Cabot Guns Invites President Obama to Martha’s Vineyard Rod & Gun Club

Cabot Gun Co's 1911 (courtesy

“President Obama, please join us this Saturday at the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club to see and shoot the all-America made Rolls Royce of 1911 style pistols by Cabot Guns. Twelve time NRA National Pistol Champion Brian “Gunny” Zins will be on hand for lessons and instruction on bullseye shooting. We encourage you to experience shooting sports in a respectful and responsible environment as our guest.” Rob Bianchin, President, Cabot Gun Co.


  1. avatar IdahoPete says:

    I expect the Prez to accept this invitation – when Hell freezes over, pigs fly without a launching cannon, and we reach TEOTWAWKI.

    However, the invitation is an excellent example of chutzpah.

    1. avatar Gunracer1958 says:

      El Presidente may not accept………………..the flyer mentions a pig roast after the festivities.

      1. avatar SD3 says:

        You’re supposed to offer some ‘blow’ if you actualy expect him to show up.

        1. avatar DS says:

          Tell him you all are playing golf afterwards.

        2. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

          tell him the local Imam will hold a lecture on the evil of America right after. he then may come

  2. avatar k4R-15 says:

    This could be a whole new era of photoshop possibilities

  3. avatar Dr. Michael S. Brown says:

    Well done!

  4. avatar Gunracer1958 says:

    WOW – After reading all the hype, I’m pretty sure the “Jones” gun will wash and wax your car, cook your dinner and read you a nice fairy tale before bed………….and it better do more than that for $9K+

  5. avatar Jim says:

    ***Slow Clap!***

  6. avatar sagebrushracer says:

    No way the secret service will let him go, one negligent discharge and Biden would be prez, and they aint gonna let that happen.

  7. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Were it a shotgun event…

    Hmmm… A Rolls is certainly well made and appointed, but I prefer the styling of Bentley.

    I’ll think of Cabot as the Bentley of 1911s.

    1. avatar Gunracer1958 says:


      IMHO – the Cabot is a Chrysler 300 with a Bentley kit of 1911s. I’d rather have one from Ned Christianson or Richard Heinie.

      1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

        Never touched one; was just poking at Rolls.

  8. avatar General Zod says:

    I can see the headline now: “Gun Nut Sends Threatening Mail To President; threatens lynching ‘1911 style’ in vicious rant…”

  9. avatar Roll says:

    See if he will make a donation to the NRA

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      or let Wayne LaPierre and George Zimmerman round out his team with Shotgun Joe

  10. avatar DrVino says:


    1. avatar PavePusher says:

      If you have to ask… you’re not going to get it.

  11. avatar mina says:

    Fantastic. Really a great show of “we’re the bigger people than you!” as well as “we’re proud of our well-engineered, quality built American products Mr. President, come and experience them for yourself.”

    1. avatar LongBeach says:


  12. avatar Gramps says:

    With that limp wrist, he’ll never get it to cycle!!!!

  13. avatar Nine says:

    Let him shoot at some tannerite in a metal container~

    1. avatar Tim T says:


    2. avatar Scout says:

      According to instructions Tannerite requires being shot by rifle to ignite. May I supply my Mosin?

  14. avatar Stephen M. says:

    Sounds an awful lot like….

    President Lincoln,

    It would be my honor if you would accept the complimentary Presidential box for Friday night’s viewing of Our American Cousin. Should you need someone familiar with the play, the actor John Wilkes Booth is in town, I will certainly ask him to be present.

    John Ford, Ford’s Theatre

    Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

    1. avatar Steve says:

      No, that is not wishful thinking, its just plain bad thinking.

      If Obama were to snuff it for whatever reason, then we are left with.. ‘ol double-barrel Joe Biden…We would have traded our way from a twit to an outright incompetent.

  15. avatar Chad says:

    Pretty, but if I wanted to spend $9Grand on a 1911 (assuming the wife would allow it), I’d go just a couple miles down the road to Les Baer.

  16. avatar A-Rod says:

    It’s A Trap!

    1. avatar Pyratemime says:

      Really? I thought it was skeet…

  17. avatar mediocrates says:

    I think he’s going to sign the executive order disbanding his secret service detail and establish a gun free zone around his person first, then he’ll be right over.

  18. avatar Thomas Paine says:

    This is what we do. We educate the public through experience. I take to the range anyone interested, anytime. Tune in, Turn on, Buy a Reloading Press.

  19. avatar Liberty2Alpha says:

    Please, don’t put a classic piece of American History in his hands.

    Surely there is a gold plated something available.

    1. avatar ensitue says:

      Carlos packed twin CZ 52s
      Just saying

  20. avatar MikeC says:

    I sense an audit in Cabot’s future.

  21. avatar A-Rod says:

    I looked around the Cabot website and they sure are proud of their 1911s. I have a hard time getting excited about shooting a piece of art (one of their pistols) when I can shoot a weapon of war (my 1943 Remington Rand). With all their super tight tolerances how often do the jam?

  22. avatar TexanHawk says:

    see and shoot the all-America made Rolls Royce of 1911 style pistols by Cabot Guns.

    Okay Cabot… if’n you want to be proud of being “all-America”n made perhaps you shouldn’t hold up a British made car as the apogee of style and luxury (even if it is). Perhaps you would be better served by:

    see and shoot the all-America made Cadillac (or Corvette) of 1911 style pistols by Cabot Guns.

    1. avatar Aharon says:


      My thoughts too. Cabot needs a new copy writer.

  23. avatar Gehrig Harris, Jr. says:

    This was a great idea and a very well written invitation to expose The President to a wonderful part of the American experience. Many of the comments reminded me of why I am no longer a member of the NRA though. There is an unwritten rule, “blacks need not apply”.

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