG reader gave us a heads-up on an email from the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland Anti-Terrorism Office warning personnel about the [next] open carry demonstration planned for Alamo Plaza, San Antonio on October 19. That would be the same USAF ATO that prohibited airmen from non-official travel to or through Mexico at the start of this […]

Open Carry Stops MI High School Soccer Game

  “A man who openly carried a holstered gun at a high school soccer game Thursday led Muskegon Western Michigan Christian leaders to halt the contest against Hudsonville Freedom Christian with 30 minutes remaining,” highschoolsports.mlive.com reports. “The man, whose identity was not immediately available, was spotted with the weapon by a Warriors assistant coach, who […]

California Anti-Gun Politics: The Dominos Are Falling

By Brian Conmy Gun rights supporters are about to be dealt a serious blow in California. I know most of you are thinking “what else is new” and unfortunately, so am I. The sad fact remains that whether Governor Jerry Brown decides to sign the current batch of gun control bills sitting on his desk […]

Update: Pricing on Remington’s 2020 TrackingPoint Rifles

Remington debuted their new 2020 TrackingPoint-enabled rifle line the other day to virtually no fanfare whatsoever. The new guns are a result of Remington’s partnership with TrackingPoint via Jason Schauble, but the pricing wasn’t released when the rifles were announced. Today we can report from a source who was present at a meeting with distributors […]