Listen Live: Foghorn Talking Guns on Talking Guns


Today at 3:10 PM Central I will be live on the radio with Kate Krueger on her radio show. Still not sure what topics we will be covering, but I’m guessing that guns will be in the mix there somewhere. Click here for the “listen live” link.


  1. avatar MothaLova says:

    I’m listening and looking forward to hearing you sound off.

  2. avatar MothaLova says:

    (But I’d rather listen to the Farago, Leghorn, Zimmerman, Matt in FL weekly podcast. I hope that happens sometime soon. And yes, I’d even pay for it.)

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      I have very little to say that isn’t offensive. 🙂

      But thanks for the vote of confidence.

      1. avatar MothaLova says:

        And that’s why I like you, Matt (and I’m sure I speak for many others, too).

  3. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I’m getting a 404 not found when I click the Listen Live link (the words and the picture of the microphone) at the link above.

    The address of the link I’m clicking is:

    Tried it with my adblocker on and off both.

    I did get it to work by clicking the 1100 KFNX logo above the mic, and then clicking the Listen Live link at the radio station’s page.

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