Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Roman Allah

A security box for your car – a small steel box that attaches to your seat mount – is a great idea. Practically a must if you carry a gun. Especially if you’re a forgetful convicted felon who frequents places with valet parking. From “King County prosecutors contend Roman J. Allah forgot to put his piece away before handing off his Cadillac to a valet at the Pacific Place shopping center in downtown Seattle. Making matters worse for Allah, police seized his car and nearly $20,000 in money orders found underneath the Glock 9 mm pistol.” Oh, and the GLOCK turned out to be stolen, too. Still, the Central District gang member is now out on bail, so if you live in the Emerald City, you’ll probably want to remember your GLOCK. At least until he’s tried and convicted.


  1. avatar ST says:

    Gang banger with an illegal Glock and money orders in a liberal city?

    “Sentence is time served”

    Meanwhile,the war against lawful gun owners continues in DC….

    1. avatar Jack says:

      The war also continues in Seattle, where the mayor believes that a lawful gun owner is just a powder keg and is no different from a career criminal.

  2. avatar Venator Magnus says:

    A better title might be “Irresponsible Thug Who Totally Wasn’t Allowed To Own A Gun But Who Did Anyway Because That’s How Criminals, By Definition, Behave.”

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      In the Muslim world Allah can do as he wishes, even carry a gun.

  3. avatar Austin Hunt says:

    Yep no surprise here. Seattle is still in Political Correctness Denial about the gang problem. Remember the Navy Yard shooter shot up some tires here in Seattle because he thought he was disrespected yet he was never prosecuted. Seattle authorities say it was a paper work screw up. We know better. Liberal local press and city Govt makes it tough on the cops.

  4. avatar Skyler says:

    Another reason to never use a valet. That valet company should never receive any business again.

  5. avatar Jason says:

    That’s why when I go to pacific place I carry a CZ on my hip. Also I walk, because parking sucks.

  6. avatar Blue says:

    His last name is Allah? Seriously? BTW just how many cities “claim” to be the Emerald City? San Diego has an area referred to by that name across from Coronado Island and the Hotel Del Coronado which influenced the author during the writing of the Wizard of Oz.

    1. avatar Colt Magnum says:

      At one time, Seattle was known as the “Queen City”. I wonder why they changed it…

      1. avatar Blue says:

        I am guessing marketing for down on the front.

      2. avatar Johnny Come Lately says:

        That was a play on it being the biggest city in King County.

  7. avatar peirsonb says:

    They must be mistaken. No one steals guns, that’s against the law…

  8. avatar dwb says:

    bail?? those priors were just a bad hair day? I’m off to see the Wizard, but not about a brain, heart, or home.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    See, Joe Manchin was right. This is why we need universal, interplanetary, intergalactic background checks.

  10. avatar JR LORENCZ says:

    “Out on bail.”

    What a country…

  11. avatar TCB says:

    “At least until he’s tried and convicted.”

    At least until he’s tried and convicted and incarcerated.”

    There, FIFY.

    1. avatar outwardhound says:

      better, but still not even then ‘cuz there’s plenty mo them homies out there waiting to fill his shoes

  12. avatar Philthegardner says:

    “Irresponsible Gun THIEF of the Day” – fixed it for ya

  13. avatar Paul silvis says:

    Whiskey tango effing foxtrot?

  14. avatar fanfare ends says:

    “told police he was holding them for “his bitch.””


  15. avatar MichaelB says:

    “Allah Akbar” more like “Allah Back Behind Bars.”

    Know who else frequents the Pacific Place? Rosie O’Donnell. ‘Nuff said.

    (I’m in the Seattle area)

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