Unboxing the TrackingPoint XS2 Smart Rifle

Take it from a guy whose big toe is only now starting to be presentable after I dropped a 28 lbs. CaseCruzer rifle case on my foot, that is one seriously large rifle case. Then again, the $22,500 TrackingPoint XS2 Smart Rifle is one seriously sophisticated piece of kit. News to me: the batteries powering the scope last […]

Gun Review: WBY-X PA-459 Shotgun

Buckets of ink and ba-jillions of electrons have been spilled in the last year or so navel gazing over the subject of who owns guns here in these U-nited States. Listen to the bleatings of the Gun Control Industrial Complex (if you dare) and you’d be forgiven for concluding that there are really only 167 […]

Rack a Gun on the Bad Guy? Really?

At 2:00 in to the video above, defensive tactics instructor Richard Nance proves that he’s a better man than I, Gunga Din. OK, you probably knew that already. But I reckon that using the bad guy’s body to tap – rack your firearm (before shooting him) elevates an armed self-defender from an operator to a Bourne-again […]

Pictures: A Weekend of Shooting Machine Guns

This past weekend, I flew out to Georgia to spend some time with Kevin Brittingham, his associates, and his mountain of machine guns. While I was mostly looking forward to catching up with Kevin and a weekend off from the busy schedule, the fact that Kevin has an extensive collection of machine guns, Maxim silencers, […]

Hawaii: This Is The Gun Control Paradise They’re Looking For

  Rep. Colleen Hanabusa is the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District. In her HuffPo pro gun control polemic Hawaii Has Shown That Gun Control Works, Hanabusa paints a picture of a gun control island paradise, where “common sense limits on gun ownership” have helped Hawaii achieve and preserve “our low level of gun-related violence.” Oh really? Let’s take a […]

Store Review: Outpost Armory

In what I hope can become a recurring “thing” for TTAG, I’ve decided to start taking pictures and giving a bit of a review on the customer experience at various gun stores I find in my travels. Today’s feature is Outpost Armory in Christiana, TN . . .

Who Are the Gun Rights Patriots?

By Pascal The video above features the President of CCDL, Scott Wilson, talking about how the Connecticut Citizens Defense League began, what they’ve accomplished and what they are doing going forward. The CCDL began the way almost every other state-level gun rights group began. While the media loves to rail against the NRA, they forget […]