Spuler’s September List o’ Free Stuff

Thanks, as always, to Aaron Spuler of the Weapon Blog. Now go do us proud and win something.












  1. avatar Tim U says:

    I want one of those XD-Ss…

  2. avatar Jeh says:

    I really wish most of this wasn’t based on Facebook, most people don’t have a Facebook…

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Hahahaha. That made me LOL

    2. avatar Adam says:

      …..not sure if joking or serious……

      1. avatar SD3 says:

        Serious. Facebook is a major OPEC hazard.

        1. avatar Not So 1337 says:

          Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries?

          Listen, I’m as worried about oil spills as the next guy, but its not all Facebook’s fault!

  3. avatar Bob says:

    Oh wow, a ZiP 22 giveaway? They’re at the point where people are just trying to give them away then, eh? Sort of weird to see the absolute least “tactical defense” pistol ever made being given away by “Tactical Defense Solutions.”


  4. avatar Hannibal says:

    You know what’s sad? I don’t even bother because, living in my county of NY, it would take a year to even transfer one if I won.

    1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      “… All winners will be notified by telephone and mail. Void where prohibited by law. Open to U.S. residents only. Prizes are non-transferrable …

      1. avatar superiorposture says:

        I think he means transfer TO HIM through his FFL after clearing all the paperwork required to get arbitrarily-granted permission to even posses whatever item he would be receiving.

        1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

          I was making a joke based upon the generic disclaimers usually associated with contests, game shows et cetera.

          I did recognize his problem.

  5. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Is anyone giving away any decent legislators…?

  6. avatar Arod529 says:

    Free spam! Sign up now!

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