Daily Digest: Right In The Face Edition

Not too long ago TTAG had a short piece on Apple’s patent of a tech that would allow the government or police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs. Now comes a story out of NYC that the NYPD (your tax dollars at work) have been stopping people and asking them to upgrade […]

Moms Demand Action Reacts To Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll

NB: the fact that the accidental/negligent firearms-related death rate continues its dramatic decline in the U.S. was buried in the 75th paragraph of the 110-paragraph Times epic Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll and unmentioned in the following press release. INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Based on an expose in Sunday’s New York Times suggesting that so-called “accidental” shooting deaths of American children […]

New York State Pisses Away $100k+ on Gun Buybacks

Gun buybacks are ridiculous. There’s no proof whatsoever that buying unloved, unwanted and broken-ass guns from the general public—with “no questions asked” immunity from even the most heinous offenses—does anything whatsoever to reduce crime. None. But gun buybacks certainly prove that gun control theater is more important than practical measures when it comes to maintaining […]

MD AG: Supreme Court Only OK’ed Handguns for Self-Defense

“The state of Maryland says gun advocates waited too long to challenge tougher firearm regulations set to take effect Tuesday,” foxnews.com reports, displaying a mysterious preferences for the word “tougher” over the more accurate modifier “unconstitutional.” “Attorney General Doug Gansler asked a federal judge in Baltimore on Monday to deny [a motion] for an order […]

Housekeeping: TTAG Now on Instatwitterfacegramtubebook

Thanks to my ten-year-old daughter, TTAG is now on Instagram. #guntruth. As it is for Twitter. And YouTube. We’re at The Truth About Guns on Facebook. And www.thetruthaboutguns.com here. I’m giving serious thought to opening a tumblr account, if only to be able to pun at a sixth social media venue and announce that we’re […]

Hartford Police Negligent Discharge: Who Shot Whom?

HARTFORD [via courant.com] — “A police officer’s gun accidentally discharged during a response to an armed robbery on Franklin Avenue on Saturday, and an officer was shot in the arm, police said. It was not clear whether the officer whose gun discharged was shot, or another officer. The injury to the officer’s forearm is non-life threatening, […]

More Blacks Favor Gun Control Than Whites

  The Brady Campaigns of the world would have you pay no attention to the methodology behind their headline-grabbing pro-gun control polls. Close inspection invariably reveals that the survey was worded to generate the appropriate result. Or not. In many cases, they omit the methodology to hide their bias. Here’s an exception that proves the […]