Proof Positive: We Need Enhanced Background Checks…NOW!

“Authorities say two convicted felons got together for a gun deal in Lancaster (SC) and one of them was accidentally killed as they looked at the weapon.” See? If only Congress had listened to the millions of moms out there demanding common sense gun safety laws like universal background checks – especially on private party gun sales – one of these two criminals would still be alive. According to, “Lancaster County deputies said 35-year-old Robert Hood was shot in the abdomen Tuesday night when the gun he was trying to get went off as he looked at it.” You and I know that gun didn’t just “go off” . . .

So if they’d been conducting their illegal transaction in a local gun store as Senators Manchin and Toomey intended, a responsible LGS counter employee would have been there to ensure that proper gun safety and handling procedures were followed at all times. Instead, the delightfully named Mr. Hood is now at room temperature. All because you gun-loving wack-os care more about protecting your civil rights than you do the lives of convicted felons engaged in ongoing criminal activity. Happy now?


  1. avatar Craig says:

    Guns “go off” about as many times as guys dying from stabbing themselves in the back while shaving, or committing suicide because they were thrown from a window.

    Word of the day: Defenestration

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Definition of the day: The action that must be performed before (or possibly during the process of) committing suicide by getting thrown from a window.

      1. avatar Craig says:

        It also includes throwing someone else out of a window, for instance the Defenestrations of Prague:

      2. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

        I studied at Univerzita Karlova for a year and this is one of my favorite words. You gotta love the Czechs 🙂

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          You gotta love the Czechs

          I only accept cash.

  2. avatar 505markf says:

    Evolution in action.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Ahem. That’s Natural Selection.

      1. avatar Toad says:

        Darwin would be proud.

  3. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    Is that Lancaster NC or SC? If it’s near Charlotte, NC then it’s Lancaster, SC. Not sure if there is an NC version, doesn’t appear to be one on Google maps.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        Yankees don’t know that there’s both a North and South Carolina; even fewer know that there’s a Virginia outside of West Virginia. When Iived in New Mexico, and folks asked me where I was from, I’d say “Virginia”.

        And countless times I got, “You mean WEST Virginia?”

        But then, in a back page monthly column of NEW MEXICO magazine, called “One of Our Fifty is Missing”, collects stories of people who didn’t know NM existed, were in NM and believed they were in MX, and so on. Some folks in Colorado apparently are aware of New Mexico.

        Hi! We’re the fifth largest state, y’all…. between Texas and Arizona!

  4. avatar peirsonb says:

    There’s a lesson to be learned in this. If we had just let nature take it’s course, the people of NC wouldn’t have wasted their tax dollars housing them, these two idiots would have taken care of the problem earlier.

  5. avatar MIKE B says:

    i got it! lets take all the law abiding citizen from chicago and relocate them. then put all the criminals in chicago. they eventually will kill each other off.

    1. avatar Jerry R says:

      I think your plan is already in place and working very well…..

    2. avatar Layne says:

      Unfortunately no matter how fast they kill each other, it can’t match their rate of reproduction.

  6. avatar Jay in Flrida says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.
    More taxpayer money be saved by not having to do background checks on illegal gun sales.

  7. avatar dwb says:

    The handgun was stolen. As I advise people, I always leave a the forms in my gun safe with a pen, so that the thieves can fill it out and do a background check on themselves. In fact, I think it should be the law that every gun owner is required to leave the forms in their safe, with a pen. ***

    *** Only to illustrate how completely stupid this gun prohibitionists are, because some people will totally take this seriously.

    1. avatar jrflesch says:

      way more than you could ever imagine!

  8. avatar Blue says:

    His name was ‘Hood,’ LOL.

  9. avatar BillF says:

    I can’t remember ever pointing a gun at my abdomen, with finger on the trigger, while “looking at it”.

    1. avatar BillC says:

      Well, how else is one to check to see if it is loaded? By looking down the barrel, no? The abdomen while pulling the trigger is much preferred.

      1. avatar BillF says:

        I guess he proved the method worked. He did find out.

    2. avatar DaveL says:

      Hey, once you’ve mastered the technique of cleaning a fully assembled firearm with a round still in the chamber and the breech closed, stuff like that just comes naturally.

  10. avatar Frank says:

    I wonder how quickly MAIG will add the tragic and avoidable death of this esteemed citizen to their “victims of gun violence” list.

  11. avatar ensitue says:

    ^ right after they add the victims of 9-11 and finish Friday Prayers

  12. avatar gs650g says:

    Nice looking young man there

  13. avatar Mediocrates says:

    I feel suitably chastised. Can I go back to the happy dance now?

  14. avatar TheSav says:

    Well, the gun works as designed.
    Not only does it fire, but it kills criminals.
    Don’t smelt the gun. Donate it to a poor mother, or a teacher, or a college kid.

  15. avatar C says:

    Well, given the quality of gun preferred by many crims, it may have in fact went off.

  16. avatar Ralph says:

    If Demario Buchanon can run a 4.4 forty, I see a long career ahead of him with the New England Patriots.

  17. avatar Victor says:

    Really, how is private gun registration going to keep guns away from criminals? In Chicago (where I was born and raised) criminals have them already. It’s not hard to get one and they don’t care of the law. So even if there was a registration in place, do you honestly think either one of these guys would follow through and register? Hell no. I say leave it alone and enforce the laws already in place.

  18. avatar Kevin1911 says:

    Two convicted felons.
    One with a gun the other with cash
    What did you think was going to happen?

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      One crook ended up with both the gun and the cash?

  19. avatar Pulatso says:

    This is a senseless death, but at least the Democrats can make sure he keeps voting for more gun control for years to come.

  20. …and exactly which proposed gun law would have prevented these two people from making an illegal deal among themselves. NONE!

  21. avatar BDub says:

    It was nice of the dealer to throw the ammo in for free.

    1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      Five’ll get you twelve he didn’t, but an empty mag ain’t an empty pipe.

  22. avatar niceguns says:

    Why can’t they just understand that this was a service to the community? I just don’t get it why they can’t see that.ha ha, they just saved society a fortune…

  23. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    “If only Congress had listened to the millions of moms out there demanding common sense gun safety laws like universal background checks – especially on private party gun sales – one of these two criminals would still be alive.”

    Was the other killed by law enforcement, or did you mean that both would still be alive?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  24. avatar Steven says:

    When they find this other fool, they can charge him with murder. Even if he didn’t shoot dood #1, if someone dies during the commission of a felony everyone involved in that felony can be charged with murder; Two birds with one stone and all that. God I live this state.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      It depends on the underlying felony. In SC, it must be an inherently dangerous felony, like robbery or burglary of an occupied dwelling as two examples.

  25. avatar S.CROCK says:

    i don’t understand how you can accidentally shoot yourself in any body part except for a limb. when holstering, drawing a weapon, loading or unloading a weapon, the gun is never pointed at me. not just because i always keep it pointed in a safe direction, but because they naturally don’t turn and point at me in my hands.

    1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      Sometimes a cartridge goes off late; that’s why the 30 second rule.

      Remember James Cagney in White Heat? He couldda kicked it had one shot been on a delay.

  26. avatar Cubby123 says:

    No one listens to or gives any credibility to Mary Poppins.Ignorance is ignored!

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